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        • Well as long as it comes out for PS3 before Uni starts again I’m happy πŸ™‚ or even better the next week or so. Surely there can’t be much to do?

        • The only real issue I have is why you couldn’t have said something to that effect last week. “We hope to have some more information within the next two weeks” is better than “we haven’t announced anything”. We already knew that, if you had we wouldn’t be asking. But at least we have word now. Better late than never. I just hope we don’t get left in the dark like this next time.

          • I should point out that I’m not part of the Bethesda-bashing crowd. I’m actually really impressed with the way you guys have ramped up the level of support with patches this time around. Overall I’m actually really loving you guys. It’s just that when things like this happen you start to look a bit… faceless… if that makes sense. I like when the companies I buy from have some kind of a… well, face. I know this post had no point, I just re-read my previous comment and saw that it sounded like I was mindlessly hating on you guys like I see a lot of people do.

  1. Nothing about the bugs in “The Forsworn Conspiracy” (only a Imperial Guard appearing), or “Waking Nightmare” (Erandur disappears), or in “Alduin’s Bane” (he is bugged in middle air, unable to move or to be killed)?

    • Exactly. I wish they’d stop tacking on novelty features and FIX THE VANILLA GAME. It’s disgraceful how many quests don’t work (even when you take the ‘intended’ approach to them).

      Off the top of my head, none of these work (fail to complete and/or give a reward):

      All Skald Bounty Quests
      Esbern’s Dragon Potion (potion has no effect)
      ‘Assist the people of Haafingar’
      Recovering Roggvir’s Talos Charm

      Checking the notes for the Unofficial Skyrim Patch reveals about 30-40 more of them. UNACCEPTABLE! Pete Hines promised us that these could be fixed via internal patching, guess that was a lie… and since all recent patches have focused on fixing the aformentioned novelty features, Kinect support, Dawnguard etc, I’m losing hope that the basic game will ever be fixed.

  2. I just rebooted skyrim recently on my ps3 and I cannot submerge in water without my game crashing. I hope this update will fix that problem…

  3. Thank you Bethesda!

    I have nine months installation here and 1000 hours. Hope see the dlc in the next months for pc too.

    Good job!

  4. You lost my money by delaying the release of the PC version of Dawnguard so long. I’m disappointed that you don’t care about PC users or PS3 users, for that matter. I hope taking that money from Microsoft loses you twice that.

    I also find that it’s poetic justice that the release on Xbox was so buggy.

  5. Does this fix whiterun issues ? My game has been dead for months now, because I can’t travel in and around whiterun due to game freezes – with or without mods.

    • Look at the list of goals, where are the quests. Before the update 1.7, a space for the Dawnguard quest line appeared.
      Now, he’s gone. Good luck PC/PS3 users!

  6. M$ got more than 30 days, so much for the deal. It should have been “M$ gets exclusive rights to Dawnguard until Bethesda can figure out how to port it to PC and Xbox”

  7. yes finally this was all i wanted to see was progress thats all i asked for now i will put $20 on dawnguard when it comes to PS3 but unfortnly since there submitting 1.7 this week than means it wont be availble for another couple of weeks unless sony says who cares and puts it up the day they get it I can see that happening

  8. I’m waiting for the Steam XMas sale for Dawnguard. There’s plenty of Skyrim user made content to plow through when and if I decide to jump back into the game after the initial 150+ hours I put into it.

  9. That is definitely good news! I’m just as upset as the next ps3 user when it comes to Dawnguard and stuff, but some of these comments are just unnecessary. Especially concerning your money- does it look like they need just your money? Have some patience.

  10. It’s a real shame that we have been left in the dark regarding Dawnguard. Xbox players have already played through and forgotten about the DLC, while us PC and PS3 guys/girls don’t even have a release date. I hope that when the more substantial DLC comes out that we won’t have to deal with this nonsense.

  11. I’ve boycotted playing skyrim until I download the 1.7 for my Ps3 and have guaranteed information about the release date for Dawnguard.

  12. Nice to see a update, lacking compared to others but still a update none the less. Will pick up Dawnguard most likely in the sales. Pitty though since i have stopped playing Skyrim on PC because of boredom. Funny what a difference a month makes.

  13. There are lots of interviews and videos on internet where you can watch staff from Bethesda saying that they actually care about their audience…and they should. Games are becoming more and more expensive to develop and game companies such as bethesda need a strong fanbase, not only on xbox, but on pc and ps3 as well. Think about it Mr. Gstaff, when Microsoft offers you a new deal about exclusivities and whatever….

  14. Damn, I thought this update would’ve fixed all the bugs on the PC version, but it hasn’t. It’s still bugged to buggery!

    The big one being the scroll bug; I still can’t complete the main quest. I travel back in time only to get stuck there and not be able to do anything, other than reload… WTH?

    Surely, this bug should have been fixed by now, I’ve put way too many hours into that game to start over again. What’s going on guys? BTW I haven’t even begun to look at mods yet, so yes, it’s the vanilla install!

    And, my daughter is getting sick of waiting for PS3 updates too (Yes, that’s 2 copies I bought at launch. Both for the wrong platform, it would seem)… Bethesda, you’re going have to give me Dawnguard, because my wallet is now closed to you.

  15. When you come out with the Xbox version of this update, are you going to fix the stupid bear glitch in Dawngaurd? Because I paid freakin money for Dawngaurd and haven’t been able to do crap because of this stupid glitch and I’ve been waiting forever for a fix.

  16. Thanks, Bethesda for taking care of us! I love the game and the mythos you all have created! 350 hours into Skyrim and I am still finding new things and places. Now… To download Dawnguard!

  17. Skyrim is not avaialble for every Steam user. People from Poland (part of EU and part EUROPE) cant buy this game from Steam.

  18. Ive been reading of of the issues with quests in the replies. you can fix most of them your self with out changing the game just look them up on elder scrolls wiki or USEP wiki version in a game like this it is almost impossible to fix ALL the issues most of the time the user has to find ways to work around them or fix it them selves. The game will never be perfect most likely close but not perfect.

  19. I hope that they fix the bugs with totems of hircine. The whole being married to aela and not being able to do any of them. She won’t even offer the animal quests.

  20. Still alot of bugs left even a new bug. If u change ur default controls they wont work. I thought bethesda was holding off on the new patches including dawnstar untill the felt they ironed out old and any potential new issues? Why do i find a new bug every time i download a new patch πŸ™