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  1. Not to sound ungrateful or like a hipster (I have no idea if I’m in peril of the latter), but for those of us who don’t use Facebook is there any other repository for these pics? Or at least the ones that aren’t overlap with other releases? I should probably relent and join Duck Dodgers in the 23 and a half century (think I’m mangling the reference) with a Facebook account. I’ve only ever cared about FB for games though as it’s increasingly connecting to them. Anyway, I will find a way to cope if there’s no recourse for stubbornly anti-social media grumps such as myself. Doesn’t hurt to ask though, right?

  2. You can put facebook where the sun don’t shine. It’s ridiculous to require it for anything.

    Go ahead market yourself into a frenzy.

    There is less and less chance I will ever buy this outside of a Steam sale.

  3. It’s not required for anything huge. This is hardly them marketing either. It’s an update for people who are already fans, and are normal people (considering myself as abnormal for not being into FB). There’s already ample amounts of screenshots, articles and videos for marketing purposes. Stop lying about why you don’t care for this game. It’s not because maybe eight pictures are out of reach. You obviously have another issue with it.

    • You talkin’ to me Willis?

      Accuse me of lying, about what? The game looks OK but I’m old and have a dislike of modern marketing and tend to punish what annoys me. The Preorder crap annoyed me. This Facebook garbage annoys me. You think I should just be a good boy and go along. F.T.

  4. I was talkin to you chief. I don’t like Facebook either, but it’s foolish for both of us to argue that it’s an effective way to spread awareness. Your reason for not buying the game—lie by omission and Facebook was the only reason. I see now that you’re combining the pre-order shenanigans as well. For a new IP competing for physical retail space, there’s nothing wrong with putting out incentives for people that buy Day 1 and were designed outside of the game for that purpose. They were small extras, not missions or big chunks of game cut out like some games do. Are they supposed to cater to people who might buy during a sale?

    I’m responding now because it occured to me to check back here, and it’d be rude to leave you hanging (although I burned that bridge by saying you lied). Not sure if you’ll see this and even if you do, I would imagine you won’t care (and for good reason). Those are small reasons that I’ve seen thrown out before about why this game is all of a sudden the worst thing ever, and it ticked me off. I’m sure you can relate to that as one crabby person to another. You shouldn’t have been the recipient of both barrels though. Sorry for that. Hope you do see this.