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  1. Less than one week Pete hines annouced ” We have not announced Dawnguard for any other platform, nor given a timeline for any such news.”

    And now Dawguard is out… Why don’t you just take us for adults? I fallow you since Daggerfall, 20 years (1996).. and you are making fun of us!!!!!

    Screw you with your DLC… I keep my mod and I’ll wait for a steam promotion!

    • is a lie! the file disappears once the download is complete! and my load screen shows “to unlock only inside quakecon 2012”.

    • Because an exclusivity deal will often include a requirement not to engage in marketting activities for the product on other platforms during the period of exclusivity. Presuming Microsoft’s definition of marketting activities is similar to that used by the IOC, this would include pretty much all comments on social media, press releases, and public statements in general.

      With Quake-con being so close to the end of the exclusivity period, it made the most sense to both launch and announce it today.

  2. Congratulations Bethesda on your release astonishing. Thick with manipulations decieving awaiting anticipitating release. A mystery shrouded cargo controlled by the Master Advertiser Of Illusions Pete Hines.

    May the wolves howls echo in resonating tree reverberating soul touching desire of the flesh slaughter to come as vampires take to darkly blinding shadows of the winds in split second victim feedings.

    Hail Bethesda! For it has been unleashed!

  3. With such ridiculous prices in Steam for russian users, almost no one in their sane mind would buy anything. $20 for Skyrim in retail – that’s fair, but $40 in the online store?! And Dawnguard costs only $5 less. I was seriously considering buying that DLC, but now?

  4. Way to go guys. Your not releasing it on the proper day (the 24th) caused me to go and purchase a Warhammer 40k army and get in the mood to actually build and paint a full ~1500 point one.

    Dawnguard gets to wait till Autumn sale, I reckon.

  5. You need a new PR guy. “We have not announced Dawnguard for any other platform, nor given a timeline for any such news.” What a joke.

    Someone needs to tell him that you’re supposed to market a product, not hide it.

  6. Why sell it to Australians for the same price when you could charge them $5 more right?

    Makes perfect sense, seeing as how the AUD is worth more than the USD.

  7. Sorry, but I won’t be buying this, and I advise all other PC gamers to do the same.

    You made an unethical deal with Microsoft to delay the DLC by a month minimum. I also won’t be buying the next DLC. I might consider buying the two of them when they are $5 or less during a sale. The others may be worthy of a day one buy, but these two aren’t.

    • Wow bro. Advise all you like, I don’t give enough of a dang about Bethesda’s business deals to deprive me of Skyrim DLC. lol. You know you want it, get it!

  8. Seriously why you have to put region limitations on Skyrim and this DLC?! This drives away legitimate buyers towards not so legal ways. Like trying to fake regional information.

  9. At fu**At fu**in’ long last it has come :DDD, but Im not going to buy it, I’ll better wait for alot cheaper GOTY edition with all DLC .

  10. Is this game gonna come in a Box, i cant afford to download this through steam with my slow internet, it would take me 5 days to finish downloading and you are forced to wait for a Steam download that prevents you to play Skyrim

  11. I have bought Dawnguard Italian version for PC , just finished download Installed and the Game now crashes as soon as the menu starts to load …. I have no mods installed and the game no longer works …

    What’s wrong with this expansion?

  12. About damn time!
    Bethesda, if you had told us earlier, you really wouldn’t have SO many fans hating you right now.

    Did you think this would be a happy surprise?
    All it’s caused is more hatred over the fact you knew when you were going to release it, and that it was going to be soon, but you didn’t tell us even though you were losing fans by the day.

  13. Yet again PS3 has a delayed release from Bethesda. You guys just can’t seem to figure out how to work on the PlayStation.
    Can we at least expect release before Arkane’s Deus Ex/HalfLife/Assassins Creed/Bioshock clusterfuck?

  14. PS3 is last yet again. What a surprise… 10% off would be a nice way to show you really care about the PS3 users…

  15. I’m going to give bethesda the benefit of the doubt here and assume microsoft locked them into some “no talking about it on other platforms for this period of time” deal and today it ended.

