Skyrim 1.7 Update (Updated)

Update 8/28: The 1.7 title update (1.06 when you download it) is now available for European PlayStation 3 players.

Earlier today Skyrim’s 1.7 update deployed on PlayStation 3 (North America) and Xbox LIVE (worldwide). Once we have news on the availability for PS3 players in Europe, we’ll share details here on the blog.

What’s in the title update? The PS3 update (labeled as 1.06 when you download it) provides the 1.6 title update features (including Mounted Combat), as as well the newest bug fixes introduced with 1.7.

Release notes below:

Update 1.7 (all platforms unless specified)


  • General memory and stability optimizations
  • Fixed crash related to new water shaders
  • Fixed rare crash related to dragon landings
  • Fixed logic error with loading screens from add-ons (Xbox 360)
  • Using vampiric grip and swimming no longer prevents swimming animation from playing afterwards
  • Improved recognition with Kinect voice commands (Xbox 360)
  • Kinect-enabled dragon language shouts for French, German, Italian and Spanish work properly (Xbox 360)
  • Fixed issue with Dawnguard Kinect-enabled dragon shouts for French, German, Italian and Spanish (Xbox 360)

Reader Comments

  1. Dear Bethesda,

    Please admit to the millions of PS3 users who purchased Skyrim on the backbone of promises over the development cycle that this game was never truly developed for PS3 optimization, thus resulting in the delayed introduction of DLC content such as Dawnguard and the many problems which have plagued play of the original content on the system. With upcoming exclusive DLC for the XBOX 360 and perhaps more of the same on the horizon it is imperative to establish trusting and truthful sharing of information concerning current/future content


  2. I just downloaded the patch and everything works fine. For those having trouble with water; try deleting the installation on your hard drive. Not your saved files or anything, just the game installation. Then re-install, it should work.

  3. I want to know how they van say thief working hard to get it up to par for the ps3 when Thier working on new dlc
    They should have full attention of making dawnguard work for ps3 not making add-ons for the Xbox. If they want to do that then os3 users should get the new add-on free with DG . They new to pull it together and start to communicate so we know what’s they problem and why it’s taken them over 2 months to do what. That’s right no one knows

  4. Did this come out today? I’m asking because I am actually playing it right now and haven’t received the update on my 360.

    • Bethesda I am excited about dishonoured, but im not sure if you will put ps3 aside dlc wise. I read the update on dawnguard and that its not a problem you are sure you can fix, but is there any news on hearthfire ps3 or a newer update you can give about dawnguard? if dawnguard cannot be done, can you at least give something like a weapon pack that has crossbows and possibly dragon weapons?

  5. please please fix these last few bugs collect the bounty from skald and kill the bandit leader at rift watchtower and that bloody book the waters of obilvion plus kill the dragon in skyborn altar and take dragon scales and bones to esbern thats just the miscellaneous quests sand now to the main quests only 1 the forsworn conspiracy the person is dead is it going to be stuck forever ive gave up waiting for dawnguard and now more new stuff for the xbox ive not started playing that yet TRYING TO FINISH THIS FIRST any help thanks am on level 80 with 771 things done

  6. and now too part two where has the lag gone its no where near as bad ever since the the update i hag 3 massive crashs one in riverwood and two fast traveling to whiterun and windhelm please please fix thanks

  7. part 3 spoke too soon how to get the lag back get a dragon attacking and bandits and a bear and hear comes the slowdown when and if you get to kill them all fasttrack back to riverwood or whiterun and the lag goes that helpfull not please sort all my stuff is done on ps3 please sort out

  8. Ok Bethesda, seriously. When i had an Xbox you guys became my absolute favorite creator. When i bought a PS3, you were still my favorite creator. When i bought Skyrim, still your were my favorite creator. When you realeased all those awesome patches adding new features, you were my favorite creators. When you started ignoring PS3, i started to dislike you. More over, you sat there and lied to our faces about your “Sincere” apoligies that it was taking so long to realease Dawnguard for the PS3. That was over a month ago, and still no info on its progress. You are falling faster and faster into my most hated list. D.I.C.E has awesome customer support, for all consoles. Take a note from them Bethesda. You guys will make loads more money, and have alot happier fans. Stop playing favorites, and realease all DLC’s for all Consoles. Your acting like Amateur designers right now. “We struggle coding for the PS3″… Well you seem to be like the only big company that does… No hate to the Xbox, as i used to be obsesed with it.

  9. so does this mean we will see dawnguard on ps3 soon? or are they just going to continue to pull our leg? cause im about to give up on bethesda.

