Skyrim Xbox 360 Contest for the United Kingdom

To celebrate the release of Dawnguard, our UK office is giving folks a chance to win a custom Skyrim Xbox 360 with Kinect. For full details on how to participate, be sure to check out the contest rules after the break.

Not in the UK? Visit our German, French, and Spanish Bethesda Blog pages for contest rules in those countries.

Contest rules after the break…

Official Contest Rules (UK Contest):

The contest is sponsored by ZeniMax Europe Limited (UK Company No. 06333300) located at Grafton House, 2-3 Golden Square, London W19 1HR (tel: +44 (0) 207 494 3244) (“ZeniMax Europe”). This contest is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook. In entering the contest entrants are providing information to us and not to Facebook. By entering the contest each entrant releases Facebook completely from any liability in respect of the contest.

The contest is open to anyone ages 18 & up residing in the United Kingdom. One entry per email address. Void where prohibited.

All participants must be 18 or older to enter and verification may be required before the winner is announced.  Entries must be original and deemed non-proprietary and upon submission all entries become the sole property of the ZeniMax Europe and will not be acknowledged or returned. Except as set out here each entrants’ personal data will only be used for administering this contest.

To enter, send an email to [email protected] with the subject line “Skyrim Xbox 360 – UK”. The email must include your name, valid mailing address, and email address.  Invalid or ineligible entries shall be excluded from consideration. By their submission of entry, participants warrant that all information is original and accurate, and they are legally entitled and authorized to make such submission, either on their own behalf, or as to information submitted upon the express authorization of another on whose behalf the information is submitted.

The contest will begin on July 25, 2012 and will conclude at 12:00 PM (GMT) on August 2, 2012.  Upon conclusion of the contest, one (1) lucky winner will be selected at random and receive a limited edition Skyrim-branded Xbox 360 (4GB model) with Kinect. Selection by random drawing will be conducted by ZeniMax Europe, whose decisions on all matters related to the contest shall be final and binding and within its sole discretion. To claim his/her prize, the winner so notified must within ten (10) days of notice of award, provide such additional information and/or complete, execute and return any additional documents required by ZeniMax Europe.

ZeniMax Europe reserves the right in its sole discretion to disqualify any suspect entry or entrant and to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the contest. Participants agree that by participating they release the ZeniMax Media, its parent, and its affiliates from any liability in connection with the contest and any prizing.

Reader Comments

  1. i would love to win this contest because i love skyrim its the best game made to date and currently i havnt had a xbox or skyrim to play for 5 months so i would be so happy if u let me win

  2. I am the biggest elder scrolls fan!!!! I have all the elder scrolls and never ever stop playing them they are the only games i play and really own apart from a couple of Call of Duties. i have 90% of my walls covered in elder scrolls postera and maps. Ooooooooh i cannot explain the love i have for the elder scrolls. Thankyou for creating it 😀 youve made my life!

  3. I’ve an idea…how about stopping bootlicking Microsoft and releasing Dawnguard for PC/PS3? Or at least some minimal news about it?

  4. Awww, what about people outside the UK, Germany, France or Spain? Is there any possibility this contest might be opened up to all of Europe, for example in the Netherlands?

  5. Are you intentionally making it difficult for people to enter? The rules don’t make any sense, it’s like they’re for another contest entirely.

    “Entries must be original and deemed non-proprietary and upon submission all entries become the sole property of the ZeniMax Europe and will not be acknowledged or returned.”

    Original and non-proprietary? All I need to enter is my name and address – neither of them are particularly original… Is it those which become the sole property of Zeinimax? Are you going to take my passport and my house? Because I don’t want anyone to do that…

  6. Couple of things. Is the subject title for the email “Skyrim Xbox 360 – UK? or “Skyrim Xbox 360 – UK” ? and is it just name, mailing address and email address that we have to provide?

  7. I really love to have that xbox, point being, i live in europe, but not in those country’s.

    wish they would do something for the dutch people.

    still good luck to all that participate.

  8. This looks amazing – its just a real shame you went with the crappy 4GB model, rendering it almost useless to any serious gamer…

  9. Ps3 users want this kind of stuff for their consul too you know so why are we always getting this bull crap mean wile Xbox 360 users are sitting high and mighty thinking their better then ps3 users.

    • Yeah, I feel the same. Seems too easy. Usually these kinds of things involve you dressing up in armour and sending them pictures of it, or along those lines.

      Also, one entry per email address means you can send several entries with the same mailing address? So several entries per household? Or no?

      • From what I can tell, it’s this easy because there will be thousands if not millions of entries. As I read it, I guess if they see your name/address multiple times, you will void the terms and conditions and all your entries will be rejected, how this works out for people living in shared/student accommodation however, I fail to see.

      • I assume only one per household. I wouldn’t risk putting multiple entries just in case it is only one. I was thinking a similar thing, but you can create unlimited email accounts so I’m pretty sure it has to be one.

      • To be honest it seems more like a draw than a competition, a lot of places do things like this, but it does seem like something’s missing. Still, the sheer number of people that will and probably have already entered makes it all the harder to win.

        And probably one entry per house, but I wish it would be clearer.

  10. I thought dawnguard was ready to come out on the 24th why can’t you announce it? Love the game but ps3 is getting the short sword here

  11. This seems too easy, does one have to go to London and pick up the Xbox or will you be sending it via mail?.

    Also onto another subject, Dawnguard. you said 30 days and it is now the 26th and still no word on it, care to explain?. I’m half expecting it at the end of August now.

    • + 10000000000000000,
      I think the second DLC will be exclusive to Xbox360,i will buy all DLC’s because i bought the game in november,so….but i don’t think i will buy the next game,and the next,etc…because i’m sick of this attitude against PC and PS3 and most important against everyone in general,about bugs,etc…is just stupid.I heard some people talking about patches,that takes time,blá blá blá…one example is the great “Max Payne 3” by: “Rockstar”,already got alot of patches in so little time(and it was released in May of this year!!!),”Bethesda” should learn with “Rockstar”,with “Riot”(“League of Legends”,really great support),etc…much to say….I just miss old times,when “Bethesda” didn’t look like today’s “AMD/ATI”(a bunch of greedy fat ********).

      PS:The selfish end alone but not sympathetic. by:me

  12. So all I need in the title is

    “Skyrim Xbox 360 – UK?

    Why start with a ” and end with a ?

    It doesn’t make sense…