1.7 Beta Update Available on Steam

Today on Steam you can grab the Beta version of the 1.7 title update. In addition to Steam, the update is planned for release on Xbox 360 and PS3 — we’ll provide more details as soon as possible. Specific to PS3 players, features included in the 1.6 title update, including Mounted Combat, will be rolled into 1.7.

Release notes below:

Update 1.7 (all platforms unless specified)


  • General memory and stability optimizations
  • Fixed crash related to new water shaders
  • Fixed rare crash related to dragon landings
  • Fixed logic error with loading screens from add-ons (Xbox 360)
  • Using vampiric grip and swimming no longer prevents swimming animation from playing afterwards
  • Improved recognition with Kinect voice commands (Xbox 360)
  • Kinect-enabled dragon language shouts for French, German, Italian and Spanish work properly (Xbox 360)
  • Fixed issue with Dawnguard Kinect-enabled dragon shouts for French, German, Italian and Spanish (Xbox 360)

To provide feedback on the beta update, use our beta forum.

After the break, get details on how to participate in the Steam Beta.


If you’d like to download the 1.7 Beta Update on Steam, you’ll need to follow these steps:

  1. Log into Steam
  2. Click on Steam in the upper menu
  3. Select Settings
  4. Under the Account tab, go to the Beta Participation section and select Change.
  5. A drop down menu will appear. Select Skyrim Beta.
  6. Select OK.
  7. Steam will now restart. After Steam restarts, Skyrim will be updated to the Beta version currently available.

If you opt into the Beta, be sure to back up your saved games or simply be careful not to overwrite your existing saves. If you decide to opt out of the beta program, your old saves will still work with the current release of Skyrim on Steam (v 1.6).

If you decide you don’t want to run the Beta anymore, redo steps 1 – 4. At the drop down, select NONE – Opt out of all beta programs. Let Steam restart, and Skyrim will automatically update itself back to the latest released version.

Reader Comments

  1. still waiting on dawngaurd for ps3. well bethesda is starting to fall off my favorite game developers list. really would hate to convert to the xbox just to play dawngaurd -_- (vomits) i really hope not.

    • You and me both its really getting ridiculous with this exclusivity buyout crap I’m about to do something drastic

      • What ya gonna do… stop playing… write a strongly worded letter… just quit bitchin and wait for it we will get it eventually

      • I think both of you shouldn’t switch, even though I am a Xbox man myself, you should stick with your console. If you can stand the wait for Skyrim itself, I think you can stand the wait for Dawnguard.
        P.S. If you were one of the top employees at a major game company and a console company offered you a large amount of money to keep a DLC exclusive to their console for a month, wouldn’t you say yes, because 1 you get the money and 2 the other system users will get their DLC, but just a little later? I know I would, but thats just me.

        • Well see im fine with the Exclusive deals, but one month has passed, we shoulda got it the day that the deal went up. Look at DICE, they made a deal with Sony that PS3 members get evrything a week earlier then PC or Xbox, but right when that weeks up, they release for the other systems. Bethesda should do the same. The Contract does not state they can not make the other system versions, they just cant release them till the 30 days are up. Right now Bethesda hasnt even told us when there coming out, thats kinda ridiculous.

          • They’ve actually said there’s problems with the PS3 version.

            That said, EA/DICE did the Battlefield deal to stick it to the CoD players.

    • really pc and PS3 people im a PS3 guy but what you guys need to realize that they need time to put it on for pc and PS3 their probably fixing all the bugs and its alot of work so stop complaining i dont see you making great games and DLC and the game is a bit leggy who cares with a graphics engine like that it will be and they are going to put it on pc and PS3 because if they dont their going to get bad reports and they would lose alot of money wouldnt be able to make the next DLC even better so stop your complaining!

      • Why would they start fixing bugs for the PS3 now? This joke of a company has never done it before.

