Hearthfire – Coming to Xbox LIVE on September 4th (Updated)

With Skyrim’s newest game add-on, Hearthfire, you can purchase land and build your own home from the ground up – from a simple one-room cottage to a sprawling compound complete with an armory, alchemy laboratory, stable, garden, and more. Use all-new tools like the drafting table and carpenter’s workbench to transform quarried stone, clay, and sawn logs into structures and furnishings. Even transform your house into a home by adopting children.

Hearthfire releases on Xbox LIVE next week (September 4th) for 400 Microsoft Points.

For an update on the status of PS3 game add-on content, visit our forums here.

Reader Comments


    Should be a patch and not DLC….
    One question: you gave the name “Hearthfire” just because releases in September?! ….great joke…
    but wait…i know what’s going on….it can only be “Sheogorath”…OMG….

    “Sheogorath is already inside each of us. You have already lost. ”


    • I don’t think i will buy this,it doesn’t make any sense for PC users….it’s cool and everything…but without any new “history” or something…is just stupid…and really small,and don’t worth the money,because we(PC users) can get this on nexus for free….
      Well,i see that “Microsoft” is destroying “Bethesda” by destroying the “PC Fan base” …wow…great…

      • Actually, I’m kind of glad for this. If I remember correctly it was announced that only the first 3 DLC would have the 30 day Xbox exclusive. This makes 2. I think the one after this should be another DLC that most of the PC gamers won’t care about, that way we can get the more substantial stuff without the delay. Of course that probably won’t be the case but it’s nice to dream.

    • I hope you realise the term “Hearthfire” isn’t unque to TES and in fact is a real world term meaning “home fire” which makes this name more appropriate than you may think. Since it adds the option of building a home. And you must understand PS3 and XBox players don’t get mods. This could be Bethesda’s bone towards console users to make a popular request available to the other 2/3 of the fan base. As a PS3 user I will likely buy this since I can’t afford a high end gaming PC to play Skyrim on PC if I wanted to, nor can many other people. Bethesda does need to play its programmers so the $5 cost is to be expected, and is more than fair for the players on PS3 and XBox 360 to get something we would otherwise potentially have to fork up hundreds of dollars to build a machine capable of providing a comparable quality through mods on PC.

      • For console users this DLC make sense and i tought “Hearthfire” meant “September”, anyway…they should add more stuff before release…

  2. you gotta be f*cking kidding me!!!
    ps3 users (such as myself) still dont have dawnguard, and they releasing a new dlc?
    This is f*cked up! I mean, its disrespectful!!!
    We don’t even have a clue about the progress of dawnguard for ps3. Come on bethesda, you can work better, I mean, instead of working on new dlc, why won’t you work on the dawnguard version for ps3? I’m pretty sure you’re losing customers like that.

  3. You know, it’s quite upsetting that PS3 users are being neglected. Sure Bethesda, your game is great, but why are we being punished for having a ps3? Why do we have to either miss out and listen to all the Xbox users rave or go out and spend another 300 on a new console and game. It’s ridiculous. Keep connected with your patrons, communicate with us about what’s going on! We deserve answers, and solid ones at that. I’ve been waiting on the dawn guard DLC for how long, and then you come out with another DLC before I even get the first one? We better be compensated in price for these add-ons, because you’re making it very difficult for us to give positive feedback.

  4. Yeah thats great, how about you actually release daenguard for us ps3 users before even bothering with hearthfire. Your being complete a-holes with it. Bet you won’t make it free or cheaper because it was suppost to be out ages ago let alone the 1.7 patch. Seriously if you can’t be bothered to care about the ps3 users then you shouldn’t have made it. I don’t care if you have some crappy deal with microsoft (if you do your stupid) just eithet get your act toge

  5. Yeah thats great, how about you actually release daenguard for us ps3 users before even bothering with hearthfire. Your being complete a-holes with it. Bet you won’t make it free or cheaper because it was suppost to be out ages ago let alone the 1.7 patch. Seriously if you can’t be bothered to care about the ps3 users then you shouldn’t have made it. I don’t care if you have some crappy deal with microsoft (if you do your stupid) just eithet get your act together or you’ll be losing ALOT of skyrim/ elder scrolls fans.

