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  1. How can Dawnguard be up for best use of DLC when its not even out on all platforms yet? This is horseshit Bethesda! Release Dawnguard for PS3!!!!

        • My first experience with adventure games was all text, from my Commodor 64. I then up graded to the IBM PS1. Then, a IBM 486, then more RAM, a new math coprocessor, then, a new SoundBlaster, or two, just to play a new video game. MS Windows 95, 98, XL, and now Windows VISTA. So, to save money, & my sanity, I bought a PS3. Skyrim, is the most amazing adventure / RPG i have ever experienced. Combined with a gaming system that supports, Blue Ray compatibility, WiFy, & Real 3D software. Forget DAWNGUARD, I’m waiting for HEARTHFIRE. PLEASE Bethesda, have the decency to let the PS3 gamers, know one way or the other, about the Skyrim DLC availability. Member of the PlayStation Of Domination. PSN: NightRider2000

  2. Best use of DLC? What an absolute joke. It’s not even the fact that Dawnguard isn’t out for PS3 yet that is so infuriating, it is the complete lack of acceptable communication. Most people are beginning to assume that the “update” given out a few weeks ago was just a thinly veiled admission that support for the PS3 version of Skyrim has been stopped altogether as of 1.7. The fact that references to the DLC in the stats section of the game were absent in the recent North American release of the 1.7 patch seems to support this, not to mention the inexcusable delay of the European DLC. All in all, a fairly disgraceful effort from a company that I used to know as my favourite developer.

    • The award wasn’t for “best communication regarding the release of DLC”, it’s for the best DLC, and Dawnguard was excellent DLC. It was a good value and added fantastic content to the game. Not condoning the PS3 issues, but it doesn’t have anything to do with Dawnguard being quality content.

  3. I wonder who presents candidates, it would be nice to meet him to explain a couple of things. RAGE best shooter!? What kind of games does that people play? But best use of DLC for Dawnguard is the best joke ever.

    And this is how it works, companies awarded for bad final product increasing their sells due the supposed quality. Bad gaming press and undeserved awards, one real pain these days…

  4. RAGE? I played on my xbox, a BIG step down for id sofwtare! As a game so bad, can come off as the best shooter? this is totally ridiculous.

    My fake feelings of congrats for you BGS, i think you deserve right? The DLC need a lot of fixes, does not deserve any award, not working right. What the hell, The Elder Scrolls Online is just a teaser for now, we do not have gameplay… a recomendation? why?

  5. Doom 4 will be another fiasco, accumulating almost 10 years of delay. Congratulations BGS! you really caught the hot potato of id Software!

    Please, stop with these awards, nominations.. reminds selection of singers, always the same faces, the same repetitive melody, just with more effects.

  6. Congratulations BGS! you really caught the hot potato of id Software! RAGE? X) OMG!! this is a volcano of cheetos (poop flavour)!

  7. Guys, they haven’t even been given the awards… They’ve been *nominated* for them. Which means that they have been put in a list of possible choices for the awards. The actual awards will be chosen based on votes from players. You can go to their website and vote on which one you want for the category. Check and see. They haven’t been awarded those titles, they have merely been put in the list of *possible* winners.

  8. The consumer walks furious at ZeniMax / BGS.. with different troubles since 2011. Skyrim is a great result, the DLC is good, but is just a small packet, a great expansion takes time. And with the technical problems in porting to the PS3, will be an end of 2012 with many negatives in the comments.

    Unfortunately Rage has attracted negatives since the launch, is a evil eye, but it is the only shooter published by BGS. ZeniMax is the owner of the “Grandfather of the FPS” the id software, have to try to promote the museum at all costs.

    Hope more updates soon, i like the BGS team.


  10. Better dig deep into those pockets of yours Bethesda, you have to bribe the GJA judges to win these undeserved awards. 6 nominations is going to cost you guys a pretty penny if you’re trying to “win” these awards.

