ESO cover story from Game Informer available free this week

In case you missed it, Game Informer’s reveal for The Elder Scrolls Online is now available as a free download this week.

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Reader Comments

  1. This looks absolutely amazing. And it’s what a lot of us are dying for.
    Now can we please for the love of Azura get a Morrowind remake, please.

  2. Could you all please tell me if you could publish the past hint books of the TES games? Such as codex scientia or the antenaeum for Arena and Battlespire.
    Plus tell Todd I never got his or his wifes autographs.
    Thankyou much. I am a huge fan of the scrolls and own them all except books Ive mentioned. I worry about zenimax making an MMO of the series. Bethesda to me is the best game studio by faaaar!!!

  3. All my my fears are put to rest after reading the interview with Firor. Just please…. more heroic RPG elements and less tank, healer DPS. 🙂