    • Heh, it’s not Beth’s fault that Sony releases proprietary crap.. due to unique hardware, the dlc has to be ported differently. Oh, and in reference to this little piece of irony: “I don’t care if you have some crappy deal with microsoft (if you do your stupid)”, that’s “you’re” stupid, as in “you are”. Enjoy your crappy PS3, you’ll be dancing when you get the YLoD! :p

  6. Ok 2 things…1 for all you people that hate this add-on, dlc, expansion whutever you wunna call it…dont buy it…you CAN make that descicion if you didnt know…an 2…for you people complaining its small for an add-on…well in an interview Todd Howard did say in between the big huge meaty add-ons he promised, he’d liked to make a few smaller things that could be in a patch or relleased as a small DLC…so there…problem sollved for you hate mongers…

  7. For console players with no access to mods it sounds cool and its great relief that there was not an “extremely beefy” follow-up expansion while we PS3 players are still waiting for Dawnguard. I just hope that we won’t be having the same staggering dilemma for future releases.

  8. Here we go again. Bethesda, guys, where did you get your PR department? Did you drag them all out of pre-school? Find them at the bottom of some deep, dark hole and said “Hey, wouldn’t it be great to have these guys in our PR department”?I’m not kidding these guys couldn’t market their way out of a brown paper bag… either that or they’re deeply unethical. Let me explain:

    You do not, in a business, alienate ANY part of you consumer base especially when that part has been profitable and yet that’s just what you’re doing with PS3 users. It’s ridiculous. Releasing another DLC exclusive to Xbox when the first one isn’t even out for PS3 is a kick in the teeth for PS3 users. Of course there’s more to this and it’s been said already: You really couldn’t care less at how disgruntled PS3 users are and that’s where this shows up your dubious ethics.

    If you did care you would at least acknowledge all the complaints. So far the only acknowledgement I’ve seem (at least on this blog) was aimed at an Xbox/PC user and was nothing but a pathetic little comment saying that there’s meatier DLCs to come. Well I’m sorry but that is of no comfort to PS3 users who haven’t even recieved the first one yet! Talk about bloody callous. You show you have the ability and the will to respond… but only to Xbox/PC users. PS3 users get the backhand again.

    But… You’re a business at the end of the day right? Tough decisions have to be made and, irrespective of how loathsome those decisions are, it’s okay because businesses seem to get a free pass when it comes to morality don’t they? They’re allowed to treat their customer base like crap and the customer has to take it because – you know – “business”. That magic word that can turn psychopaths into gods.

    What sickens me is that people accept that nonsense – that PS3 users will still continue to fawn all over you – and that you guys PLAN to take advantage of that. That’s your fallback. You’ll release a no doubt subpar DLC to them around Christmas (if they’re lucky) and they’ll sing your praises; forgive, forget and more importantly BUY that DLC while you callously laugh your way to the f***ing bank on the backs of loyal but foolish fans who you see as little more than numbers on a page.

    Don’t get me wrong I like the idea behind this the Hearthfire DLC, just as I liked the idea behind Dawngaurd (I always wanted a more substantial use of vampirism) and, despite the maddeningly stupid bugs I like Skyrim but I’m not going to purchase either Dawngaurd or Hearthfire even if they do come out on PS3. I know I know I’m just one tiny number to Bethesda. This sparrow will fall unacknowledged, as will many other PS3 users, because the bottom line is not consumer satisfaction. It’s the almighty dollar.

    • Just like the dude a few posts back, you’re not taking everything into perspective. Yeah, it sucks PS3 users have to wait, but it’s more Sony’s fault than anyone’s. You talk an eloquent rant, and I admire your efforts to elicit some response from Bethesda, but I fear your time is wasted. I’ve done what you’re doing, not remotely the same subject, but I didn’t get a reply either. You’re right, Bethesda DOESN’T care, and you’re accurate about numbers on a page. PS3 users make up a small portion of their overall player base. I have a PS3…. along side my xbox and pc, and you know what?! Screw it, figure it out like everyone else did with Oblivion, Fallout, ect. You’ve had object lessons, time to buy an xbox if you want your DLC early and functional.