  11. oh my god there are so many trolls here, just because Dawnguard is not released for PS3 it doesn’t mean that it’s a bad DLC , in fact it is great. And I’m going to vote for bethesda in all nominees even though I didn’t play Rage but I’ll vote for it yeah just because bethesda released it.

    • I agree there lots of trolls for Dawnguard, if Bethesda want best chance for it they really need to release soon for PS3 for any hope.Unfortunately people are get too impatient.Friend and I might have two different systems but it encourage me it be great.but it being great compare to scale of patient is what is big thing if they wait too long very few PS3 people might now consider it worth it sadly.

    • DO you understand what a troll is? We have all expressed legitimate concerns about Bethesda’s business practices, and by all accounts Dawnguard isn’t a worldbeater in terms of quality or quantity of content for a price of 20 dollars on top of the 100 I already payed as an Australian consumer.

    • Two new races for TESO – The Error Sold Online.

      Trolls – the pissed user, who became a furious creature, lost in time.

      FanBoys – the retarded consumer, playing the same shit during 5000 hours, looking for some “real experience”.. they believe Todd Howard is a god.

  12. I recently bought the Dawnguard for PC on Steam, and is very good. I think people focus on the number of errors, but neglect to mention the many hours with everything going well.

    Soon a finished version for the PS3 must arrive, patience, the delay is for the best.

    you have my vote Bethesda.

  13. Skyrim is the best game I’ve ever played – and Dawnguard is creepy in a good way. Vampire noses are all gross now, which means my vote is as good as cast! Go gettem Bethesda!

  14. Ok, I’ve been patient, I’ve waited, I’ve never even commented on anything ps3 dawngaurd related nd I’m not gonna be nasty with it but come on now, really??? It’s been like 3 months I think nd I understand about the bugs but y don’t u release it nd let us see nd say Whts going wrong. I for one don’t give 2 shots if a game is glitchy as long as its amazing like this one is. If your not gonna release it for ps3 PLZ TO GOD at least just tell us. U guys r litterally the best game creators ever I just really wanna be posted. Thnx

  15. Wtf bethesda we never got dawnguard fo ps3 I have to say phuck u all I will never buy another bethesda game ever again untill it is realesed I want my dawnguard

  16. I actually feel kinda disgusted right now, Dawnguard nominated for best DLC huh? well i wouldnt know because i havnt played it yet…. how about showing some love for your ps3 fans and releasing Dawnguard for ps3 yea?

  17. Throw us a fricken bone here. It’s easy for the X-CRAP players to vote for you. You give them ALL foot massages. pc players Hove their little mods, GIVE US PS3 USERS A STATEMENT/UPDATE/HEAD’S UP/SOMETHING. Your lack at social skills / public relations… STAGGERS ME. AND ONLY A NON GAMER would vote for a game they never played. Oh, wait… MORE X-CRAP.
    Go on and delete this comment to Bethesda. Shows how SPINELESS YOU REALLY ARE!

  18. This is complete crap. Just TELL us if you aren’t going to release Dawnguard for PS3! And if you ARE going to, give us a d amn date already! You ought to be ashamed of yourselves, and whoever is in charge of Dawnguard for PS3 should be fired! First game I’ve ever bought from Bethesda and I will be staying away from them for a long long time, probably forever. Way to f it up for everyone with a PS3 dooshes.

  19. I wonder why the moderators deleted my last post, all i said was i wouldnt know why Dawnguard was nomnated for best dlc because i havnt played it yet…i just want Dawnguard for ps3 to come out, i realize that ps3 is a harder platform to publish dlc content on but to take this long, there has to be something going on..all i know is us ps3 users atleast should get a discount on dawnguard instead of it being $20 i say maybe $15 or $10

  20. I’m good with Skyrim, Rage being best shooter is suspect, but the biggest giveaway is ESO as “one to watch.” My ass. One to watch if you like watching slow-motion train-wrecks…

    Actually, they’re pretty cool, so maybe the award is ironic.

