Dawnguard PS3 Update

We are not satisfied yet with Dawnguard’s performance on the PS3. We would like for everyone to have a chance to play Dawnguard, but we aren’t going to release it for PS3 knowing that some people’s experience in Skyrim will be worse. We do everything we can to have our content available to all; from our free updates, to user mods, to paid DLC. We’re as disappointed as our fans when that isn’t the case, but we’ll continue to push for that reality.

Reader Comments

  1. Idiots.. Bethesda released the patches already for confirmation on eu so it’s not bethesdas fault. And they wont release dawnguard before the patches has been confirmed because they contain the f*cking bug fixes for dawnguard.. Retards seriously..

  2. Just tell the truth your not putting dawnguard out on the ps3 do to contract deals. This is politics in gaming so tell the damn truth they paid u guys not to do it . So please stop blowing smoke . Just give us the truth . And stop the political bull.

  3. Ive been waiting for this DLC for a while. But Bethesda I understand that you aren’t satisfied with the performance so I’ll wait as long as you need us to wait, and everyone that’s freaking out and getting mad at Bethesda need to calm down I mean I want this DLC just as much as everyone else but that doesn’t give you any reason to get mad at the makers of the best games ever! Bethesda has made the Fallout series, Rage, The Elder Scrolls series, and all the other games and I’m telling you I’m inlove with these amazing first person RPG games so Bethesda keep making amazing games 🙂

    • Please don’t tell me how to feel, what to do or think. If I want to do any of the things mentioned in your post then I’m well within my right to do so.

  4. Bethesda, I understand that you need time to improve the PS3 version of Dawnguard, but you could at least give us a release date, you gave xbox a release date, why not us?

  5. Bethesda, I hear of recent progress on another DLC. I believe it would have been best to FINISH the first before making a second. You’ve had over half a year to design and develop a fully functional DLC for all 3 of your consoles. It is rude and disrespectful to stiff a large community of paying customers longer than the 30 days required by contract. I understand the designing difficulty but this should have been seen and time allowances should have been given to the PS3 community. I am very disappointed in these actions and believe that Bethesda should make an effort in the future to provide a better plan for ALL consoles

  6. Yep, I got tired for all this waiting for PS3 and yesterday I bought an xbox and I have to say that Skyrim looks better now (xbox seems to have more juice, I really newer compared the specs but so it has to be). Of course it pisses me off to start from zero again but it is ok because Skyrim is a great game!

  7. ps3 user here bought everything i could from bethesda, love ur games,but I WILL NOT GIVE YOU ANYMORE MONEY until you show me respect, you lost my dawnguard sell.How can pissing off a third of ur customers be good business,i hope some ceo’s lose their bonuses or even their jobs

  8. “We are not satisfied yet with Dawnguard’s performance on the PS3. We would like for everyone to have a chance to play Dawnguard, but we aren’t going to release it for PS3 knowing that some people’s experience in Skyrim will be worse. We do everything we can to have our content available to all; from our free updates, to user mods, to paid DLC. We’re as disappointed as our fans when that isn’t the case, but we’ll continue to push for that reality.”

    Have you ever read a bigger pile of crap? Sure maybe Bethesda is the only group which can’t function on the PS3, but seriously, how can it be much worse than skyrims bugs were? Either way I don’t even care anymore. I got rid of my copy of skyrim, and being screwed over like this by bethesda, I say to h— with dawnguard and any of their games in general. If it says bethesda, I won’t buy it.

    • I don’t buy it! My beloved FALLOUT 3 had more bugs the a roach motel! yet still was game of the year! and sold thousands of copies (on the PS3)! so just release it (DAWNGUARD) and keep working on the bugs! how simple is that????

  9. lets just face it, bethesda, like every other company out there are a bunch of sell outs. basically, its all about who pays out the bigger bucks and thats what company they focus on the most.

  10. Too late. I’m not satisfied with Bethesda’s performance in this whole issue and it just gets worse and worse. A simple ‘we’re as disappointed as the fans’ is really nowhere near being good enough. You guys are clearly not capable of delivering. I’ve sold my copy of Skyrim and won’t be bothering with any of your products again.

  11. I still have faith in you Bethesda please keep working on dawnguard for ps3. I hope you don’t listen to the people with no patience and apparently not smart enough to realize the ps3 can’t support some downloads from games in the past, they still have yet to realize it is impossible to make a perfect game that has no bugs. We should be thankful for even having skyrim. Although I might be the slightest bit concerned that it has been a full 60 days and that is usually how long it would take for a dlc to come out for another platform. Please post more updates about the matter and hopefully realse it soon.