      • Please explain me why is Sony’s fault and not Beth.
        There are tons of games out there for PS3 AND XBOX. Lots of game developers make games for BOTH consoles without the problems Bethesda is having with Skyrim and the PS3.
        In MY opinion, this is obviously Bethesda’s fault. Clearly the either learn how to program on PS3 (or whatever the problem is) or make their games Xbox exclusive…

      • Why should I buy an XBox for a game that I really enjoy, when that game is on the system that I prefer? Yeah…you’re a moron pal. I am not going to blow money on an XBox, a system that I feel is a piece of garbage (I found that it cant even handle the graphics of the first Mass Effect at all).

        We haven’t even gotten any news on Dawnguard, other than “no news” from the moron VP of PR and Marketing, Pete Hines (incidentally, he doesn’t know what he’s doing, or at least its seems that way). Hearthfire’s pending release just adds to enrage the PS3 fanbase.

        Your comment, Bozo, just serves to add to that fire…

        FYI, Bozo, Oblivion for PS3 was slightly different case because it released on XBox a year before and got all the extra stuff we didnt see because PS3 had not been released yet…

        Fallout 3, however, was just a bunch of bullshit…and was a blatant disregard to PS3 players…

  9. well first lest see where to being well lest start with the bugs that are still in the game like some of the dragons still not giving there souls after you kill them and then there’s the riften bug where you can’t become the thane of that town. Now that I have remind Bethesda that there are still thing that they should fix in this game. I talk about this dlc first let me say that it’s a starting point for the next dlc if that’s there plan but if it just to add a house and thing like that then I say that this dlc needs more work done on it and if that mean that they raise the prices point then so be it but then it would be more then just a joke

  10. I suck at using Mods on the PC so for $5 I am sold. I will GLADLY pay for this since I always wanted to customize my own home and raise a family. Thanks Bethesda!

  11. You mean to tell me that while the faithful PS3 owners are eagerly –albeit less patiently — awaiting the release of Dawngaurd, this new DLC is being released already?

    Well, that seems only to add insult to injury. Instead of working of getting the bugs worked out of the PS3 DLC release your crew is programming away on new content when the entirety of your PS3 fan base hasn’t even had the chance to salivate over the first DLC? How does this make any sense?

    I’m trying not to get super-Dova pissed about still waiting on the new DLC and you slap me in the face by not only reminding me that i can’t have the first DLC, but that you’re too busy working on this to address the teeming masses of unfulfilled fans.

    Well, thank you very much (i wish i had a sarcasm font) Bethesda.


  12. The idea of an official dlc for consoles that lets you make your own house in that detail is what I have been saving for. diamonds, sapphires and gold ore will be shown by a massive estate. oh wait I’m a ps3 owner, might have to wait till October so the Xbox users can get the bugs kicked out. skyrim is becoming a truly full game. screw map pack After map pack, give me new system features any day!

  13. Alright Bethesda. I’ve stayed out of this as a PS3 because I understand that creating a quality product takes time. This, however, is starting to get ridiculous. You understand that we want to give you more money, right? PS3 users are sitting here waiting to pay you. So instead of giving us more information, you give the 360 more content and won’t even give us a “Hey, this is taking longer that we thought. We’re sorry for the inconvenience” on Dawnguard. I can deal with not having it yet. Just give us an occasional status update.

  14. You’d sell a lot more DLC if you released it simultaneously on all consoles as by the time it comes out for PS3 and PC all the hype has gone away so only the hardcore players (like me) buy it.

    • The first two are their smaller ones, the bigger later ones are going to be released at the same time for all systems. This DLC was made by a smaller dev team.

      This next part is not aimed at you but to everyone:
      If you would take the time to read you would find that they already explained everything I just said.

      • It doesn’t matter, if this was developed by a smaller team, or if it was an agreement towards Microsoft. It is stilla huge slap in the face to all PS3 users. Making excuses does not cut it anymore. They should have held the release of this new DLC, released it with Dawnguard for PS3, or AT LEAST made another statement concerning Dawnguard’s status. It may have been already said, but it would have gone a long way in soothing the PS3 users.

        Since the release of the PC version we have heard NOTHING about the status. And now, suddenly, a DLC for Xbox gets announced… If you recall, they didn’t even bother to properly announce the PS3 1.7 patch. It’s not only the lack of content PS3 users are frustrated about, it is also the lack of support and information.

