QuakeCon 2012: RU a BYOC VIP?

With just over a week until QuakeCon, Alienware wants to give you VIP treatment at this year’s BYOC. 10 lucky attendees will have a chance to get upgraded with the following:

  •  Upgraded chairs and tables for better comfort as you play late into the night
  •  30” Dell Ultrasharp IPS Monitor setup at each seat for superior clarity and color
  •  Daily VIP gift bundles, GUNNAR Optiks glasses, and more goodies throughout the weekend

To enter, visit alienwarearena.com

Reader Comments

  1. Hopefully we who are non-US would actually be able to see any of this, please AT&T not screw anything up I want all of the goodies and panels filmed!

    Thanks for realizing there’s a hungry community out there over the pond.