Hearthfire – Coming to Xbox LIVE on September 4th (Updated)

With Skyrim’s newest game add-on, Hearthfire, you can purchase land and build your own home from the ground up – from a simple one-room cottage to a sprawling compound complete with an armory, alchemy laboratory, stable, garden, and more. Use all-new tools like the drafting table and carpenter’s workbench to transform quarried stone, clay, and sawn logs into structures and furnishings. Even transform your house into a home by adopting children.

Hearthfire releases on Xbox LIVE next week (September 4th) for 400 Microsoft Points.

For an update on the status of PS3 game add-on content, visit our forums here.

Reader Comments

    • Yeah, that seems to be the case… In fact, these are Gstaff’s exact words:

      This is not a problem we’re positive we can solve, but we are working together with Sony to try to bring you this content.”

      Well, this kind of announcement can seriously make PS3 owners think twice before buying Dishonored… or any other Bethesda title in the future (nobody likes to be put aside).

    • My God this company reeks of incompetency. The inability to code effecttively enough to implement DLC that is typical of the industry for a system that they have had 6 years and multiple games to come to grips with, is completely and totally laughable. I believe a recall for the PS3 version is needed, but as if they will accept that or even apologise to their loyal fans.

      • An apology?
        This is Bethesda we’re speaking about.
        They will come out with another game, Fallout 4 perhaps, claim it has a “totally new engine” and “quicker, real time bug fixes” for the PS3 just for us to go through the same crap again.
        Bethesda is completely incompetent when it comes to programming for the PS3, yet they still love to take the money from the suckers that think they can still make a working game for the console.
        The right thing to do would be to offer PS3 users something, exclusive DLC or free DLC, but no. They won’t do that. Instead they will do what they always do; Move on to other projects and leave the PS3 version of Skyrim a broken mess with no plans or intentions of ever fixing it.

  1. Beth i loved skyrim the day it came out, couldn’t even put it down i think you really out did yourselves with the game, could be less buggy but i got used to them.and even grew to enjoy them, but this is ridiculous. now over two months and still no dawnguard you have another one for xbox this is outrageous don’t even bother wasting your time on it for ps3 we all know you don’t care so quit jerking us around don’t even bother coming out with the ps3 dlc’s i hope nobody buys them because you guys are a****** im debating on whether or not i should even buy the dlc at this point because of the crap we are getting from bethesda i don’t even know why they bother pretending like they like their ps3 fans and their nominations will come to nought because of this unrest in the ps3 community i hate you Beth

  2. Only complaint I have: why wait until Sept. 4 to release this? I would have liked to experiment with it over the long Labor Day weekend. Now, I probably won’t have time until Christmas.

  3. I think that one statement stands from the one guy… you people would be complaining one way or another >.>
    You got and update, they are still working on it even tho it doesn’t look like good. Unless you can claim you know how to program a game for the PS3 and know exactly why it could or couldnt work for the ps3, i suggest you just stop. >.>
    I think it was already pointed out by someone else here that the ps3 was reportedly unreasonably difficult to work with by other developers.. so why would this be a surprise for a port?
    And if it is a hardware limitation (wasnt it mentioned PS3’s RAM is divided and only half of it is accessable?) then you can pretty much call it quits and say your screwed and yell at Sony instead for screwing THAT up.

    • small peeve with this… so what if they are biased? most all developers are. I think the bigger issue is that they released for the ps3 anyhow despite this when they probally shouldnt have at all… >.>

