If you’re here on Bethesda Blog, it’s a given you care about video games. And if you care about games, you owe it to yourself to visit Artifact Studios’ years-in-the-making look at game development, CRITICAL///PATH. Over the past few years, they’ve talked to some of the industry’s brightest and most influential minds — a list that we’re proud to say includes both Todd Howard and John Carmack.

John Carmack: First Person vs. Third Person, What An Artist Sees, I Supply the Plumbing, Rediscovering the Magic, No Apologies, Diverse Spectrum of Games, The Elegant Design

Todd Howard: Beware of the Long Design Doc, Character Customization, Omniscience, Less Fail Modes Today, Edge of the World, Cutscenes as a Reward

Check out their segments, and for that matter, take a break from what you’re doing and watch all the segments.

Artifact promises that the CRITICAL///PATH Project will continue to be updated, so we recommend bookmarking it and seeing where its path leads.

Reader Comments

  1. Interestingly, some of the more expensive and more boring games of the last few years… have a lot of those guys in the front line.

    today is all the time “fun, awesome, badass” and someone trying to put her old code, as fundamental base for all industry… what exageration.

    for me, a 5.

    • Came here to say the same Silicius – yes IE isn’t “popular”, but it certainly is widely used (the actual popular). IE9 is pretty well within compliance now, you have to be using some very dodgy code if you made a site that doesn’t work well on it. Get some competent webdevs Critical Path. Maybe I will listen at home, but I am just as likely to not for that simple lack of consideration of their users.

      • Yep, that’s just ridiculous. Opera and other users probably get the very same page. Can’t we just get some youtube links instead of getting that weird page to run?

  2. I’m so happy you shared this site, I’m definitely bookmarking it. Watched Todd’s and John’s segments first, and I loved Todd Howard’s perspectives that he shared.

  3. Yeah! first the creators of the two bombs of 2011, such wonderful guys!

    The medievals wonderland full of glitches, and a giant wasteland with nothing to do in the end.

    I love marketing! why not a list of the guys who make the publicity for this pile of promisses? The marketing guys are the true heroes inside this industry.

    • I do not know about you Castro, I have Skyrim installed on the PC since 2011, and I am already in update 1.7 with only some warnings in the misc events, small missions completed, but they still on the list in the end. But when i look my general progress… is a big list! X)

      Do you really played long enough? is a huge game, some problems do not affect the fun factor, the amount of missions around the world offers lots of hours. Now i am just waiting the Dawnguard DLC, to increase the content.

      And please, Todd Howard is an smart guy, he understands all risks and sacrifices necessary to try offer the best product in the end. And he have the luck of an amazing group of people, because the type of game is not easy! plus the multi platform factor with the design and tecnology challenges.

      Do you see the news about Kingdoms of Amalur? a lot of people put him as a rival for Skyrim, in some aspects, but…

      “Documents obtained by WPRI show 38 Studios projected it would make back $109 million this year from Kingdoms of Amalur’s sales. The company overestimated demand for the game, though, and it sold only 1.3 million copies of the game instead of the 2 million minimum 38 Studios needed to cover its advance from Electronic Arts and begin earning royalties”.

      Just a example about the giant risks.

      Bethesda done an amazing job.

  4. I always get something out of it when they talk about creating games and I especially liked John Carmack’s “First Person vs. Third Person” today. I don’t buy third person games because I enjoy the first person perspective that much. It was good to hear about it from a dev point of view – pun intended 🙂 Thanks!

    • The first person is pretty cool, but I also like the third person. Depending of the location and the number of enemies, the first person becomes inefficient for a melee combat.