  15. Seriously Bethesda? Your at work releasing a second DLC for XBox without working on getting PS3 owners the first? You already have XBox players by your side, all your doing is loosing business from PS3 owners.

  16. This looks cool and all, but is the PS3 ever going to get Dawnguard? Seriously, PS3 owners have been more than patient, Bethesda. Can you just come out and say that you’re either not going to release Dawnguard for PS3 and offer a buyback program in which you’ll swap our PS3 copy for one that you actually support or offer even something as small as a progress update? “We aren’t fully satisfied” doesn’t cut it. I’m tired of being left with no answers, guys. I just want to know if I’m the idiot for buying the PS3 version (which, if it’s this broken, should never have been released) or if my patience will be rewarded on not just a timely but ANY schedule.

  17. That actually looks really cool, guys! Am I correct in assuming there will be a staggered release for the other platforms?

  18. i love this stuff. I mean bethesda is clearly playing favorites. I dc what they say anymore i will finish buying the dlc for ps3 if it ever comes out. After this game im done with this crap. Its not worth the left in the dark feeling. This is just horse armor all over again.

  19. Bethesda, I’d just like to say “thank you”. I don’t know if you will even see this comment amongst the haters, but personally I just love this little expansion. Adding further ways to immerse oneself in the already incredible world of Skyrim is much appreciated.

    Y’know, assuming that it eventually comes out on PC. Otherwise I will be having very stern words with you. *Wags finger menacingly* 😛

    And to all you others: Stop whining! Just because Bethesda have released a fun little expansion kit doesn’t mean that more large pieces of DLC aren’t forthcoming! They said so themselves! Jeez … gamers are never satisfied.

    • Thats like 2% of the haters on here… You realize, PS3 STILL DOESNT HAVE DAWNGUARD THAT WAS REALEASED 3 MONTHS AGO!!! We shoulda had it day one after that stupid 30 day contract ended.

      • Okay, okay, fair enough. I don’t know what’s going on inside Bethesda, but I’m sure that there is a good reason that it isn’t yet out for PS3. After all, since the 30 day exclusivity period with Microsoft has ended for Dawnguard, it can’t be monetary motivation. Therefore, as said in this update – http://www.bethblog.com/2012/08/02/dawnguard-ps3-update/ – it must be simply because it is really difficult to get games working well on the PS3.

        All in all, I think that people need to just put a little more faith in Bethesda. You all bought Skyrim, didn’t you?

        Anyway, I won’t get myself embroiled in this further.

  20. Assholes, I hope they die in a ditch and drown in Microsoft’s money (bribe). I really hope that they screw themselves with this PS3 issue. Stupid, greedy bastards. Greedthe$da Silenceworks, the nº1 company regarding consumer disrespect and “radio silence”.

  21. Sooooo…

    What the *** is this? I’m a PS3 user from Europe, and I think we all were patient in waiting for Bethesda to fix Dawnguard for the PS3. Now, instead of putting their efforts into the latter, they decide to release a new DLC, again only for Xbox??! If it had been for PS3 as well, okay, but this is just…..

    Seriously, they can’t even update us on the state of Dawnguard, how long it’s going to take, or what the actual problem is. I’m at the point where I expect/ demand and official apology from Bethesda for screwing over PS3 users… If Dawnguard/ this new DLC aren’t available for PS3 within the next month I’m just going to say screw it, and I think a lot of customers! feel equally frustrated.

    And I am NOT buying an Xbox or Skyrim for PC…. Not gonna buy Dishonored either after this sh***.

  22. Will Ty Pennington be making a cameo appearance in Home Makeover: Skyrim Edition? Maybe he can be added as an NPC assistant(the guy you talk to about upgrades) that helps you build your house.

  23. Since a kitchen is being added is there any hope that cooking will made viable in this DLC. Please don’t say there are mods for that, I play on PS3.

  24. You said you were gonna make skyrim’s DLC bigger and better than the DLC for your previous games, Bethesda. Skyrim sold beyond your biggest expectations and you reward customers by making small, low quality DLC? All this because you are so greedy that you allocated all the staff to working on Fallout 4 while neglecting the planned Skyrim expansions?