    Or paid for.

    Why not spend your money on something substantial like completely reworking ESO from the ground up to not be another BS cash-in MMO that won’t last 6 months? That’d be greeeeeeat.

  21. Go Skyrim! already voted! but ESO one to watch? i dont even want to look at the thing… unless they make it real time combat and fix the horribly disproportional Characters.

  22. Speaking of Dawnguard and the Creation Kit… is there any chance that the Papyrus Source Code files (*.psc) can be released for Dawnguard’s scripts? Since so much is governed by Papyrus, not having those available really hamstrings Dawnguard’s modability.

    In subsequent releases, perhaps the *.psc files can be packed into the PC BSA files? We know how to rummage through BSAs.

    • ^^What this guy said.^^

      I mainly decided to download Dawnguard (instead of waiting for the price to lower and the bugs to be fixed) because I wanted the source code to work with. However, once I got it I found out that it was missing.

  23. I will only vote in the shooter category since that is the only one where i have played and passed all the games. Rage is a good game, but you must be crazy to vote it best shooter. Good shooter, but way to rushed. Rage would have been in way better hands if ID never sold out to Bugthesda. As far as the rpgs go, theres no way skyrim can have my vote even if i would’ve played all the games. Not with this crappy service it wont.

  24. One To Watch – The Elder Scrolls Online

    Because seeing it crash and burn will be something we all remember for a lifetime. And akin to an avatar of gamers across the world carving the words “HAVE YOU LEARNED YET!?” into a giant wooden mallet and repeatedly bashing it into the skull of an avatar of the MMO video game industry.

  25. “Joystick” says it all. I quit using them in 1994, except for flying games.

    Rage is a poor game with a nice engine. If it is the “best shooter” the whole HMV hype is nonsense.

    Skyrim is good but they get a DLC out and it’s the best … please.

    • yeah “nice engine” with dead lights, dark or full bright, no real time shadows. Textures with a terrible visual, inside a package of 20 gb. After a marketing campaign about the “power of the megatexture”.

      Keep in mind the next chapter: Doom Nukem 4ever.

  26. Dawnguard introduced constant, occuring-randomly-at-any-time triggered-by-nothing-in-particular freezing and CTDs, even though I’m running NO other mods and all my drivers are up to date.

    Had 0 problems before installing Dawnguard.

    Dawnguard has broken Skyrim… Bethesda, I hope you’ll fix this soon!

  27. How is dawngaurd? I don’t know because I have a Ps3. I was going to buy dishonered, but then I took a consideration that it’s probably going to take as long to get a dlc as dawngaurd has to the wallet

    • From the reviews I’ve read and the videos I’ve watched, it’s actually pretty fun for those who are able to play it. But even for the PC, it’s not entirely playable. I downloaded it but could not play it at all because of bugs.

  28. it seems wrong for dawnguard to be nominated,coz not all of us played the game. it looks as if ps3 players’ opinion dont matter.

  29. Is it possible for Bethesda to sit and Focus on Skyim and now Dawnguard while Just Fixing the Bugs, or are they planning the Next DLC Already, something to do with the Thalmor i presume.

  30. I would have voted for several of these, but I have lost interest in Bethesda because I play on PS3 and they have lost interest in the console. Now not only are they not making money off me anymore, they’re not getting my support.

  31. ATTN: ALL PS3 OWNERS… If you look on the back of the Skyrim Game case (top right) you will see the words “ADD-ON CONTENT • TROPHIES”

    Do you see it? Getting with our FAMILY LAWYER Tuesday morning. Then maybe they won’t just throw us a crumb twice a month!


  32. As for delivering DLC to PS3 version of Skyrim, just add the perks of DawnGuard. High level Werewolves need a skill tree. The ability to craft dragon arrows & crossbows, changing my characters apprentice, have a pet Husky, & fighting vampires as The Dragonborn follows the theme of Skyrim’s Dragonborn. Enough said; Rider