        They should just admit they are completely incompetent when it comes to programming for the PS3. They have no idea what they are doing and are just trying to make money off of the suckers (myself included, but no more) that trust Bethesda when they say they have a “new programming engine and better, quicker bug fixes” for the PS3.

        Every single game they have released for the PS3 has been broken and stayed that way. I haven’t played my Fallout: New Vegas in a year because I was stupid enough to buy the DLC that made the game completely unplayable. I know the A-Bomb glitch in Oblivion, and Fallout 3 is the same story as FNV. I’m done with Bethesda. They are a disreputable company that screws PS3 customers over any chance they get.

        Todd Howard and Bethesda deserve to be sued into the stone age.

      • I like this guy. the rest of you little whinny bithes need to shut up. no one cares that you aren’t going to buy anymore bethesda games… they don’t need you. Microsoft ftw.

    • You don’t convert to Xbox…you upgrade! Just kidding. I have the luxury of owning both consoles. I started later on skyrim with Xbox, started with ps3 upon release. Hang in there I want it on ps3 as well.

  2. I’ve played nearly every game that Bethesda has offered, and Skyrim may very well be my last one. I, like all other PS3 gamers, am tired of having DLC constantly delayed with no apologies and half-a$$ed explanations from Bethesda. I was excited with the announcement of Dawnguard, but am so tired of waiting for it. I’ve done everything there is to do in Skyrim, so I think that I just may have to move on to another title, and find another developer whose products are worthy of my time, dedication, and money.

    • Quit whining. They aren’t half assed explanations and they have nothing to apologize for. Microsoft paid Bethesda lots of money to get early DLC rights. If you have a problem, it’s not with Bethesda, it’s that Sony was being cheap.

    • You say you have played nearly every game that Bethesda has offered, then why are you surprised? The first “console” Elderscrolls was Morrowind which was on xbox, then even oblivion was on 360 what almost a year or more before the transition to PS3 and even then the PS3 owners didnt get all the DLC the xbox had, Money is power, sony has their exclusive deals with companies too, this isnt just some ridiculous thing Microsoft cooked up, it to me only seem like xbox get a few good deals because well…its been supporting bethesdas elderscrolls alot longer then sony. end of story.

  3. Dawnguard should be free to ps3 users due to the amount of bugs that’s Been in there from the start I can’t even play the game no more because every time I touch water I crash now add being stuck on ice and haveing to find slaughter fish to the equation can’t even fast travle and I’m not makeing a new save after last time mine got deleted MAKE THE DLC FREE TO RESUME FAITH TO THE PS3 scene

    • Just reload the 1.5 patch. I had the same issue with the water. Just delete the game data and download it again. Should fix the water crashing issue.

          • Dont be quick to judge, more younger kids play the Xbox. Dont judge on a select few. Yes im angry with Bethesda, but only because even after the contract expired, they still didnt release even info on a release date. I dont want Dawnguard free, thats just stupid. All i want is a release date, i was looking forward to this, this summer… my summer ends in 2 weeks and i head back to high school… bleh…

          • I am a PS3 user and I am happy that they are taking their time to get the DLC just right for us…all the anger that some of these idiots have had is just sad <_<

  4. it’s the 26th day and no sign or information about Dawnguard for PC and PS3 just NOTHING, I really dislike the xbox, I’ll better would play again WoW and pay hundread dollars to Blizzard just to play 2 months of WoW than I would buy the xbox just to play Dawnguard(which again I’ll need to buy)or wait another month just to get a DLC that isn’t even worthy to call itself a DLC becouse of not enough of content AND not many adds or improvements that ARE needed for Skyrim.

  5. if dawnguard doesnt come out for pc/ps3 i might actually have to go outside! dont do that to me bethesda.
    i have a ps3 i wish i could afford a decent pc amd upgrades every so ofthen though my mate has one n the mods are awesome fun.

  6. Bethesda may release Dawnguard for PC sooner than you think… the “Update” consists of only a new Exe which is v1., just think about it… why would Bethesda release an update that includes dawnguard fixes?

