Dawnguard PS3 Update

We are not satisfied yet with Dawnguard’s performance on the PS3. We would like for everyone to have a chance to play Dawnguard, but we aren’t going to release it for PS3 knowing that some people’s experience in Skyrim will be worse. We do everything we can to have our content available to all; from our free updates, to user mods, to paid DLC. We’re as disappointed as our fans when that isn’t the case, but we’ll continue to push for that reality.

Reader Comments

  1. this is starting to become stupid why is Xbox and the PC so specail that they get all of the updates before the ps3. why didnt they stop and think that hey maybe this will upset the ps3 owners. and instead of using some crazy excuse like they werent happy with the game play on the ps3 as far as i hear the xbox and pc are having the same bugs so why not delay them. instead we are kept in the dark and are not even kept up to date. and now the new dlc coming out hearthfire is going to be coming out before every other system AGAIN and the ps3 still doesnt have Dawnguard yet the xbox and probably the PC will have hearthfire before ps3 can’t even get Dawnguard yet come on Bethesda you are starting to piss off a lot of ps3 owners and we are loosing faith in you

  2. I wonder how many of you that are complaining are actually experienced in what is involved in creating a game like this and porting it over to different consoles. If you know it all, maybe you should go get a job at Bethesda and show them how it’s done? No? Thought not! If they released a game that didn’t work well on the PS3 then you’d still complain! When the game first came out I waited a week or so before I made my decision on whether to buy it for XBOX or PS3, then I saw all the issues it was having and decided to go for the XBOX version and I’ve had barely any issues. There is no way they can keep everyone happy in this situation so they are going for the sensible option of ‘fix it before we make people pay for it’ which is the right thing to do. How is it their fault that PS3’s are awkward? I bet you all hated Sony when the PSN went down and your PS3 was a piece of crap to you then! I understand some people’s frustration but being a dick about it isn’t going to make it happen any faster.

  3. I’d say that if it can’t be sent out at least let ps3 owners have Hearthfire instead to keep us occupied until you do fix the problems with Dawnguard while also releasing patches to fix skyrim.

  4. my versionof skyrim has frozen once before when the updated the water but was fine after.as for every one bitching about sony and this is thier fault FUCK OFF!i would agree with you if it was the year after the ps3 was released however its been a long time since anyone person or company has used the its to powerful or the coding is hard. every other gaming company has managed to get the workings of the ps3 work out and no other game has had the problems that bethesds is having.
    bethesda from the start have made skyrim mainly for the xbox because everyone else have moved on to make games with better graphics that people have done for skyrim through moding on the pc. bethesda should have from the start made the game for the ps3 beacuse its alot easier to make something shitter than to take something already shit and make it good.(try to polish a turd its still a turd).
    this part is to any memeber of bethesda that read this FUCK YOU. your recent blog about how its still not ready has done nothing than state what was stated a month ago tell use what the fuck us wrong with it and thentell us if its cuming at all for the ps3 or if you going to screw us royally not release any of it then two years later release a game of the year adition with only the big main dlc and not any of the smaller dlc.
    ASSHOLES get your fucking act together.

  5. This is extremely disappointing. Bethesda’s lack of communication and seeming procrastination of bringing this dlc to us ps3 users is despicable. I just want to point a few things out though, after reading all of the comments posted by people since this article was posted. For one thing, stop asking Bethesda to bring out Hearthfire with Dawnguard for us at discount. It’s not going to happen. There’s two reasons for this; One is because it’s become apparent that Bethesda cares for nothing except money and unless some miracle happens they won’t discount Dawnguard except maybe for $5… if even that. The other reason is because they have a CONTRACT with Micro$oft for TWO time exclusive dlc’s so they CANNOT release Hearthfire to us before the 30 day period unless they want to face a massive legal battle with Micro$oft, which they will lose, and be sued big time. No matter how mad I am at Beth right now, I do not want them to go out of business, because I do like their games and will continue to buy and play them. That doesn’t mean I like how ps3 users are being treated but I’m not going to sit here and cry about it. My life doesn’t revolve around video games and there ARE other games I can play anyway to keep me occupied if I want to.

    Now I also want to mention that Bethesda has stated that they had signed this 30 day exclusivity contract with Micro$oft for only 2 dlc’s. This means that now that they have released Dawnguard (except on ps3…) and once Hearthfire is out, this contract is over. This could be a good or a bad thing though, because Beth might just decide not to make any more dlc’s but they DID say that they were going to make at least two that were Shivering isles size, (From what I hear, Dawnguard isn’t exactly that large) but I’m not too keen on taking Bethesda for their word right now.

    Anyway, I guess I rambled for a bit there but what I’m really trying to get at is for us ps3 users, just friggin’ wait for DG to come out, or not, but please stop complaining to Beth because they probably aren’t listening and stop hating on other platform users (xbox and pc) for getting it first. We made a choice to get ps3 and I guess we have to live with it. Even if I could afford an xbox 360 I wouldn’t get one, not because I hate it or think it’s inferior, but because I already have a ps3 and I have a life outside of video games so I can’t be bothered to be a console hoarder. My pc sucks too much to run Skyrim and I’m ok with that. So again, to everyone complaining… Just find another game to play while we wait or go get some fresh air or something. Stop camping in front of your computer or whatever waiting for some news from Bethesda… it might still be a while yet.

  6. i think we all need to be updated there are alot of people who want this DLC an yet we dont have any information on it is it even going to be able to come out for Ps3 or what!

  7. Here’s a tip: don’t release anything on any medium until it is ready on every medium!!! Eg. Dawnguard should be with held until it was fine for all mediums (including PS3)!!!!

  8. ps3 playing skyrim fans are beginning to become impatient with this dlc i believe that we should get it for free or a discounted price because bethesda is making us wait so long i just hope the new dlc heartfire comes to the ps3 or they might just screw us on that too cause im thinking of just shelling out the extra money for the pc version cause i know they have no problems with that

  9. Hearthfire is coming out in three days beth! You test your fans patience and say you might cancel. That’s like telling a little four year old that santa isn’t real on christmas eve.

  10. instead of making us wait,with no updates ever!! the bethesda should at least tell us the day it will be released or just let us know if dawnduard will ever come out on the ps3 platform.