  12. So how much longer is going to be. Its been a month since we last got any info. At least give a timeline for a possible release on ps3. This is just terrible customer service.

  13. And I agree with Matt. There is definetly some deals going on behind closed doors between Bethesda and Microsoft. How much money did microsoft pay for you to delay Dawnguard even more from ps3?

  14. I hope this is true. Because I was extremely heartbroken when I heard you guys may be canceling it for the ps3… I’ve always loved Bethesda games and this sort of thing is making me think my loyalty is misplaced. Don’t ruin a good thing for me Bethesda.

  15. So what there trying to say is that there not going to release dawnguard on ps3 while you pc and xbox360 wankers get to definetly not fair bethesda should explain why? they cant put it on ps3 nothings impossible so try put up something to explain why you cant bethesda cause you can do it on playstation youre junst not bothered and if you dont bring out dawnguard on ps3 make another DLC for ps3 and if you do make one make sure its worth it cause i was a very happy ps3 customer until this bad news 4 months straight ive being waiting for dawnguard and im level 81 on skyrim what a waste i even went out and spent 50 Euro waiting for dawnguard and i want an apology of 20 Euro psn or a free dawnguard if you make it send everything to EPIcZZ_MEATLOAF thats my psn gamertag ;(

  16. Bethesda I am a detected ps3 user and will not opt of a copy of Skyrim for my 360 no matter how badly i want to play your DLC…I am also a Huge fan of your company and your other titles, but this lack of attention to ps3 users has really disappointed and caused me to lose faith in this company. I just saw the trailer for Hearthfire today and seeing as we can’t get Dawnguard it hurts to know we wont be seeing the new DLC for a while yet. No matter what money you have received from Microsoft being unfair to half of your fan base is not right.

  17. I think Bethesda is full of shit. We’ll get Dawnguard, they’re just going to wait until next year when the 360 DLC is all on sale, but we’ll get to pay full price. It’s a great game, but this is terrible fan service. If there were that much truth behind the PS3 being that much harder to work with, then why is this the only developer I know of that continually treats the PS3 like a second rate console?

  18. I don’t think they are actually going to release it. And if they do, it’ll still be buggy. The fact of the matter is that Bethesda has consistently shown that they do not care about PS3 gamers. It’s a shame given the number of copies of the game that sold for PS3.

    I want to play Dawnguard, but at this point, I won’t be buying it on the PS3. I’m not going to give Bethesda more money to reward them for treating PS3 owners as third class citizens of the gaming community.

  19. The lack of everything from Bethesda for ps3 is amazing truly amazing not only have they not told us what’s wrong with DG for ps3 other than performance,which could be a tree not spawning in the right place they said nothing for over 2 months and it now comes out that they’ve been working on new content for Xbox. WHAT THE HELL. They shouldn’t even be thinking about new dlc until DG out and working for the ps3. The only way they could hope, in my opion is to bring out DG with Hearthfire next week for the price of half of the original DG price both included. However ps3 users have got more chances of all of us winning the lottery than bethesda getting them out next week for ps3.

  20. if you really wanted “all gamers to share the experience” why sign the exclusive deal.
    Paid the same price any Xbox user paid I dont see why I should get screwed. If its going to be exclusive you could at least give us Ps3 users a discount or some free dlc. But no, were told go get farked and buy an inferior machine to get it.

    If Dishonored ends up like this, its the last time I buy from Bethesda.

  21. why did you guys release a date for a new dlc for x- box if you didnt even give a date for dawnguard on ps3? way to make us ps3 users feel good. me and all of my friends are spreading word not to buy your products via psn network and random blogs.

  22. wow… now hearthfire is coming … we still can’t turn on autosaves because the product we bought is so broken though…

  23. Come on Bethesda. Already talking about releasing hearth fire for xbox is completely un called for. Your just pissing more people off because we know that instead of working on dawnguard you were working on hearthfire.

  24. this still is pitifull Bethsada Ps3 still does not have dawngaurd and not a single update on progress you have failed almost every Ps3 owner you release Skyrim pretty much unplayable and then you just try to pretend that what you are doing is the best 2 months and instead of apparently working on satisfying your customers you apparently have worked on the new dlc Hearthfire, in all honesty I used to love your company but now you just seem like another E.A. to me it is sad.