  10. I was looking forward to dawnguardps3 but if it was coming out any time soon they would have information to us by now. Oh well here’s to it hopefully being on game of the year edition 🙂

  11. One of the bugs that should be addressed (mainly for those of us lucky enough to own and be able to play Dawnguard) is the bug where buying the alchemy lab in Breezehome doesn’t take if you start the game fresh after adding the Dawnguard DLC.

  12. I’ll join the chorus of the PS3 disgruntled. The lack of information regarding Dawnguard is frustrating to say the least. I don’t mind the wait. I really don’t. Y’all built a great game and I do enjoy it. I just want to know why I’m waiting for DLC that was released two months and one month ago respectively, and that you are actually working on the issues because right now I really don’t feel like you are. If my system is not worth your time and effort, your games are not worth my money. It’s that simple.

    And as much as I hate to be “that kind of customer,” I really feel that there should be some kind of compensation for those of us that have had to wait for even news of the DLC. Otherwise the next time I buy any Bethesda game may be when it goes for $20 or under with all DLC and patches released.

  13. hi and today little saga and this time it with those lovely companions quest i thought the patch was bring all npcs back to life but so wrong was i still every time you got back for a task still little arrows where there once where and another question ive done 10 for companions did three more call hired muscle and trouble in skyrim that makes 13 checked and went up 13 next one back to ten tasks only still at level 80 ive stopped going up and more maybe you can in the next patch make those companions task level you up and fix those 2 main quests so i can have another go at getting the trophy the one with babbis and that daft dog mask or mase and the one in markarth where the priest get bit buy the vampire for the ring she died as soon as i entered the tomb and lag getting better ive only crashed once tonight please please fix

  14. Dear Bathesda i know you are having a hard time trying to straighten things with dawngaurd for the ps3 but i suggest like some that you release it for free along with hearthfire if not just release itself i waited for your DLC for a long time now and i lost my job so it now makes me sad to wait for this game with a price still on it while microsoft got it easy so for the sake of all the sony users if your are reading this please try to release around september:Your greatest fan and ever loving fall out series lover please dont get a bad reputation

  15. Fixed this and fixed that….. I think you ppl owe all ps3 owners who wasted their money on skyrim…. So many bugs…. The fps issue…. YOU RELEASED A GAME WITH SO MANY BUGS…. NORMALY IF OTHER GAMES HAVE BUGS… IT GETS SORTED OUT…. SEEMS LIKE YOU ONLY HAD YOUR EYES ON THE MONEY. NOW THAT THE MONEY HAS COME IN EVERYTHING ELSE IS JUST EMTY PROMISES.

  16. Ps. About the ps being so difficult to program for…. Stop using that as an excuse…. Employ the right people for the right job…. THE GAME HAS BEEN OUT NOW FOR HOW LONG?????

  17. I don’t know if they just love me more than 90% of you guys, but I have played all the main quests and side quests visited every single location (on all three systems). Beaten Dawnguard for both Factions (Xbox only hehe) and have never
    encountered more than a few graphical bugs. Things like trees being a few inches off the ground and stuff like that. Bows and some swords have been taken down a few notches, and some balancing issues have been cleaned up too. So I don’t know why everyone has their panites in a bunch.

    Skyrim is great, one of the best games released in a long time, I hope the next Xbox DLC is a good old fashioned trip to morrowind. By that time PS3 owners can play dawnguard, and whine about that too.

  18. I’ve downloaded TU 1.7, and I love being able to fight from horseback now. That alone makes up for new flaws I’m finding over time. About 30 hours played on the TU so far, and I can’t put my finger on it, but something feels wrong, like I’m playing a different game all together. Might be the strange enemy spawns. Maybe I’m just used to the old texture glitches that to me, make a Bethesda game. Might not be used to something so stable. I haven’t crashed once since the update. Good job overall for sure. Only complaint is horse speed, seems the ‘run’ is a sloppy trot, and the sprint button is still a mere canter. A good horse doesn’t run out of breath while at a canter. I’d love to see a third speed option- maybe tap to gallop. Still have time before TU 2.0!

  19. Well jeez ya know I tried not to be bitter about how late dawnguard has been and I evevn realize that the same folks who program for Dawnguard aren’t the same as for hearthfire, but really wouldn’t logic dictate that someone in an office would say “wow guys if we release hearthfire on any platform besides ps3, then all those already angry ps3 players are gonna go ballistic! Maybe we should get that done first.” But then again maybe I’m wrong & logic has no place at bethsoft? I’m sorry to rant but that’s terrible customer service. Maybe P. Hines should be replaced cause this feels like fallout3 all over again.