    They never said microsoft paid for exactly a month.. they just said they paid for exclusivity and we all assumed a month “and it was.. about”

    in this case its very cool of them to release it right away and not bother trying to get us all excited for a week or something before release.. and if I’m wrong.. then wtf beth D: dont do that to us xD lol

    • “They never said microsoft paid for exactly a month”

      They said 30 days, back before Skyrim was released.

      And then they denied they ever said it.

      • No.. they didn’t..

        I was fallowing this closely in the nexus forums,bethblog,twitter so on..and prepaid for the CE and was playing fallout 3 and new vegas and oblivion and morrowind constantly trying to kill time waiting for skyrim.. I remember when they said it was going to be on xbox as “exclusive content” the entire press assumed it was 30 days because thats what microsoft does.. I remember thinking “oh god.. I hope its only 30 days and xbox isnt doing some crazy move here” They never pay for 100% exclusive content on DLC so the press just assumed “and assumed right”

        They are denying they ever announced it for other platforms because they had never announced DLC for any other platform until this bethblog post.. no conspiracy my friend

  16. Ok so upon hearing the news I went to check price in euros on steam and to my surprise *drumrolls* 20 euros. Now I fully understand that bethesda worked hard on this but at that price it’s not worth it. Aside from my great hatred for DLC in general. I’d pay that price only if I could get it as a boxed version (Which may happen only when the GOTY edition is released). I believe I’ve seen a couple of people here asking about it.

    I’m also disappointed about the xbox exclusivity. It REALLY pisses me off that you’ve s*** on your PC fans like that, I believe that YOUR pc fans, DESERVE a simultaneous release at the same day as the other platforms, because they paid good money just like the other platforms.

    I’m a loyal customer for the past 12 years and I will continue to be so. But I also hope the good guys at bethesda won’t make the same mistake.


  17. Russian version?

    P.S. Beth, i’d like you guys to use THIS in the next TES game –

  18. Screw you Bethesda, I bought Skyrim for ps3 the day it came out, and this is how you treat me? Piss on you and all your games. I’m done, you ungrateful bastards. Oh, by the way you can delete this message (you were going to anyway.)

  19. dear bethesda
    this is skyrim info from twitter and i beleave many of your ps3 fans r wondering, do u have an aproximate time on when dawnguard for ps3 will b realased sincearly many many many ps3 fans

  20. Hi Beth people,
    Luvin’ DG so far. However, as a priviliged pc gamer I also like to be modding my experience. The DLC doesn’t contain any source files (psc) for the scripts (pex). Therefore we can’t edit the scripts yet. Since most new DG features are governed by those scripts this means without the psc files DG modding is hardly possible. So I was wondering if there are plans on releasing those files?

    • Great I check my post everyday for the “Awaitng moderation to disappear”. Now Its gone and I didnt get an answer. Nice!

  21. $20? Really? You’re telling me that this DLC adds the equivalent of 1/3 content of the main Skyrim game? Oh well, I’ve waited this long for it, I’ll wait until the bugs are fixed and it’s on sale.

  22. OMG i bought ur gayme ohn dae woon so i geet two run ur poopy comepaney and u hayt ur costoomers bcuz we hayv a PS3 and u made a deel with poopay mikro$€£$ohft and i doont geet the new map pack or get to bee a vampiyer #bitch, bitch, moan, bitch, bitch, moan. Yours Sincerely cawadooty kid .Jr

  23. Love this expansion… it’s so f*cking awsome 😀 played it through and through twice now and I must say it’s much better than I originaly thought it would be. Keep up the great job Bethesda!

  24. It’s over a month old already, there really is nothing intresting about it now. The hype is over, I won’t pay for it. Just release it on all platforms at once and make sure everyone can enjoy it. Now it’s just some month old update that’s not interesting anymore.. thanks.

  25. playing dawnguard for pc, many many bugs,
    “possible spoiler warning”

    Dexion Evicus wont trigger Chasing Echoes and is stuck in “this person is busy”. Had to override with console commands,

    Serana wont trigger portal for Soul Cairn, had to clip to get through the ground and reach the portal and losing some story inbetween. Still have high hopes!

    Now on Unseen Vision and even with Draw Knife cannot collect quest objective Canticle Bark from the trees.

    Dawnguard is great but very buggy, afraid to use anymore console commands for fear of skipping story. currently waiting to play until patched.