  4. I am a PS3 owner and a ravenous fan for all of the TES games. Personally, yeah it kinda sucks I can’t play the new DLC for my console… but honestly, whether by the financial and timed release agreements with Microsoft or not, I still think that Bethesda has done a fantastic job on a fantastic game. I also think that with today’s obviously impatient demand for more more MORE from every aspect of tech development and the advent of “oh my god I have to actually wait more than X amount of days for something to release” a lot of my fellow gamers have failed to (and continue to fail) see that evey bit og what we play is based around a LONG time of R&D and countless hours of hard, diligent work by Bethesda’s coding, programming, and art staff. Don’t hate on them for the “problems” simply because you’re too damn impatient. If you have such a problem why don’t YOU try to put yourselves in their shoes for a change instead of trolling every forun with their name on it? Take some courses in Game Design, hell even Programming, and see how much work it takes! Essentially they’re having to tailor the design to EACH system they make their games for. So how bout a little respect and some old fashioned patience (dare I even say, encouragement) to the PEOPLE (they also have lives of their own) that made any of this even possible!

  5. What the fucking hell is wrong with you Bethesda, do you honestly hate your PS3 users, not giving us any DLC for Skyrim, and you are now doing Xbox only DLC as well now, why don’t you fucking like us PS3 users, we would like to know, I don’t want your crappy, Dawnguard doesn’t work on PS3 properly because we all know that is a load of bullshit, tell me the truth, you guys aren’t even gonna release any DLC for Skyrim to PS3 at all are you, fuck you guys, I’ve been playing the elder scrolls games since arena, don’t you think PS3 users should be treated equally, just because Microsoft handed you a big fat Cheque.

  6. ATTN: ALL PS3 OWNERS… If you look on the back of the Skyrim Game case (top right) you will see the words “ADD-ON CONTENT • TROPHIES”

    Do you see it? Getting with our FAMILY LAWYER Tuesday morning. Then maybe they won’t just throw us a crumb twice a month!


  7. i have been looking at alot of post on here over the past few days i am a xbox user and i can understand how vary upset you all are but Bethesda works vary hard in what they do i mean come on yelling and bitching is not going to make them work faster if it was me i would be like if you can’t hold on while we try to fix this then we will not give it to you at all i mean they spend almost 24 hours a day in there office trying to make the game the best it can be and all they see on here is people griping about how they don’t get to play the dlc and what now i mean if you want to play the dlc so damn bad then go buy a xbox and quit being a baby about it or just sit tight and let them do there job they arnt leaving you out of the loop they tell you and keep you up to day on whats doing on so i don’t see why you people keep griping quit being baby’s and act your age god i mean things happen it is not like it is there fault blame sony not bethesda

    • The issue is that Oblivion, Fallout 3, and Fallout: New Vegas are still broken and Bethesda has no intention to fix them. PS3 users have spent quite a bit of money on games they cannot play. We have given Bethesda the benefit of the doubt too many times. We have believed Bethesda when they say they have a “completely new engine” and quicker bug fixes too many times. PS3 users are finally getting sick of it. Especially since both fan-bases, Fallout and TES, have been suckered in the past two to three years.

      This is not Sony’s fault in the least. There are dozens of other developers that do just fine when it comes to programming for the console. Of course, they think about it first and don’t try to repeatedly port a game designed for Xbox. They actually program for the PS3.

      • like i said as a xbox user i can understand that it is not fair that we got it before you did if it was me i would have sat there and said ok we have fans on both sides and it is not fair that they get it before others i think they should have waited till it was ready on both sides and I’ve played the fallout games and elder scrolls games on ps3 and i never had any problems with the games but then again when data is copied over and over on a different disk each time your bound to have one where the game messes up a lot i think that one out of 20 games have bugs or glitches but that is a guess for me because so far i have played a lot of Bethesda’s games on different systems and never seen a problem until yesterday when i downloaded there first dlc it gave a lot of bugs i would get in water then out of it and still look like i am swimming and i even seen a mammoth walking in the sky today but anyway i know the filling of having to wait or not get it at all but the one thing Bethesda don’t want is to lose fans and they do keep you updated on whats going on but like i said i think they should have waited till it was ready for both game systems

        • like i said as a xbox user i can understand that it is not fair that we got it before you did if it was me

          That, to me, is fine. Microsoft paid for that privilege, so no big deal.