  20. Glad the 1.7 Patch is out on PS3 in Europe(finally), and should now be closer to the release of Dawnguard. All this isgood as I am a fan of this genre and a definite fan of Skyrim. Only one problemthough – ever since embarking on the ‘Dragon Seekers’Companion Quest, I am permanently followed by Farkas, as the Dragon is notpresent (I probably killed it previously whilst exploring). All there is in itsplace is a floating arrow head.
    After lots of digging on the internet I have found that this is a common glitchthat is widely known about, and there is no fix on the PS3. Can anyone explainwhy Bethesdahave not addressed this in ANY of the patches already released?
    My enjoyment of the game since this glitch has been greatly reduced and makesSneak an impossibility, as despite trying his very best to match what I do,Farkas always gives me away! To this end I already know that when Dawnguard isreleased my enjoyment of this will also be greatly reduced.
    Bethesda takenote…….sort the glitches first!

    A very disgruntled fan

  21. Ps3 EU here. I tried to load my saved game. But it freezes at the first loading screen.

    I.already once.deleted the installed files and updates. And re-installed them. But no success.

    What am i supposed to do to play my skyrim saved game now?

  22. earlier today bethesda hinted that it is not coming out on ps3 wich REALLY sucks, i have lost faith in bethesda, they used to be my favorate company, now they are my most hated. they said “This is not a problem we’re positive we can solve, but we are working together with Sony to try to bring you this content.” i think they just cant be bothered to learn how to code it on ps3.

  23. you have had a two months now why is dawnguard not out? do not have enough people or something? you are going to loose and entire market soon and then no one will buy your percious dishonored

  24. Wow so lastest news is ps3 may not get dawnguard & prolly any further dlc cause its too hard for beth to program. The addition of the quote that its not the only dlc they’re working on really shows where loyalty lies… to xbox’s dumbed down hardware & their almighty dollar. Too bad I already wasted my $55 on your game. Screw dishonored, I’ll stick with the franchise it rips off & a company that can actually program across platforms successfully. Here’s an idea! Take some of Gates’ money & hire some competent workers. I’m so dissapointed in you. My lone opinion may mean nothing to bethsoft, but their lack of care & respect that predates skyrim, means they may lose me & many others in the very near future. Thanks for exactly what we got … nothing.

  25. I have enjoyed the Elder Scrolls series for many years(Morrowind: Elder Scrolls III was the best). When Elders Scrolls V: Skyrim was released I was amazed with the work that was done with the graphics and what you can do within the world. The only problem was when you have a quest item that some times after the mission was completed that you couldn’t drop some of the items. But my favorite game glitch was the item duplication. It allowed me to buy the arrows that I like and the houses that I wanted. Even though I was able to do this, I still put in over 143 hrs on one character and still didnt finish exploring the country side nor complete all of the quests. So, I was wondering why ya’ll fixed the item duplication? It doesn’t take the fun out of it and it’s not like it’s a multi-player game which would cause an unfair advantage. Please undo the patch that fixed the item glitch for the game.
    One more question: Why does game developers spend more time fixing glitches for single player games then the multi-player games in which a glitch can cause an unfair advantage within a multi-player game?

    Thank you for your time

  26. i know you guys can do it if you guys work together and release that dlc
    a lot of people are losing fait in you guys do something about it
    fast before people are not going to buy dishonored from you

    • Yup.
      The news is, unlike dozens of other developers, they can’t figure out how to write programming for the PS3 console.

      Dawnguard and Hearthfire are not coming out for the PS3.

      Of course, Bethesda still wants you to be a sucker and buy (waste your money on) the other (broken) titles for the PS3 that they are coming out with.

      • I’m afraid you’re wrong. Hearthfire and Dawnguard haven’t been canceled, for some reason or another, they’ve just been delayed. Reason why Heathfire and Dawnguard weren’t released at the same time on the PS3 as on the XBOX was because Microsoft cut a deal with Bethesda for a 30 day exclusive for the 360. But for some reason, Dawnguard has still been delayed on PS3 and Hearthfire, well, we’ll just have to see.

  27. Recently, I’ve been suffering heavy lag during gameplay on Skyrim. I’m a 360 owner, and I’ve not encountered this before. I did think that perhaps it was my console, but no other game has any issues. Any notes? Or am I the only one getting this lag? I’ve done all I can think of to stop it from cleaning the disc carefully to uninstalling and reinstalling the game.

  28. This is ridicules! We all know you can put out Dawnguard and Hearthfire when you want to, stop pulling the programmers away and let them work!
    I know it’s just a game and you probably think we’re all pathetic because we want our money’s worth out of it, but us gamers are weird like that. think about it, when was the last time anyone actually sold something true to worth?
    Bioware seems to listen to us at least, and if you haven’t checked them out, DragonAge 3 is taking longer because they want to make good on YOUR promises for a truly excelent game.