    What goes around comes around Bethesda, what goes around comes around.

  25. To all the people bitching about the PS3 version being buggy and unsupported: The PS3 is an absolute bitch to code for. It uses programming completely different to the PC or Xbox. They always program for the PC first because it’s easier to make edits on the PC. For God’s sake, the Xbox is made by Microsoft, it practically is a PC. PS3 uses Blu-ray, not compact discs so that makes it harder too. Cut them some slack, jeez.

  26. Incredibly disappointed that you would release the next DLC before you have resolved the PS3 Dawnguard problems. Very unimpressed by your poorly done PS3 versions. No trophy support for Oblivion and an incomplete DLC for it as well compared to 360. I’ve been loyal to your company since I first got Morrowind for PC, but I’m not going to buy ESO for PC after all these issues and lack of support/answers for PS3 owners and would be surprised if I buy whatever Elder Scrolls VI is.

  27. @gstaff

    Again you comment and again you fail to acknowledge all of the criticism coming your way from PS3 users. Do you seriously think your silence on this issue is the best response to it? That ignoring your pissed off customers is going to make the problem go away?

  28. Yay! I get to sit around for another month waiting for Micro$oft’s money to wear off.

    To be fair, you should take that sweet Micro$oft bribe money and give the PC and PS3 crowd the DLC for free. Xbox360 owners are already willing to shell out money every month for the
    “privilege” of playing their games online, I sure they won’t mind paying for a free DLC.

  29. Come on Bethesda, throw us PS3 users a damn bone. Not the line about how you’re “not satisfied about the performance on the PS3” but anything to keep our hopes up. Are you guys even trying to make it work on the PS3 anymore?

  30. But I want it now! I have an Xbox and I’m so sick of waiting for DLC from announcement time to the time it comes out. Stupid publishers showing me things I can’t have yet. You should not tell people anything ever at all and just make people guess.

    Super troll powers activate.

    P.S. In all seriousness just shut up and take my money already.

  31. @gstaff

    Surely you realise how big a problem this PS3 DLC problem is? Most of the comments on this blog are negative as a result of it and yet you won’t even acknowledge that they’re there.

      • “no update from what was posted” Are you kidding me?!?! So what you’re admitting to right now is that no progress at all has been made in the last month? That’s literally what you are telling us right now.

      • By that phrasing of that answer, that was Pete Hines, or one of his useless moron flunkies. Vague and unfulfilling. All you assholes do is avoid the questions. GIVE US SOMETHING MORE THAN JUST “NO NEWS”!!! I AM SICK YOU DIRTY MAGGOT INFESTED COCKS IGNORING US!!!!

    • at this point you should see most of the ps3 gamers are either want it at a discount or free mostly likely and putting out news about a second dlc and no new news on the first one for ps3 will kinda piss people of so now wonder there are negative comments but i doubt at this point that ps3 gamers will even get it but again ill just save my money for assassins creed 3 and sell my skyrim copy to someone who can wait more for me a discount at half price would be the only way to get me back on this franchise and company skyrim was the last game i will buy from the game was did it for me wasnt the delay of the dlc but the mistreatment that they had for the ps3 gamers its disrespect and especially since i bought the damn game when it first came out at full price now i am sorry i did.

  32. I’m just glad (as a PC player) that the last of the 360 exclusives is not another expansion DLC but something smaller, as waiting 30 days for a Build Your Own Home DLC will be much more bearable than the wait for Dawnguard, mods aside. I try to stay Neutral in the debate on all the problems related to the PS3, and actually have been a Console gamer all my life and mainly Playstation 1,2 and 3. I started Skyrim on PS3 on 11/11/11 and after about 2 months, built a PC and switched to PC gaming and have not turned on the PS3 since. Bias aside however, I do feel that after everything that has happened and the anger and frustration, the PS3 players that have still continued to play on and have stuck with it, definitely should get some sort of restitution. Even a simple Coupon or T-Shirt, just something to restore any faith lost and show the Fans are more than just consumers. It feels good to get that out, that’s for sure. Good luck, good work, and happy questing! 🙂

  33. You should be working on dawnguard, instead of something small like this. I mean come on its pretty much a tamagotchi add on and to be perfectly honest this sort of addon would fit better in an online game rather than a single player.

