QuakeCon 2012: Keynote & Panels

Watch John Carmack’s QuakeCon Keynote above.

The Game of Making Games features Todd Howard (Bethesda Game Studios), Jens Matthies (MachineGames), Raphael Colantonio (Arkane Studios), and Ted Price (Insomniac Games). Moderated by Blair Herter (G4TV).

Talking Shop: Skyrim, Modding and Steam (courtesy of Gamespot) features Chet Faliszek (Valve), Matt Scott (Valve) and Joel Burgess (Bethesda Game Studios). Moderated by Nick Breckon (Bethesda Softworks).

As more of this year’s panels make their way online, we’ll update this post.

Reader Comments

  1. Quakecon doesn’t seem as big this year. Last year Rage and Skyrim were coming out, so I thought for sure there was going to be a solid Doom 4 announcement this year. It’s nice to know that you guys are working on it though, and you are not rushing it.

  2. In the Modding panel, Joel or Nick mentioned a Skyrim mod that extended the Dragon Priest mask questline to make it a player house, as something he wanted to do before the game shipped but never had time. It piqued my curiosity, but I can’t find the mod on the Steam Workshop or the Nexus. Anyone know what it is called?

  3. Earlier this week you said you will submit the patch 1.7 to Sony and Microsoft, I have been waiting and watching the latest news each hour since wednesday… Now is sunday, and still, no patch has been released… Do you have at least some info about that?

    BTW… I bought a 50 dollar card for my ps3 since the first day dawnguard was announced and rumors of a $40 price were spread, I never cared about the price, I just wanted to play skyrim, I still do, but the pressure of waiting is killing me, I just want you to at least give us info about the patch, like, how are you doing with it… If it is nearly finished, is dawnguard nearly finished? and if dawnguard is going to be released in ps3…
    Thank you

  4. I think Doom 4 probably ends as a very common fps, nothing special to cost 59 dollars.. of course, is the next wonder, probably 59 dollars anyway. For almost 10 years they still talk about this and that, the doom space marine, starts resemble a rude drunk from Las Vegas, saying “hail to the king”.

  5. Should be fun and challenging, have a father as John Carmack.

    Is amazing see how many come close to 600 hours inside of Skyrim, before considering the use of mods. There users with 1000 hours between vanilla and mod. I keep vanilla without much problems, today all i need is my favorite list inside Steam, very pratical.

    Skyrim is a great result, collecting the positives and negatives in the coming years, the next chapter will be awesome too. Congrats Todd Howard, is not easy try be nice with all promisses and news inside this multiplataform hell of negociations, but TES is a juggernaut for sure.

  6. Aaaah the key note by Carmack. Yet again delivering hours of super geeky entertainment. Though I most say I miss his less serious side a bit. Not that I didn’t enjoy it, but there was very little to laugh about this time round, and we do need humor even when John is speaking :-D.

    • Gabe only walk with your office desk + display together. And he’s too busy criticizing the next windows, playstation, xbox, pope, and everybody outside her view of “more money using hippies” .. because he wants to keep its market to any and all costs, using whatever ways.

      A billionaire, earns money sleeping with Steam, and need more money like most in the industry .. Half-Life 3, no.. no time!

  7. John Carmack is happy with Rage? OMG! the guy is more simple today, or lost his taste for challange. Rage is a pile of nothing.. 20gbs of terrible execution, a gameplay for retarded people.

    There nothing inside Rage, nothing!