          The issue I’m having is that Bethesda repeatedly releases broken titles, and leaves them broken. They know they are broken, yet still have the audacity to charge full price. Sure, maybe PS3 users will get Dawnguard, Hearthfire, and upcoming DLC releases. But in what state, and how much support will they be given?

          What I want is a promise that these titles will be playable to completion, every quest. What I also want is a promise to keep up the bug fixes. No more of this “our developers and programmers have moved on to other projects. Sorry” crap. My copy of Fallout: New Vegas has not been touched in over a year because I made the mistake of paying for and downloading the DLC packs for it, completely breaking the game. I cannot get a refund, or any support, so it remains broken on my shelf. $100 down the drain, much more if one considers what I spent on Fallout 3 and Oblivion. Then, I believed what Pete Hines said bout the redesigned engine and better bug fixes and gave one more chance with Skyrim. What I received from those experiences was a lesson not to trust Bethesda and never give them one cent again. I will also warn everyone I speak with to avoid Bethesda titles if they have a PS3. After all these years they should know how to program for the console and have learned that an Xbox port will not work.

  8. Why don’t you PS3 owners get a clue…and get an XBOX???? This isn’t the only game developers have had problems with for PS3. There have been SEVERAL others. So maybe the problem isn’t with Bethesda and other developers. Maybe…JUST MAYBE the problem is that Sony put out (and continues to put out) a BROKEN product. Instead of wasting your money buying PS3 games, just get an XBOX. Believe me, you’ll be a LOT happier.

    • Because not all of us can afford a new system, and even if we wanted to get one, no one is going to run out and drop hard earned cash on a shitty system.

  9. Oh yeah, one more thing. Can I download this thing at midnight tonight? I sincerely hope so….because I can’t wait for it. I’m still going through the Dawnguard content (which is unbelievable)….but this one is something I’ve always wanted to see in an ES game. (and I have played…and still play…every single one of them.)

  10. Bethesda I am do disappointed in the way you have treated ps3 users. I have been an avid fan of TES for years played morrowind oblivion and skyrim and it’s so frustrating that a company that always expresses its commitment to its fans has chosen money over customer satisfaction and you have shafted millions of gamers in the process. Talk about selling out you can’t even have the respect to communicate with fans who have been loyal to your company and the franchise who are desperate for some news as to when they will have the opportunity to play dawnguard let alone hearthfire. I’m not going to lie I will always buy TES games but I think I speak for All skyrim fans when I say that we are incredibly disappointed with your attitude towards ps3 and to a lesser extent pc users. So please get your head out of bill gates’ ass and do something about your shocking treatment of your customers. I suggest that it would be a good idea that as a goodwill gesture towards the fans you offer hearthfire with dawnguard when and if you decide to release it, in a bundle to show your commitment to the fans who have been so loyal to you.

  11. I’ve been playing elder scrolls game for a good long time. I’ve always played the PC versions since mOrrowind simply because the vast player content. I built my last computer specifically to run oblivion.

    Since I’m not ready to spend another 2 grand to make a comp to play skyrim I thought I would try it on the PS3 And I was in love. Unlike the rest of the world I never ran into a single game crashing bug. I’ve seen dragon bones fall into whiterun, and giants knock me 300ft into the air, but nothing I couldn’t deal with.

    The point of the story is I hope the developers have a serious problem wrong preventing release and not jus because some lead programmer is not 100% satisfied. If it came down to the wire I would still pay to play a “potentially” buggy version than NO version at all.

    I have the utmost respect for Bethesda, don’t get me wrong. TES has Allowed me to evovle from the 80s rogue-like RPGs and regardless of these issues I will continue to support you, these are games that I hope to play some day in a retirement home when my kids won’t see me.

    I hope you xbox fellas out there enjoy hearthfire today. Me, I think I might start the main game again and keep checking the news reels for good news.

  12. I’m just not excited by this dlc idea..

    I would understand if it were like the downloadable houses in oblivion, those all had prominent themes that were relative to the world. (note these aren’t available in any oblivion game copy).

