Hearthfire – Coming to Xbox LIVE on September 4th (Updated)

With Skyrim’s newest game add-on, Hearthfire, you can purchase land and build your own home from the ground up – from a simple one-room cottage to a sprawling compound complete with an armory, alchemy laboratory, stable, garden, and more. Use all-new tools like the drafting table and carpenter’s workbench to transform quarried stone, clay, and sawn logs into structures and furnishings. Even transform your house into a home by adopting children.

Hearthfire releases on Xbox LIVE next week (September 4th) for 400 Microsoft Points.

For an update on the status of PS3 game add-on content, visit our forums here.

Reader Comments

  1. Bethesda I have been vary patient with you waiting for Dawnguard on the PS3. But releasing a new DLC that says nothing about being avaliable on PC or PS3 has worn my nerves down. Get as many people as you need from every other project you have and start putting Dawnguard on the PS3… With a discount or this DLC for free, it has been two months or more since Dawnguard came out on Xbox 360 and it is already out on PC we were told it was a one month period for realese after Xbox not a one month wait after never.

  2. This is awesome, oh wait, i’m on ps3, you know, you should give us a clear statement if it’s coming for ps3 or not….

    • Bro, Bethesda won’t release it until from what my sources are saying until near November. Their ‘hope’ is that ‘we’ the PS3 consumbers will make for a HUGE purchase for the holidays. They know that we want it, they know we will get it. Microsoft isn’t driving this one. It’s Bethesda at its best. They’ve done this with Fallout and several other games that released DLC. This is not going to be any different. Microsoft and Beth obviously enjoy partnering up (money makes everyone happy) and so we Sony folks will eventually have to shift on over to the Xbox side so that we too can achieve the benefits of Bill Gates Dominate MicroSoft. In the end the fight between Sony vs. XBox will be won by the game producers.

  3. Skyrim goes Fable.. but i like it .. if there is still more content too come like a Thalmor Addon or a entirely new landmass like Morrowind full with npc’s creatures, animals and new quests.

  4. Will there be a Skyreim Dawnguard Full Fix Patch, please consider using the Unofficial Skyrim Dawnguard Patch, its fixing 10 times more, plus the DLC we get are all exciting, but Angers allot of Fans because the Bugs are Plaguing their Games.

    Do your Customers a Favour Bethesda, Fix your Game First and then worry about the Next Best Thing.

    • Thats what I’m saying I bet if they take a look at their sales for their next game half the people on the PS3 will not have bought it becouse bethesda does not treat us with evan the slihtest respect.

  5. Why don’t you just make it a free DLC ?

    There are already mods that does this stuff.

    Anyway, let’s just hope the next one will be an equivalent of Shivering Isles.

  6. If and when Dawnguard sees the light of day on PS3, it would sure be nifty if it came bundled with Hearthfire at a discount or for free! It would more than make up for the numerous issues that have arisen with PS3 Skyrim, as well as the lack of communication or info on the Dawnguard issue in my opinion. Just a thought!

  7. well hopefully if Dawnguard requires waiting on the PS3 hopefully this will be the last xbox early release exclusive and the next DLC after this will get a simultaneous release.

    Hoping we get some new Dawnguard news for PS3 in September and then don’t have to wait long in October for Hearthfire on the PS3…if Dawnguard is still not out by then then hopefully hearthfire will be full available to everyone by then. here’s hoping dawnguard is fixed and released soon.

    • Kyrt, no, we PS3 users will ‘not’ get an early release. While the people who have leaked the information about the DLC being two exclusive portions first given to XBox is wrong. If this was so, then why is it that EVERY game they have made, given the DLC content to XBox Live fans first? This is a general statement. They work with Microsoft and I’m not clearly sure why, except that there must be some money or something transpiring on the downlow. Oh well, it’s just another hit on the PS3 users.

  8. One of the lamest ideas for paid DLC I have ever seen. At least this presumably counts as the second and final exclusive Xbox DLC, as surely no one on PS3 or PC will be waiting up for this one.

  9. So when you guys say you’re working hard on getting Dawnguard just right for the PS3 what you really meant was you’re busy making more content for Xbox. You’ve sold your souls to Microsoft and become money obsessed whores. Even though its just a drop in the bucket, I will never purchase another game by your company.

  10. Was really hoping to have the first DLC before the second was released. But it is what it is I suppose.

    I AM NOT a Bethesda basher, but I will say at this point I am starting to feel as though loyal PS3 gamers are sort of being punished here.

    I refuse to spend more money to purchase this for XB360, especially when even if I were to trade in my PS3 version, I would take a loss when having to buy it again. At that point I would be spending twice the money, and still haven’t yet been able to purchase the DLC’s which together cost almost as much as another new game.

    I hope this is understood in context, please let me know before the next Fallout game which platform I should buy this on, even though I’ve been a PS diehard since release.

    • I think this is very well stated, Zak. I’m not sure why Bethesda alienates customers with non-communication. What I really hope is that Hearthfire doesn’t rely on DawnGuard code to work. At this point I have sort of lost hope of getting DawnGuard, even though I would still like to play it. At this point I would settle for the main quests to not be bugged. How hard is it to add in “IF Blood on the Ice hasn’t been triggered, THEN trigger it” into the code? Or skip it altogether and just let me buy and outfit Hjerm. I can handle a little blood on the floor.

