Hearthfire – Coming to Xbox LIVE on September 4th (Updated)

With Skyrim’s newest game add-on, Hearthfire, you can purchase land and build your own home from the ground up – from a simple one-room cottage to a sprawling compound complete with an armory, alchemy laboratory, stable, garden, and more. Use all-new tools like the drafting table and carpenter’s workbench to transform quarried stone, clay, and sawn logs into structures and furnishings. Even transform your house into a home by adopting children.

Hearthfire releases on Xbox LIVE next week (September 4th) for 400 Microsoft Points.

For an update on the status of PS3 game add-on content, visit our forums here.

Reader Comments

  1. Haha, oh god, my sides, Bethesda, this is a great joke.

    Building a house, oh, you almost got me, I almost got annoyed that instead of spending your resources on making an expansion that let us go to Hammerfell, you were making this shit. But it is obviously a joke. “Show off to your friends” haha, it’s single player. Obviously a joke…right guys? A joke… No one could be serious about adding a house building add-on to a game about being dragonborn.

    • Well, at least it’s only $5 and PS3 players aren’t going to miss much on this one. Though it does seem great bit of fun. Though this is truly DLC, not expansion material.

  2. While it isn’t a groundbreaking dlc i think the pricing is fair. Maybe bethesda wanted to put out just a little dlc so that ps3/pc owners wouldn’t have to wait longer for the next dlc which is hopefully more profound. At least todd howard stated once that they wouldn’t do these little dlc’s like for fallout but longer and bigger dlc. I always expected they would go for shivering islands style again scince then. The “missing” parts of morrowind would be great – the coastline and all so that morrowind would be complete and not just vardenfell. since red mountain errupted it would be logical that there’s no chance in going to vardenfell after all …

    • you mean PC owners.

      Bugthesda has clearly dropped support for the PS3 customers.

      (Where is the real journalist in gaming media?)

    • I do not want to rely on mods! I prefer the work of Bethesda FIRST. When the game really stop receiving updates, I try mods, because several times, i lost my game using mods. is not that good as people say.

    • There’s a huge number of people on Xbox and PS3 who can’t use mods and there are hundreds of mods in one major category that we see with every game and that’s House mods. For only $5, it’s great that this will be available to everyone and it’s a lot larger by far than the modders can make – and their mods are terrific. A customizable house for everyone? Thank you, Bethesda.

    • Yeeep… compromise the already problematic vanilla with new problems. Try mods after see all of the game. I lost a good chunk of game because of mods, the author struggled to fix. The best part? Robin Scott after a long debate, banned the critics.

      Robin Scott think that he owns the franchise from Bethesda too? the reason of the existence of TES is the Nexus?

  3. Eben,

    As I honestly don’t know all the numbers and statistics, I can’t pose a good argument to your post.

    However, I truly believe that you would find the numbers between PS3 and XB360 to be staggeringly similar. I’m not going to say equal, but my bet would be not too far off from each other.

    I also cannot disagree that with user subscription fees, XB360 is extremely likely to be more profitable from a business standpoint in being able to fork over cash for exclusives.

    However, that being said, I don’t know that it’s entirely fair to say that the 360 market is more important.

    • Thank you. I feel sad, oh so sad, that a company that has created so many great games is largely ignoring a big chunk of its fans.

  4. While on ps3 we still don’t have Dawnguard, the Xbox 360 is getting a new addon content.
    i’m a ps3 owner and i fell humiliated beacause my favorite game is exclusive for 360, i really like Bethesda but i bet all ps3 gamers fells the same.

  5. Well, I was expecting something big as Shivering Isles and about necromancers and stuff. Not only buildable houses and adoption. But I’m buying it for 360 anyways.

  6. Oh this looks fun! Hopefully it’ll be out for everyone by Xmas. It’ll be fun to play this winter and a $5 DLC is great. I use a terrific farmhouse mod right now but to be able to customize my own house is great…and that cute little cow. awww. 🙂

  7. As they have said aboiut 50 times the ps3 version of dawngaurd STILL isnt performing well enough for them to release it…The only conculsion that can be made is that something that works well on pc and xbox does not work well on ps3 and they are having a devil of a time getting the dlc to work properly as a result.

    As for this dlc.. I might actualy buy it.. havent yet bought doawngaurd,,, mind you will prolly be qa month or more before it comes out on pc..

    • Even the director of Darksiders 2 said he heard nothing but people complaining about how much of a pain in the butt the PS3 is. Should tell people something when them, Bethesda, and Valve all said it’s a pain in the butt and Sony themselves admit it.

    • bottom line- the product on the PS3 is very poorly done.