  7. Speaking as a PC player, I think PS3 users are kind of getting screwed over in this deal. Xbox gets a month exclusivity, PC gets mods. And now, according to recent twitter posts, PS3 players are going to get it even later than PC users.
    While I’m happy it’s coming out for PC soon, (hopefully before I go on Holidays, so I can actually enjoy it) it’d be nice to throw PS3 users a bone. Maybe release the next DLC with a month of PS3 exclusivity?

    • sorry to make you feel bad but its already been decided that the next dlc will be exclusive for xbox 360 AGAIN

    • Well at least the Playstation Network is free so they get free online play and other perks for free. At least thats what my friends say.

      • we do we also get some free games but we always get srewed over.i feel bad for xbox because they tested the DLC on you guys.PS. thats why there are so many gliches so xbox users are getting srewed too.

    • how about an exclusive minor DLC for the PS3… like the mini ones that were out for oblivion on 360 and PC… i’m starting that Bethesda is comprised of racists that hate Sony because they’re a Japanese corporation

  8. I am a very hardcore elder scrolls fan, I have played all of their games (besides redguard) I had a 360 till it got the red ring on November 5 of last year, I bought my ps3 and preordered an extra copy of skyrim right then just so I could play it on 11.11.11. Obviously I love bethesda, but, seriously guys? Come on, ps3 users are getting the raw deal, with pc getting the new 1.7 on the 23rd and xbox having their timed exclusive…..what do we get? I cant wait to play the expansion just please dont make us wait till mid August/September:(

  9. Do you guys really believe that somebody like me will buy your dlc after such a mistreatment?
    I have had it!
    I will not buy your next game
    I was actually a new customer this was my first game to buy from Bethesda.
    but now you have just disappointed me.
    It’s a shame since skyrim is such a great game and I had high hopes for your next project.
    But now it dosent matter.
    I don’t buy activision games, I won’t buy yours either anymore.
    I actually am at the end of the game, literally
    But I won’t play any farther, I will most probably sell it.
    Thanks for your hard work
    It’s a shame, that I didn’t finish the dark brotherhood missions.

    • Really you can’t wait one month? And BTW if you didn’t finish the Dark Brotherhood questline then you weren’t “at the end of the game” I really think its kinda childish (coming from a kid hahaha) that because your game screwed up a lot you actually gave up and won’t play it anymore. I mean I can see that with a really old game or boring game, but I have had countless freezes and glitches in Skyrim and plenty of other games (a lot of them being from Bethesda due to the size and content of the game and how much it has to render) but I never gave up playing. Anyways thats my opinion and you are obviously entitled to your own and can even more obviously make your own decisions and if you choose not to buy anything or play anything from Bethesda ever again well……thats your decision to make. 🙂

      • Mind you its been a month and im not playing it.And they are saying its going to come out on ps3 on september 13 sure i can wait but this is crazy

    • I agree completely… make sure you boycott ALL Bethesda/Zenimax titles…. Fallout… Quake… ESO… I sure won’t be buying any more games from them

  10. Well, I guess it’s nice the PS3 is finally getting 1.6, with the seventh patch thrown in there. I’m still a little sore over the delay but…. Better late than never. Dawnguard soon?

  11. I love Skyrim, I really do, but as a PS3 user I cannot in good consciousness give my hard-earned money to a company that took a payout to alienate more than half of their customers. Maybe I’ll use the money I would have spent of the Skyrim DLC and buy Dragon’s Dogma, hopefully Capcom knows how to treat their customers. For shame Bethesda, for shame. The only way to remedy this situation and gain back the customers you have lost (and trust me, you have lost them) would be to release Dawnguard to PS3 users FOR FREE, maybe then you might be able to convince us that you actually care about your customers.