    This hearthfire just seems like more boring houses as in the usual ones dotting skyrim. I mean I don’t want to spend my time building a pre-made plan for a super expensive house when I could spend it on possible Fire Resistance Boots.

    + if you have a PC, then this mod is free!!!

  13. Concerning the D.L.C Dilema for the ps3 system & Skyrim. This is just bad Business. I have purchased Every elder scrolls game. I have purchased every fallout game & the associated D.L.Cs. Now I hear that Dawngaurd and possibly even Hearthfire will never release to my system…..Look i am an avid gamer 35 years old My income is over 6 figures, I am frequently chosen to Beta-Test new products from Sony and other third party developers and I do have choices.. Right now i feel like I am being excluded because I chose the ps3 as a gaming system instead of the x-box 360. Your updates from Pete Hines come off as if he is annoyed that ps3 owners are continually asking what is going on. This whole situation does not seem right and as stated above I do not see how it could be considered good business. You are either implying that their is something wrong with the ps3 or that

  14. Microsoft make the XBOX, Microsoft make computer software, Microsoft is in direct competition with Sony and the PS3 I wouldn’t be suprised if part of the contract was to make sure PS3 got nothing PC get a delayed release and the XBOX gets a month exclusive this was a clever decision on Microsofts part and in extension a clever decision on Bethesdas part; they get (money?) from Microsoft (we don’t even know if the deal was for money) and release 2 kinda cool DLCs that no one will really miss for the XBOX and PS3 then some huge stuff later down the line that gets released on all consoles at once.

    So quit your damn whining, play something else for a bit and when there is news of an update or DLC play Skyrim again.

  15. You ps3 players need to quit whining elder scrolls used to be an xbox and pc only game and as for who ever says they’re not going to buy another bethesda game well you will probably be missing out on some great games. And as for the dlc being offered for free dont hope to hard you might give youself an aneurysm bethesda is a company that makes money from video games so yeah they are in it for the money you think they’re doing this out of the kindness of their hearts. They spend millions making these games they expect to have an enormous return just think about the movies like the avengers and batman and harry potter. Peter jackson is coming out with two movies for the hobbit to follow up with lotr he must not have enough money or maybe he spent it all.

  16. What’s funny is that we ps3 users still haven’t seen (and probably never will) and really want this dlc even though there’s a good chance we might not get this one either), and meanwhile the majority of Xbox users are complaining that this second dlc sucks and is super boring. The fact that this is the last Xbox early exclusivity makes the situation even more hilarious. It’s very ironic. Good call, bethesda. Because I’m an optimist I’m going to assume you guys are actually working hard and that microsoft are the actual baddies in this, paying money just to make ps3 users’ lives more frustrating. Any sort of compensation would help. Just throw us a little something to show you still care about us. Maybe let us get divorced. My husband’s gone from a hardy adventurer to a 50’s housewife. I feel like I’m holding him back. 😐

  17. Perhaps I am a dinosaur but I live on my pc. Through out the years I have seen many games go the way of the console that I can no longer play (The NHL series comes to mind). I have come to accept the fact that that is way the world is going. Bethesda has been faithful to the PC owner throughout the entire Elderscroll franchise. They ported Oblivion to the consoles which is the second best rpg of all time. They created Skyrim which blew Oblivion away. You PS3 people out there can still play Skyrim which is the best game ever made ever. You’re missing maybe 25 hours of gameplay out of the endless hours that are available in Skyrim. The fact that you all are complaining you can’t get the dlc means to me that you are hooked on Skyrim and you need more. If Skyrim was boring, you wouldn’t want the add ons. I’m sure Bethesda is doing whatever they can to get that dlc playable for you but at least they didn’t releasae an unplayable update which other companys have done. Enjoy the fact that you are capable of playing an RPG that has set the standard of which all others will be judged. If not…get a pc or an xbox or just be patient.