  29. The optimization does not show much effect! Thanks for the mounted combat… but the favorites menu keeps showing up without me pressing the up or down button. Please continue to fix PS3 problems because it makes Skyrim loose appeal. 🙁

  30. Not sure if these are read, but here goes…..First, been a huge fan of the series for awhile. Bought multiple copies, across multiple platforms. I heard of Hearthfire and got really excited, finally you added what I had always thought was missing, from such a Ambitious game. Customization is always a great option for any game, makes it 100 times more enjoyable. But there is a small problem, that is if I want to give you more of my money for this update, in which I do, I have to download many pointless and frustrating updates. I have a near original saved game that works great, because the small bugs do not bother me, except for Shadowmere, i would like him to come back around. From the reviews, sounds like i would lose more. I do not want weapons nerfed, or my game freezing up all the time. We play games like Elder Scrolls because of the freedom, we want choice, and if I want my bow to destroy enemies with one or two arrows, I should be able to make that happen. That’s why I spend my money with Bethesda, because you make games that give me the freedom to play my way, all I ask is that you do not make updates that take that freedom away, and prevent me from enjoying new dlc. Thanks

  31. real cute cutting my post. see if this one makes it to th board. bethesda you suck….all this time you have had and you screwed us. you not only lost me but soooooooo many other fans. you failed us probly on purpose . i hope your fat smelly 360 players keep you warm at night cause ps3 doesn’t need you primitive game engine .peace!!!!!

  32. (I know this isn’t about Playstation 3 Dawnguard but there isn’t one that I can find.) It’s been over two months since Dawnguard was released for Xbox 360. There isn’t any positive news about it coming for Playstation 3, so if Bethesda doesn’t want Playstation to have it just come out and tell us instead of leading us on. I know Microsoft has the money to throw around to try and make every Playstation user go to Xbox or at least make PSN not free. But one way or another I will be a friggin Vampire Lord. So if any Bethesda people are reading this just let Playstation 3 users know if we will or will not get Dawnguard. Bethesda has made a lot of games that are good and there are DLCs for them, so what’s the problem with Skyrim? Granted it is a big world, but just tell us the news quit beating around the bush by saying “The PS3 is a powerful system, and we’re working hard to deliver the content you guys want.” if you don’t want us to have it tell us. You guys have made great games so I don’t think you’ll lose that big of a following…..on second thought you might though. I don’t know.

    • i agree. just give it to us straight. imean come on you cant seem to get our first dlc done but got the resources to make another dlc for xbox? throw us a freakin bone here.

  33. by the way if we are never getting dawnguard , do we at least get hearthfire or what ever. or maybe our owen unique dlc designed for ps3 users. seems only fair right? xbox shouldn’t get all the glory.

  34. I would like to state about the civil war quest line which is still bugged to no end. I have completed all misc quests, side quests and the main quest line and have left the civil war to the end. You see I have already completed the game already but decided to start a new character months ago and completed it again to revert back to another save again. Though for some reason this time I have done something different. The problem is during the ‘Reunification of Skyrim’ quest on the Imperial side, where I have to regain Winterhold. I did the ‘Season Unending’ quest and traded Markarth for Riften though didn’t trade Winterhold for Falkreath. Now Legate Rikke won’t give the dialogue ‘Report for Duty’. I’ve tried workaround after workaround but still won’t work. I just don’t feel like reverting back to the Season Unending save again. I’ve heard of other people complaining about this so just wondering why this issue still hasn’t been resolved by now?

  35. I know being a ps3 user that were all piss off at the moment with Bethesda and the handling of DG but I would like to ask to any one of the Bethesda team reading this and I hope you are and you respond could you not bring out a biggest dlc of Hearthfire that will include the building house but also some things from DG like new armor and weapons, werewolf perk tree and being able to forge dragon bone weapons and all arrows which I think would really be great not only for ps3 users but for yourselves as well to quell the harsh lashing your getting from every one over the Internet. I mean by all means keep working on it to bring it for ps3 but if hearthfire could be done bette and quicker and include some of the things we’ve miss out it would make the game a whole lot better for everyone on the ps3 consel

  36. Any Chance that you can release a fix for the Dialogue bug that is preventing ALL the custom made quests to work , and to fix the Change location event for custom quest to work and also the getquestcompleted function not working anymore?

    thanks …

  37. When will the option of remarrying be available for the Xbox. My wife was killed in our home by a group of bandits. I found them in my home and,y wife dead. I got a letter of inheritance but I wanted to remarry for hearthfire. Can u at least add in an update the ability to do a quest or pay a fine so you can remarry? I kinda want a wife in game before I adopt kids, plus I want to experience the full effect of hearthfire.