    • Although I would be ecstatic if they released dawnguard on pan for free I really really doubt it will happen but I think a discount would be a good iproduct. That said I don’t think that having to wait an extra week or two merits a boycott on Bethesda products
      As for the exclusivity period I think that that is just a bad buisiness move on their part considering more people play skyrim on ps3 or Pc than 360

  12. Wow..realy ok bye bye skyrim an bethesda one less consumer for u this is how u treat the people who fill ur pockets i see.an microsoft no nvm i cant say anything like that long live the sony entertainment empire

    • Ok then bye! 😀 You do realize that you doing that only hurts YOU right? Haha some people don’t realize that just you quitting their games means less than well I guess you can say sh!t to Bethesda. It would take FAR more people to make any kind of impact on them.

  13. So vampire lord form still kills off your dead thalls huh? I guess swimming with vampiric grip was more important….

    Still waiting for them to fix this before I continue playing dawnguard, kind of ruins the whole DLC pack for me.

  14. It’s not like us 360 owners are that happy either, if you don’t own Dawnguard or Kinect this update isn’t that great. Not sure yet though, I haven’t used it yet but from the looks of it, it’s not going t be fixing any of the big bugs and glitches in this game that break quests which I find the most irritating.

    • i own the ps3 but i feel bad for 360 players because they test their games on you fix them then sent it to pc and ps3 its sad.im not buying it so…..

  15. Obviously a lot of people want dawnguard, but can’t get it because it’s not out for ps3/pc….. The exclusivity for Xbox 360 is over so people were expecting to know when it would be available a few days ago….. People have been let down. Sooooo if people are t gonna see a release date for dawnguard on ps3/ pc soon then a mob is probably going to come asking for a date………. And won’t stop until they get what they’re asking for.

  16. All i want to know is when dawnguard coming out; its been 30 day and that bribe kept u quite long enough. Honestly i hate saying that but your are turning your backs on certain parts of the gaming world; we at least deserve to know a release date so that everyone here can have some form of relief.


  18. Well, it’s Friday. Still no update or Dawnguard for PS3… When will Bethesda stop sucking the MS teat and get a clue? So, will Bethesda be honest and reveal a release date? How long between the PS3 and XBox updates? Seems like the 1.7 was only to fix bugs created with the Kinect. Is that the deal? Bethesda doesn’t release the dlc or patch until after all the bugs for Kinect get worked out!??!

  19. So its Official? no release for Dawnguard for PC… it was only for 360, and all this time we tought we would see Dawnguard after a month in PC.

  20. Well it looks like a whole heap of people are already starting to make some kind of mob begging for information we were supposed to have gotten 3 days ago when the exclusivity was over …. This isn’t right why can’t we get the information people want for the games they love??? More people play skyrim on pc anyway… Why favor the Xbox 360 when you’ll get more money from pc users, I have looked at this blog enough to know that more people are complaining than just commenting to acknowledge the post…….. Which means that I was right, there is going to mob after a release date for dawnguard…. Bethesda look what you’ve done, I’m sure you’re happy.. Losing consumers for your massive mistake….. You won’t lose me, but that doesn’t mean I’ll agree with everyone else looking for the Info they need

  21. That Dragon Dogma is looking better and better everyday Bethesda. If there wasn’t a plan for the DLC to go to PS3 and PC in the first place, then you should have said so. If the case is that the DLC will be available, you should have at less given a prospective release date. Now you are just ticking people off.

  22. Too many complaints… Even I’m upset, can we just have a release date and everyone will shut up until it comes, some info is all we want, why do you have to let down EVERYONE who doesn’t have an Xbox 360 version of skyrim by lying about the exclusivity IT SHOULD HAVE COME 3 days ago, no wonder everyone is upset

  23. They have no reason to give us ps3 users a discount. They never said that it will come out on the 26. I want Dawnguard just as much as you guys but yelling and screaming at Bethesda is not going to speed up the process.

  24. I’m certain that if Bethesda released it when they intended, we would then complain about how buggy it is.

    At least Skyrim was released for the PS3 upon release, if AT ALL. The PS3 is rather new to Bethesda and a difficult platform to work with.. honestly, there were reasons why Oblivion was released for PS3 one year after its initial for XBOX360 and PC.