      They hacked it so badly they are having trouble doing anything for support. Look how long it took to get a patch (4 months between release to 1.4, then the next meaningful patch is 1.7 released in august?)

    • No, it doesn’t work well on PC either 😛

      Dawnguard introduced constant CTDs and freezing, it happens randomly at any time. I had none of these problems with Skyrim before Dawnguard, I have no mods installed, and all my drivers are up to date. Many players report these problems, and Bethesda is apparently doing nothing about it.

      They need to fix the memory leaks or whatever problems are happening in Dawnguard first before they release more DLC.

  8. You know what, I have to say — I am very dissapointed in Bethesda. I have been a loyal fan for years but now, with all of the problems Skyrim has had on PS3, and the total lack of customer service for what went wrong, and the patches that have taken months to get to us, and the DLC that I, (don’t think) will ever reach us, I think this is all a lost cause.

    I am ready to never buy another Bethesda game from this point forward. The biggest surprise is that Skyrim even ran for the first ten mins on PS3 upon initial release. It’s very frustrating.

    Get your act together for the love of god.

  9. Hello.
    What happened to the “big” and “meaty” expansion sized DLCs you guys at bethesda were talking about? I enyoyed dawnguard,and not gonna lie,heartfire looks charming,and its good for a small add on 😀 i will get it. Just wondering if you lied when you told us that.

    Or is this just something we get meanwhile we wait for the massive,big,meaty expansion?

    • This is something we thought you guys would enjoy. Admittedly, it’s a smaller add-on (made by a smaller team). We’re still keen on doing “big and meaty” content, too 🙂

      • Wow 😀 Didnt expect you to reply! Anyway thanks,And i knew it haha. Well i think this is awesome,Like when i wander around in skyrim i keep thinking,a house on that spot would be perfect! now i can do it. Or at least live out in the wilderness wich is awesome. And yes, i love this. I am glad you did this for us.

        This makes it even more fun to RP. Looking forward to get it!

      • I was hoping you guys would do this. some houses available in the Holds are great but don’t provide my taste. Like Breezehome in Whiterun is a cozy hovel. but after a while it feels pretty tight and claustrophobic. or Hjerm, big and roomy but it feels too spacious, like you need to fill it up more. This DLC will allow me to design my own home to reach my tastes. You guys do great games and addons. Keep up the good work 🙂

      • What about PS3 versions? Do you guys still like the silence? Or do you just IGNORE ALL YOUR (not anymore) LOYAL FANS AND CONSUMERS?

        • I’m a PS3 player and I’m still excited for DG, but I rarely voice much on the matter. Little more than polite requests on things like this for an update as I patiently wait and play my other games. I waited for Diablo 3 since I played Diablo 2 years ago and I still can’t afford to buy it so I am still waiting. So I can wait for Hearthfire and DG.

  10. will get day one for sure. this is a very awsome idea. too bad we cant get all the mods for consoles but this will do, for now.

  11. That’s cool and all,but I can’t help feeling that your priorities are a little skewed. Shouldn’t getting Dawnguard working and released on PS3 be more important than releasing a second DLC pack? Or is that just crazy talk?!

  12. And here the PS3 players are with no announcement as to whether we will be getting Dawnguard at all and you go off and make another expansion for the Xbox crowd. How’s that wallet? Big enough for you yet? I don’t know why I even check this blog anymore. It only proves how little you care about your fan base.

  13. Now, Bethesda. You wouldn’t be so mean as to release this before PS3 even gets Dawnguard, would you? That would, after all, be super lame.

  14. Its abit stupid to wait with dawnguard because they lose everyday more angry fans from ps3 tat wint buy the games anymore. Even if they have a deal with microsoft the loss they will make from the disappointed ps3 (and maybe pc owners) tat may will start boycot is alot bigger… I rrly should reconsider ur thoughts bethesda.. I dont know about other ps3 owners but i boycot their next games bcause this isnt a way to treat the customers.. Very sad bethesda..

  15. I’m so glad you added these two features in.I have always liked the ability to build a house since the gamejam video.It is actually a good move,it means you can spend less time working on DLC houses and more on the next big DLC.I am gonna buy this on release.Just one question,how many houses will you be allowed to build?

  16. Fuck…this…shit… dawnguard isn’t even out for the ps3 version yet and your already finished the second dlc. Youg guys are a piece of fucking shit man like screw your fucking games. Glitchly as shit, A compltety unprofessional company that can’t even code for the ps3 yet and it’s been out for like 6 years now (no excuse now), and fucking mircosoft dick suckers.