  11. Awesome!!! Can’t wait for this to come to PC. I hope anyway. Always wanted to build my own home since Oblivion. And kids too!? EPIC!

  12. Way to treat pc and PS3 gamers like second class citizens. Been playing elder scrolls since the MS DOS days and I’m officially done with this company and series.

  13. So PS3 Europe have update 1.7 for a matter of hours with hopes of a dawnguard announcement and instead we get to see Xbox with more dlc thanks for working so hard to make PS3 user happy and thanks for the finger

  14. So, after all this time it would seem the rumors frOm back in July are coming true. September is right around the corner, still no WORD on PS3 Dawnguard.
    I must say, if your team is this incompetent at producing the same material across all platforms.. just get it over with and become a Microsoft game company.

    Ooooh wait, Microsoft only company means they lose those sweet exclusivity deals…all that $$$

    So is Bethesda making PS3 games just so they can make more money off Microsoft? *gasps*

  15. Dear BG staff:
    You do know that if you never release Dawnguard for PS3 we PS3 customers can legaly sew you for false advertisemant, right?

  16. Like the look of this upcoming DLC. But it reminds me on two mods that where released on PC, build your own home mod and adoption mods. Should consider looking up the modding community for more ideas.

    Hope to see a Dawnguard patch soon. Seriously it toke over 20 attempts to get 20 minutes into the DLC then it corrupted my main characters save. I am using the Unofficial patch for it and it turns Dawnguard PC from being unplayable to playable and fun.

  17. I will cancel my subscription for the MMO which I play, in the end, bunch of boring people inside the guild, always complain about everything. I am not a fanatic player for expend money with quests and clothes… the visual is crap too.

    Skyrim is gaining coolest things, better visuals, paying only once! perfect for my weekends. And have no assholes asking for favors, like buy some shit in the market.

  18. I will cancel my subscription for the MMO which I play, in the end, bunch of boring people inside the guild, always complain about everything. I am not a fanatic player for expend money with quests and clothes… the visual is crap too.

    Skyrim is gaining coolest things, better visuals, paying only once! perfect for my weekends. And have no assholes asking for favors, like buy some shit in the market.

  19. Sweet, but i was expecting little more… like Velvet Surfaces for Non Rigid Objects, Water Flow Turrents, Snow footprints or seasonal foliage… this will probably be arround for PC on October.

  20. Lh, I can see it now.

    We aren’t going to release Hearthfire on the Ps3 because we do not feel it is safe enough to release. We will however, continue to push for that reality.

    Am I right?

  21. I like it — Anything to be creative in a game is good.

    I wonder how much work it is going to be to set this up though. I know that some players would love trophy rooms, more storage, more mannikins, etc. But I could EASILY see this a huge money pit feasible for only the super rich level 50+ characters. NOT the beginning new character.

    It’ll be a wait and see and check it out when it gets here. Unless I hear something horrendous about it, I’ll be getting it. Now to decide where to place it — Reach? Too many forsworn. Someplace not TOO snowy, but not too near anything else…

    Wonder if you can adopt the Arentino boy…

  22. No infomation for PC/PS3 release of this. Come on, the PS3 hasn’t even got a release date for Dawnguard. We buy and love your games too Bethesda so stop treating us like we don’t even exist!

  23. Sweet, though it counts as small DLC really, not that I mind this particular one, very nice especially for those who care more about the game rather than just fighting. 🙂

    Oh and, Bethy, do us PC and PS3 users a favour… >.>

    Burn the contract! It’s a month but it’s still a huge bummer.

  24. I originally thought that the video was a fake or a joke or something, as surely they wouldn’t announce new content for Xbox when Dawnguard for PS3 lies unfinished ( or mabye it doesn’t even exist). Turns out it’s real, as well as being completely laughable.

  25. This is pathetic. What a slap in the face to PS3 owners. You know what Bethesda? Next time, don’t even bother with the Playstation, you’re obviously a bunch of hacks who can’t figure it out.

  26. Will PS3 users ever get Dawn Guard? And now heres more content thats for X-Box? Are you trying alienate your fanbase? I’d go trade my system in but whose too say that next game you come out with you’ll flip flop and PS3 will get the exclusives and X-Box won’t. All I’m saying is can we at least make an effort into system equality here?

  27. Ok so let me get this straight… there releasing a SECOND dlc and havn’t finished the first one? Then to top it off, there’s mods better then this dlc, by a hell of a lot. You may not be able to build them, but they look nicer. But due to the middle finger the size of a star destroyer entering the atmosphere and fireing a “F our customers” beam at us.

  28. it’s silly to come on here and talk shit about Bethesda, they are a business and are going to make the decisions that they can and will provide the most mutual benefit for us. Let them do what they’re going to do, and they will do what they can. They obviously appreciate the business from PS3 users, but Xbox is much more profitable and a more important market, so they need to make sure Xbox users are happy first. It’s not awesome, but it comes with being a PS3 user.

  29. Site didn’t post my first comment & I don’t have the patience to type it all again; just know, I am very disappointed in both the site and Hearthfire and also a tad upset. Now, on to MW3 or ME3…

  30. I love the idea of this DLC. I’m not sure if the inspiration came from similar mods in the Workshop, but kudos to Bethesda for making this an official add-on. Can’t wait for the PC version!

    PS – you guys should’ve added adoptable pets. I want to adopt some of the random huskies that came with Dawnguard. 😛