    Such games aren’t made for lower-end systems. Users of all platforms suffered as a result.

    Exclusive early releases, such as Dawnguard for the XBOX360 and updates for the PC, only mean that all other platforms have a less buggy experience when their time comes. Perhaps they found something within the month that would not have turned out very well for the other platforms…?

    • The PS3 wasn’t even out when Oblivion was. And actually the PS3 version of Oblivion was the best. The PS3 has been out 6+ years now, there is no excuse for it to be “new” to the Bethesda development team.

  25. honestly I’m torn at the moment i don’t have to $20 yet but I’m torn because i was gonna buy the dlc (because i still want it) and still might but i might just say forget it and get darksiders because it costs $20 on psn sooo hurry up Bethesda I’m gonna make a decision soon… ill cut a deal for my itty bitty 15 dollars of your 1/3 full pocket for the dlc.. if it comes out on tuseday ill buy it if it doesnt i wont there’s a deal…. good

    • deals off Bethesda i was thinking of buying dishonored but if u treat ps3 players like this on every game then forget it

  26. Im disapointed at Bethesda not because they didnt make the deadline they said they would, they are probably fixing bugs, what completely pisses me off is that they dont say anything, they are completely keeping us in the dark!

  27. I’m more upset seeing patch after patch with a few obscure crash fixes and nothing but Kinect functionality fixes. Where are the rebalancing and bug fixes Todd promised in January? I guess Microsoft’s money is a lot more important to them than a fixed game.

  28. they only people bitching are you ps3 users? when are you guys going to realize that ps3 is going down the drain? better jump on a different band wagon. Sony blows. oh wait, you guys have kratos…. gtfo. ps is trash.

  29. GSTAFF,

    This patch only fixes some of what the last patch and Dawnguard brought about…

    What happened to the large bug patch fixes and game balances that Todd Howard promised at the start of the year?

    There is still a laundry list of quest issues on all platforms, the 360 still has texture scaling problems, and the PS3 version is still broken.

    When are you going to address this? 1.8, 1.9? 2.0?

    • Agreed. Some quests are still bugged and have been since launch. This new update does very little to correct that.

      At the very least, it is nice that I’m able to install the game to my hard drive and play without the constant stutter. Thanks, Bethesda! 😀

      But even when installed to the Xbox 360 hard drive, the game still suffers from texture issues. However, general performance has improved by quite a bit since I last played.

  30. There is an explanation….Microsoft has money, they hand Bethesda money, and Bethesda goes “Alright..you get it first GG” To be honest I don’t want Dawnguard yet anyways, it’s filled with fucking bugs and almost unplayable on 360 right now.

  31. I just sort of wonder when there will be more patches with bug fixes for the PS3. A lot of this patch is dedicated to the new DLC for XBox users, but we PS3 users are still left out in the cold.

    I update my game, do everything that Bethesda tells me to do (all the patches installed, and no modifications), and I’ve still played 5 quests this week and 5 out of 5 were so broken that I had to reload to an earlier save just to have my game not *entirely* messed up. It’s really frustrating. I’d prefer fixes to the original game rather than even the DLC at this point, seriously.

  32. I think that everyone should stop bellyaching and be grateful and think of hard work Bethesda had to put into not just this game, but all of their games (and DLC) so what if its a little buggy and you have to wait for stuff. I think its either your system (not saying you should switch the console brand) so you should maybe get a new one or get a new disk. I know its quite a bit of money, but it should better the game experience.

  33. I´m sorry, you guys are releasing update 1.7 to pc but what about the 1.6 for ps3? We still have a lot of bugs that haven´t fixed properly, including the “Dampened Spirit´s” Quest bug that should be fixed long ago but still crashing the game.

  34. So some of us are such addicts that we would support this exclusivity crap just to play some DLC? That’s sad.

  35. Huh… I run a Microsoft system, and yet the exclusivity doesn’t apply to me. I’m referring, of course, to my PC.