  17. Could you guys consider for the Next Big DLC a Thalmor Invasion or something, since there are Strong Hints about it in Skyrim after the War Factions.

    Plus, what about the Foresworn War.

    • Another big war storyline? No thanks. The scale of these things just isn’t convincing in Bethesda’s games. The game engine just isn’t build for hundreds of troops. The world is big but it’s not filled with cities and citizens matching its size. There’s never been an adequate crowd scene in these games.

  18. also what would be great is the Hearthfire content could be included with the Dawnguard DLC, it would make up for PS3 players having to wait so long AND PS3 players get it around the same time as Xbox, SKIPPING the 30 month “exclusive” and Microsoft can’t do anything about it. that would be a great deal in my opinion

  19. This is the DLC I was waiting on; really excited about it… even though I probably won’t get to buy it for 2 or 3 years since I only have a PS3. It sounds awesome, though. Seriously, I would absolutely adore Bethesda if they could just not obsess over 360 (especially considering how much better their games are to play on PS3). Please, release some DLC on PS3?

  20. First day buy!!! I’ve been hoping this would come out since game jam.

    Will there be an option for cottages(like the hunter ones) or just houses?

    • you can design your house in anyway you desire, a hunters cottage with mounted heads of elk, bears, and whatnot along the living room walls and an alchemy lab to mix your diabilitating Heath Damage poisons for your newly crafted arrows.

  21. Bethesda,

    I have been a huge fan of you from the beginning, and an Elder Scrolls fan since Morrowind. I’ve always supported you, adn greatly enjoy your games.

    But, and I think I speak for all PS3 users here, I’ve been waiting for about 2 MONTHS for Dawnguard. And, believe me, I have tried to be patient. I know you guys keep saying that you are dealing with technical problems, and are trying to make it ‘less buggy’ so we don’t have problems, and I respect that, but at least some NEWS would be appreciated. You have been stone cold-silent to us ever since it was released to PC, and we are all at the edge of our seats every day hoping you’ll make SOME announcement. But nothing ever came.

    Then you go ahead and announce Hearthfire (which, by the way, looks great). Xbox360 will be getting it September 4th, and I get that, because of the 1 Month-exclusive deal. But then what? Will we have to wait 2+ months again.

    I, personally, do not think so. Though recently with Bethesda I don’t know what to think. Hearthfire is much smaller than Dawnguyard so it should have A LOT less bugs. So I’m sure (hoping, actually) you will release it to PS3 around the same time as for PC.

    HOWEVER, I think that by giving Dawnguard FREE with Hearthfire, as the rumors have been lately, I think that will calm down a lot of PS3 users and give you more support from them. You know what, I wouldn’t even mind if you gav
    e HEARTHFIRE free with Dawnguard, instead of vice-versa. In fact, I would be ECSTATIC.

    Most of my friends have sworn that they won’t touch another Bethesda game ever again. I, however, will just wait. Though if some news does not come out about Dawnguard for PS3 over the course of next week or so, I fear I’ll just have to go out and buy Skyrim on Xbox, and ruin all the hard work I’ve put into it so far.

    I hope you take these opinions into consideration, and possibly find the time to reply. All PS3 users who are still loyal to you are counting on you.

    Thanks, Hashim

  22. a cool DLC would be similar to the Shivering Ilse but for the Divine faction. Those who have played it know what I’m talking about. How sick would that be!! The Tenth Divine sounds catchy to me 😛

  23. Heh, this looks endearing. I’m looking forward to it. Though since I’m on PC I’ll have to wait for it.

    This is exactly the sort of stuff I don’t trust mods with, since they tend to be buggy as hell, or far more invasive than they need to be. The concept of game balance is lost on a lot mod makers too.

    Though on the other hand there is the awesome work of the people behind The Unofficial Skyrim Patch and other bug fixing mods. Really wish I wouldn’t have to install stuff like that … (Hint, hint)

  24. This is pretty neat!
    There best be different options for housing styles and some locations for homes in the middle of nowhere! My Telvanni mage lord needs him a homebase away from the common rabble yet close enough to Winterhold!

  25. Bethesda now you have me heated i am generally offended giving us this news when dawnguard is not even out for ps3. Come out with this on ps3 on time like the 5th or something. At least we know what you were working on instead of dawnguard on ps3 thanks.

  26. May I request that you try to have Dawnguard and this released on PS3 close to if not at the same time? Maybe give us a discount package for this. like pay $23 and we get both? I personally am actually satisfied with this. I was expecting Hearthfire to be a smaller tie over DLC, otherwise we wouldn’t have heard so many leaks about it. Or a massive DLC that has been in work for a long time.

