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    • You do realize that it’s quite likely that Bethesda as two completely separate teams working on each game, right? Therefore…the development of a new game is not going to hinder the release of upcoming DLC that may be released for Skyrim.

      Also…it’s quite common for DLC to come out strictly for XBOX 360, before then being released on other platforms. Plenty of other developers have done it in the past and will continue to do it. It hasn’t gotten as much attention, because I don’t think the games were quite as popular.

      Moral of the story, clearly if you’re that upset, you’re a fan of the series and what to experience it at it’s fullest…However, that being said, be a true fan, be patient, and wait for the release. Once it’s ironed out, you will get it.

  1. If it turns out that Bethesda couldn’t even work on the game during those 30 days, they’re in for a PR nightmare. Taking a bunch of money to screw over 2/3 of your customer base is not good business practice.

  2. Now why would anyone in their right mind buy dishonored on eny platform except Xbox 360 when u treat PS3 and pc players like you do first fallout then skyrim next is probably dishonored. exclusives are a way to lose fans and money. owell lets wait another 2-3 week’s for dawnguard

    • I’m betting my money on this coming Tuesday. And if it’s a matter of waiting for them to get rid of the bugs, meh, whatever. Still want to go vamp hunting though.

      The more I watch the vids on Dishonored the more I think I’ve found a first person game I think I might try. First person doesn’t normally appeal to me but this does look quite appealing.

  3. Look, it sucks that dawngaurd doesnt come out for another couple weeks as bethesda says, but the game is already full of missions. The update isnt going to add that much stuff. If you’re bored just start over again.

  4. So firstly, you harp on about how cool it is that your game engine’s mod files work across platforms. “Look how we can take these plugin files on one platform and they work seamlessly on the other platform”. That’s awesome.

    Then you say that Dawnguard is going to be exclusive on the XBOX360 for a month. In case you forgot, that’s 30 days.

    Now since you don’t have to do ANYTHING to the files to make it work on the PC and PS3, and even if it did you’ve had a whole month to make it work, where is Dawnguard?

    What possible reason is there to delay it any longer? Your legal obligations to MS are fulfilled, the content is ready, where is it?

    You do realise that Dawnguard is already available for PC users through torrents right? Your content is so cross-platform compatible that even hackers have been able to port it.

    I’m running out of reasons to wait for you to put it on sale.

  5. I’ve already returned my copy of Skyrim. Bethesda just isn’t up to par with multi-platform releases as are other companies. There are loads of good games out there, especially rpgs, waiting for me to play and they have to be more challenging trophy-wise than Skyrim. That was sad. Oh and judging by their butchering of F:NV’s DLC, I’d stay away from Dawnguard anyways.

    • I don’t think there’s currently a game on the market that is on par with Skyrim. Skyrim (like all games) certainly has it’s flaws, however when it comes to the big pictures, it’s leaps and bounds above games within the same genre.