Gamescom 2012: Dishonored wins Game of Show

This morning the official Gamescom 2012 awards were announced and we’re excited to share that Dishonored captured three awards: Best Xbox 360 Game, Best PlayStation 3 Game, and Overall Game of the Show!

In addition to winning the official Game of Show awards, both Eurogamer and Gamestar have announced it as their Game of Show.

Congrats to Arkane Studios on this amazing accomplishment!

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Reader Comments

  1. Corruption and bribes that’s how you win gaming awards. Keep doing what you do Bethesda you’re best at “winning” awards rather than actually making working games. Best PS3 game? Have they even played it yet? Why give any game an award before it’s even been played? Will PS3 Dishonored turn out like PS3 Skyrim? Has Arkane Studios been building up the PS3 version on a card house of lies, like Bethesda did with Skyrim? How will it perform on PS3? Is Arkane taking DLC and other exclusivity bribes from Microsoft? If they are you can bet the PS3 will get the shaft yet again from a Bethesda related project. Does Arkane know how to develop on the PS3? I really hope so because Bethesda themselves can’t even get it right. This game has potential but as a PS3 gamer, all I can hear is the screaming sound of FAILURE!!!

    • PS3 is not the entire world, and they have support yes.
      this game is probably another hype? maybe, after Diablo 3 everything is possible.

      And give to much credit for the online media, magazines, all those weirdos with bad jokes and shiny lights during the show, is really dumb.. they always give the worst comments possible. The major part are bad gamers, dont offer a good digestion of the gameplay, just comments about visuals or the descriptions from the developers.

      If you have doubts, try escape of the pre-order, the ordinary consumer show the wonderland.

    • Dude, just buy it used. That way, you still get to play and enjoy the game, but Bethesda won’t see a single penny. I’d feel sorry for the developers being screwed over like that, but it’s their fault for doing business with Bethesda to begin with, and maybe it’ll open their eyes.

      Zenimax and its subsidiaries have never been good for anyone.

  2. I was going to buy this full price when it came out. Now it’s covered in so much marketing crap I’m going to wait till the stench goes away. I imagine about the time a nice Steam sale comes along.

  3. i really want this game i been reading all the exclusive and i just wondering why you are not releasing a collectors edition{ now mind you not will all the dlcs but like maybe 2 of them},