    The name is fitting, and over all this seems like a great edition to my main character and other high level end game builds or anyone who has basically done most of the game. May I ask if this video show casts everything or will other features be added? I’m not expecting anything outside of the house, but I will likely end up making use of this. Time to decide where I want to live and move out of my houses.

    I would also like to hear a statues update on PS3 Dawnguard, and is the hopeful to come out DLC3 going free of long term XBox 360 exclusivity?

  27. i own both systems and have bought every bethesda game so far released.. and every expansion.. and though i have every game on the 360 except Skyrim.. which i bought on the ps3 to actually save my old 360 some wear and tear .. i do find its sad that dawn guard has yet to be released.. i dont blame bethesda on the late release. just the lack of information.. but in truth they dont have to tell us a thing.. we are customers not stock holders.. yes not telling us will upset us and in the long term they could lose costumers from it.. but they in all reality dont have to say a thing nor do they have to actually release everything they make for all systems.. we have no legal right to demand anything from them.. so complaining does little good in the end.. bethesda has always been known for their huge epic games.. and with epic games with so much going on to think there wouldnt be a list of glitches a mile wide is just plain stupid.. i mean this dlc alone has the chances for hundreds of glitches and bugs.. as each part of the house could just vanish or doors becoming unable to open or well so on and so forth.. do i wish dawn guard was out on ps3 yes.. do i wish they didnt have to limit so much on the original skyrim to get it to run..yes.. im not sure how many of you have noticed but they had to drop the distance you can see things greatly in the world and the graphics and textures and shadows a bit as well to get it to run smoother on the ps3 which is what they have been doing with the patches from its released version..well ive rambled but the point being.. im not going to stop buying from the company just cause they cant get it to work right and calling it all a conspiracy between microsoft and them cause there is no real hard proof that is the case is just childish. just cause its not out yet doesnt mean evil plot added here time.. they make epic games and amazing dlc which can not be denied or there wouldnt be a cult following of there games every where.people wouldnt be so up in arms over this if they were a horrible company making crappy games..horse armor not included in amazing dlc lol.. and all it has taught me is that bethesda games are best bought on 360 or pc.not because they are more superior but just because they have more or less mastered the art of making games on those systems..sadly that means trading in my ps3 copy which ive spent hundreds of hours on but im a pack rat of dlc stuff.. if its out and looks good i want it..and both of the dlcs look good. yes hearthfire a house building dlc is a bit of a gimmick. but i like the idea all the same.im one of those who in oblivion bought all the house dlcs.well bought all the dlcs…though i see my family killed by dragons in the near future as seems to be my luck with most characters in my world.. thank you bethsda for making great games that never fail to entertain and take our breaths away.. from me and my list of friends that play every game you seem to release.we thank you for all you have done and will continue to do..

  28. Lol, who cares about PS3 … It fails next to Xbox in sales, owners, game releases and content downloads.There is a reason everythingcomes out on Xbox first … PS3 is overpriced and sucks. All my friends PS3 overheat and bug out …. not Xbox

    • “overpriced” says an Xbox player who is forced to pay a fortune to keep supporting Microsized. Not to mention the profit from hacking and mods AND terrible administrators AND the red ring of death AND the most broken console in history AND a greedy manufacturer AND the best for last… Bill Gates: greediest man in America.

      • Don’t feed the trolls.

        Also, Bill Gates is a very generous man, he’s pledged to give away a large majority of his fortune to charity when he dies.

  29. I wonder of a possibility like this: Start a new game, leaving your first character like a npc in the house, then start playing with his son (human or maybe half-elf, half-orc, etc). I do not care about realism in the process of the gain in age, only a period of level up for the adult form, learning things with books, crafting, a small adventure. In the end, your son become a follower too, in the case of going back to the original character. Anyway, just imagining things 🙂

    The DLC offers nice touchs, very cool.

  30. I just hope that there are no achievements for this. If it’s just some fun for those who want it, great. If they make people buy it to 100% the game… well, that’d make a lot of players rage & not buy subsequent DLC. Hope Bethesda aren’t stupid about this.

  31. I’ll have fun with it, it’s how I built my almost untouchable Dragonborn do-everything and fear-nothing guy – one little crafted dagger from digging ore at a time. Some PS3 poster was going to abandon Skyrim & go play ME3 because he was disappointed? Oh boy. Hope he gets distracted before the end.

  32. Sims ? I can play sims 3 on my girlfriends laptop but I hate the sims games and now there gonna be sims in Skyrim, no thanks. It is a big joke. Add more better quests and something better than this joke.