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  1. lol oh yeah, and in relation to the POLL on this site, which reads “Dawnguard or Vampire?”…Do you guys presume people with ps3’s don’t own computers?? why don’t you do a poll about how SATISFIED your customers are?! or maybe the truth hurts a bit too much?? stop rolling around in all the money you’ve stolen from us and FIX YOUR GAMES!!!!

  2. Trust me your not missing much, Dawnguard is an unfinished and disapointing dlc. Not worth the money. Skyrim sold over 10mil and they skimp out on this dlc even after all the money they made. It would of been worth it if the castles had upgrades but todd lied about it.

    • He always does, why are you so hurt? dont remember Morrowind? dont remember the super “smart” radiant AI and the small trailer with the Dog? how about DX11 for Skyrim? dont be so hurt… lying is part of Todd.

    • ah come on ,it’s just a DLC after all, yeah it’s not as promised but it’s still a dlc and very good for a DLC ,it’s great as DLC , remember oblivion DLCs, they just added one thing to game and nothing more, a new house or an armor for horse, if Dawnguard would have been for Oblivion it would’ve been an expansion pack so for a DLC it’s pretty much good, and I can’t wait for skyrim’s expansion packs if Dawnguard is just a dlc,
      and finnaly get a PC , PC always gets all the candies

  3. They have tweeted today that they are still working on the PS3 Dawnguard version, with nothing new to report.

    Nice website btw, very smartly laid out 😛

  4. Still working on dawngaurd for the ps3? Maybey dawngaurd would be out for Ps3 by now if they spent as much time and effort on it as they did on that website

  5. When are you guys going to remove the idiotic age “verifier” from your websites? Those things only stop the stupid people from entering but annoys the living hell out of anyone that doesn’t save your tracking cookie.

  6. It’s very shiny, and easier to find things than before like Bethesda’s pages on social media websites and the Bethesda Blog. 🙂
    I’d be even happier if the PS3 version of Skyrim worked as well as the new website but i guess you can’t have everything in life. 🙁

  7. Dear Bethesda.

    The ruins beneath Markarth, where is Cancelmo. Inside of Nchuand-Zel, the scenario show undocked sections, showing the blue background around the modules, a glaring error that went unnoticed absurdly over the level design.. the team really play the game constantly? or is just a keynote chat? because this kind of bad finish, happens all the time during the game.

    Stop this “mod solution for all bugs”. The team have people from the mod community, now inside the dev team, right? this proves not solving the constant errors.

    Make a good update for this game!

    • LOL agreed. Now, although you guys prolly don’t care, I’ve gotta drop another couple of lines. I’m in Australia and a ps3 user. STILL NO 1.6 or 1.7 UPDATE!!! yes i know they’re combining the 1.6 and 1.7 to be 1 update BUT it’s still not available. after approx 400 hours, there’s nothing to do. discovered all locations, done all missions, only cave i can’t enter is a glitch cave that crashes the game… very very VERY disappointed. although maybe bethesda presumes we’ve got enough game time from our investment, so now they simply don’t care. only conclusion i get to

  8. Im reading a lot of crying on this blog.. Dont like bethesda games??…. Easy… Dont play them. Skyrim is a masterpiece.. Ps3 users should convert to xbox!!

    • wow, really dude? skyrim is a broken masterpiece. has microsoft paid you off as well with such a ridiculous comment; “Ps3 users should convert to xbox!!” gimme a free xbox and perhaps but i definitely won’t waste my money on it for an overrated dlc

  9. Is there a dawnguard for ps3 or not …my kids are hideously dissappointed that all there friends are.playing this youve succeeded in makin a eight and nine year old feel like theyve been robbed or should i get there xbox fixed or what..

    • lol as a ps3 user i can only laugh brother. hearthfire due for release september 4 for xbox, still no word on release date or availability of dawnguard for ps3, let alone hearthfire. if you pulled a stunt like this in australia bethesda, you wouldn’t be operating anymore.

  10. sad to hear that dawnguard and hearthfire might not be coming to ps3 at all. at least it’s definitive information, rather than, no information. now we don’t have to look forward to it. shame the problem doesn’t appear to be solvable. there’s pretty much no reason to hold onto skyrim now. farewell