    You could make skyrim open source then maybe something might actually get done on time but that would never happen.

    Get your priorities straight and give the fans what the want instead of pussy footing around. I mean hell im in retail and i know its better to tell your customers the truth and at least to keep them updated.(so im pretty much saying bad business practice)

    On a side note update 1.7 xbox gets world wide release and then ps3 gets a bloody trickle what the hell is that about i mean you release it for north america then 3 weeks later its the uk, how long will people in aussie and nz have wait?


    Just another pissed off ps3 customer

    oh and by the way just checked out wiki and the amount of consoles out there for xbox and ps3 is about equal (thats alot of money you guys are missing out on, just thought i would point that out)

  34. Seriously? Come on, I mean if you’re gonna create another dlc before ps3 even gets dawnguard or even a release date for dawnguard, you’re not trying as hard as you should. The exclusitivity was for 30 days and its been over twice that long.
    Oh and by the way, I bet Dawnguard will still be twice as buggy as it was for xbox.

  35. So you’re releasing Skyrim’s second DLC on the Xbox 360 when you haven’t even released Dawnguard on the PS3 yet? 🙁

    Fine then, i’ll get the Leviathan DLC for Mass Effect 3 instead when it’s released in the UK tomorrow, at least Bioware releases the DLC for its games on time…

  36. Dear Bethesda PS3 Programmers,

    You may as well stop working on the PS3 version of the Skyrim DLC. Because if it ever comes out, we’re all just going find a way to bootleg it anyway. You deserve nothing less.

  37. There is a lot of negativity on these boards, some with valid reasons for sure.

    I just wanted to say to Bethesda that I am excited for this DLC pack. I love the idea and the level of customization and sense of ownership and personality it adds to the game. Thanks for the update and for keeping the price low.

    • exactly, it adds to the realism and freedom of Skyrim. I’m looking forward to Skyrim DLC. Don’t have to wait, i have tons of games to play until then. I’m a true Nord of Bethesda and honestly, if I had the complete no-how I would join Bethesda Softworks in a flash

  38. @gstaff

    And it’s precisely that lack of information that has us PS3 users all riled up. It’s been nearly a month since that was posted and there’s still no word. No indication of when or even if we can expect Dawnguard (and now Hearthfire) on PS3. Now I understand that either you guys are in the dark over this as much as we are or that you’re bound to keep your trap shut until someone higher up gives the nod – but that doesn’t mean the situation is acceptable or that we should be happy about it. You guys need to pass on this information to those superiors so that they’re aware of the problem and that they should take action to address it. Anything will do, even if it’s only to offer another apology, but I think the best course of action would be a discount on Dawnguard/Hearthfire. Anything else will just come across as lame.

  39. ok I’m reading these comments and NO Bethesda is not doing another DLC over Dawnguard, they have a different team making it while the majority of Bethesda works on Dawnguard. It’s coming soon and before Hearthfire. They made this DLC because they figured it would be neat addition to the game. So give them a break and accept their generous offer. AND NO I AM NOT A BETHESDA EMPLOYEE, LOOK AT THE OUTLINE OF MY COMMENT. Is it blue? NO

  40. @Jesse

    That’s assuming it ever comes to PS3. Look I get it. I like the idea of this DLC. I think it’s a nice little add on but it’s the fact that I like the ideas behind this and Dawnguard that has me so vexed with Bethesda right now. I want to buy and play these DLCs and, for as long as I can’t do that, for as long as they keep delaying the release of these DLCs and keeping us in the dark about it, I’m going to get angrier and angrier.

    • Oh I am much the same, I was etting rather heated about this and began a good 10 page essay sized rant about it, but near the end I realized getting mad was pointless an wouldn’t get me anywhere. So I put down Skyrim, and began to play my other games. I am not so petty that I need to obsess over one game when I have others to play. Every now and then I still rub InFamous in the face of my XBox using friends who have Dawnguard. It STILL gets to them, and if that’s not enough, Uncharted, and what other good games that get listed all over the place when XBox users are whining? I normally avoid that kind of petty action but it passes the time if they start to try to get me heated.