  25. I can’t believe Bethesda is going to release another DLC soon for Xbox 360, while Dawnguard hasn’t been released on PS3 yet, heck, it’s not even been announced for PS3! I love your games, Bethesda, but WHAT THE HELL are you doing right now?! 🙁

    • Counting all of their blood money from Micosoft! and working “ES: online”, Dishonered, and making more DLC for XBOX (but not for PS3)… I’m going back to MW3 at least they relase a new map pac every 3 months (so what if it’s a recycled map from an old game)

  26. I think that just to teach Bethesda that what their doing is farking wrong every ps3 user, until they bring out DG and why it took them so long should not every go near there new game dishonored. Because it seems now with new dlc out for Xbox that they’re probably not even working on DG for ps3 and would much rather kiss the ass of Xbox.
    Farking BAST*RDS

  27. Dude i wasnt telling you or anyone what to do think or feel. I said it what I think. Again so you get it WHAT I THINK. I suppose that your the sort of person how will just sit there while Bethesda screw ps3 users and bend over for Xbox users which if you where to go back to the months before it’s release is something they said they wouldn’t do.
    And avian just to make sure you really get it IT’S WHAT I THINK!!!!!!!! :<(

  28. You honestly expect this to be belivable? How are you guys so inadequate that you can’t even produce a dlc for the ps3 in the time that you’ve released two dlcs for Xbox.

    This was the first and last Bethesda game I’ll ever buy. I own an Xbox and a ps3 so I wish if you didn’t feel like providing the same support for both you would just release your games as Xbox exclusives. Now I feel like all the hours I put into my skyrim character were wasted. Never again.

  29. Recent statements that Xbox DLC Hearthfire is not affecting the release of PS3 DLC Dawnguard and that Bethesda is constantly working on future projects for multiple games and platforms has left me furious. What an abysmal work ethic, it seems this project was too hard for them so they’re looking to the future. Keep focusing on the horizon Bethesda and you may find yourself tripping over your inconsiderate feet!!!

  30. This is a qestuon to pete hines why can’t we have hearth fire . After all we did wait 2 months for dawngard and you wouldn’t want u to stop playing bathesda games all together would you now so if you don’t answer my qestuon in the next 48 hours I will boycott skyrim .i don’t care what you answer it on just answer

    • OSS be preparied to wait another 2 – 6 months and don’t expect any discount or combo of Dawnguard & healthfire 9or any other DLC)…. I have come to realize that Bethasda and Zenimax don’t care what we (PS3 gamers) say or do and know that we will come back with our tails between our legs once dawngaurd is releaset to sony and they will keep treating us (PS3 gamers) like dirt! I know other developers will not treat us this way, this is an abusive relationship so I am moving on! I will be playing other games long after dawnguard and healthfire are releast to sony. ” anybody want a free copy of Skyrim, Fallout 3(GOTY), Fallout new vegas (ultimate edition), Rage, and Oblivion for the PS3???” Good Bye Beth all good things must come to an end and so shall our love affair….. please know that it was your actions (or lack of) that brought it to an end….

  31. I have no clue why, but every time I hear Bethesda’s excuse, I hear in my head, “Sorry, we’re so busy favoring Xbox that we forgot there was a console named PS3.” :/

  32. HAHAHAHA! XBoX users are already getting another dlc pack! Talk about a slap in the face! I bet Bethesda is laughing and having a ball with this one!

  33. I sold all of my Bethesda games and will end my gaming experience with them on this sour note. Their games are fun, but not worth it. Where I sold my games said PS3 owners were selling their copies of Skyrim because of this and I don’t fault them.the dlc’s just come too late for the PS3 to even hold any excitement. You’ve read and heard about it all before we can get a chance to play them.

  34. I understand that making a game of dlc is hard but they realised it for xbox 2 mounths ago they had plenty of time to realise it i dont know about you but i want to play dawngard and this delay is taking way to long thay shod of been done by now so herry up im getting sick of waiting

  35. Dear Bethesda what’s the hold up, Dawnguard has already been released for Xbox 360 and PC and unlike most players I am not angry but instead ashamed of the time it has taken to and my experience with your games is amazing but I did not expect this from you Bethesda playing “favorites” with Xbox’s first and PlayStation is like 2 years later, but I hope Dawnguard ain’t a short DLC because then there a no excuses.

  36. Alright Bethesda… Hearthfire is being released for xbox360 on September 4th, and we don’t even have Dawnguard on ps3. Please excuse my language, but get your shit together. Either fix the “bugs” or stop accepting how ever much money Microsoft is paying you to screw us over and have SOME consideration for your ps3 users. Don’t lie to use and it would be greatly appreciated.