Hearthfire – Coming to Xbox LIVE on September 4th (Updated)

With Skyrim’s newest game add-on, Hearthfire, you can purchase land and build your own home from the ground up – from a simple one-room cottage to a sprawling compound complete with an armory, alchemy laboratory, stable, garden, and more. Use all-new tools like the drafting table and carpenter’s workbench to transform quarried stone, clay, and sawn logs into structures and furnishings. Even transform your house into a home by adopting children.

Hearthfire releases on Xbox LIVE next week (September 4th) for 400 Microsoft Points.

For an update on the status of PS3 game add-on content, visit our forums here.

Reader Comments

  1. Could be cool. Now, if the game would let me sell off my existing houses to raise money for this, that would be even better. Also, if I could get Ysolda to change clothes into something more appropriate for such a house, that would be good too.

      • Yeah… that was one of my complaints about the economy / the amount of things to buy in Skyrim. I ran out of things to spend money on way too quickly… now I have a ridiculous amount of money.

        • I wonder if we can rent out houses with the new DLC… that would make sense, especially if we can buy all the houses in the cities in addition to being able to build all three houses out in the wilderness.

  2. @Mada

    Where exactly did you read that PS3 users would be getting Hearthfire? Because it’s nowhere in the main blog post and you’re the only one in the comment section making such a claim. And even if your claim is correct the question still stands: when? It seems to me that they’ve refrained from mentioning the availability of it for the PS3 because they know if they do they’ll have to commit to a date and that worked SO well the last time with Dawnguard didn’t it?

    • clearly you haven’t been keeping up to date,

      Microsoft made a deal with Bethesda, in this deal the first 2 peaces of skyrim DLC comes out 1 month early on xbox before it comes onto any other platform, so yes, PS3 and PC will get hearthfire, there is no legitimate/logical reason why not, all of there DLC has been on all systems.

      • Oh aye?? is it actually coming out for PS3?? cause it better otherwise im seriously gonna rage quit my PS3 out the window if it isn’t. Plus Dawnguard came out.. ow long ago on Xbox.. like 2 months and PS3 still hasn’t got it.

      • I know all that, you’ve provided no new information to me. So far Dawngaurd has not been released on PS3. They claimed it would be about 30 days after it was released for the Xbox – as per the agreement with Microsoft that you cited – but it didn’t happen because they can’t get Dawnguard to work on the PS3 console.

        Here they’ve made no mention whatsoever of Hearthfire being released on PS3. None. And that was my point – they haven’t mention a PS3 version at all. Anywhere. They haven’t even responded to comments here that were asking if there will be a PS3 version. So, given that there has been no statement, official or otherwise, concerning the release of Hearthfire on PS3 you can only ASSUME that it will be.

        I suspect the reason that they’ve not mentioned it is because they don’t want to commit themselves to it as they did with Dawnguard and then fail to meet the deadline because they cannot get it to work. They didn’t mention it because they don’t know yet if they’ll manage to get it up to a standard worthy of being released (and considering the state of Skyrim when it was released on the PS3 that’s a pretty low standard).

        And you’re wrong about all of their DLCs being on all systems. Just look at all the content that never made it to Oblivion – The Orrery for example.

  3. Im on pc and I hate to say it but no matter what you do with your house on this..mine is still better, dont believe me look up Castle Grey at nexus. ahaha ahaha ha ha ha he he he ha. ES wasnt meant for consoles get with the program yall.

  4. @Saravok

    And yet the company made it for consoles. If it was not meant for consoles why would they even bother making it for them? Of course the answer is money. Lotsa money. Never mind that they failed to get it up to any decent standard leaving those of us who bought it on consoles in the lurch. Now, as it stands, PS3 gamers are being screwed over, Xbox gamers are grappling with bug ridden updates and you have the gall to come on here and blame US for buying the game on a console in the first place! The blame there rests with Bethesda for making claims it didn’t live up to and for selling such a poor product in the first place.

    • It is your falt. Consoles are called CON-SOULS for a reson. The reson the consouls have probloms is cos the game was not made for it. Yes, they have DLC exlusives for the 360, but only cos M$ payed them for it. Anything they do DLC wise will be already done on PC. And even better, we get to repp the benifts of moding the DLCs to make the EVEN BETTER. Consolse are dead. The only GOOD console maker is the big N. They actully DO SOMETHING DIFFERNT TO WHAT A PC CAN DO. You will see the light some day, I am sure, but untill then, you are a simple pesint, and we PC gamers are the the Mother Frelling Jarls.

      • RE-DO:

        It is your fault. Consoles are called CON-SOULS for a reason. The reason the consouls have problems is because the game was not made for it. Yes, they have DLC exclusives for the 360, but only because M$ payed them for it. Anything they do DLC wise will be already done on PC. And even better, we get to repp the benefits of moding the DLCs to make the EVEN BETTER. Consoles are dead. The only GOOD console maker is the big N. They actually DO SOMETHING DIFFERNT TO WHAT A PC CAN DO. You will see the light someday, I am sure, but until then, you are a simple peasant, and we PC gamers are the Mother Frelling Jarls.

        (Also, shame on you if you don’t know what Frell is. 😛

        • Actually I saw the light about 10 years ago. Was using PC’s until then, now I’m playing on my consoles instead.

          PC’s were a huge pain in the ass and huge money pit back then (as in getting your game up and running, will this game actually run well on my current system (specs are always a lie), what drivers do I need (oh look I upgraded the driver and this game now works but this other one doesn’t anymore), and from what I can see it has gotten a little better, but not enough.

          Consoles made that all go away and I could just focus on actually playing the game.

          Frankly I find your superiority complex extremely lame (your choices for YOU don’t mean you are better than anyone else, or their choices which are best for THEM make them somehow inferior).

          • I don’t have a superiority complex. I have a PS3 and a Wii. The fact is the any of the ES games are BETTER ON PC. Yes, some games are better on consouls, but that’s only because of the game pad, and you can get them for PC you know.

            As for money pit, I think your confused. You can easily get a PC that will last about as long as a consoul for about the same as a consul. That being about 3 years before you needs to buy a new one due to red-ring or whatever else.

            10 years ago the consouls where simple. Now there not. You have to log in, patch, install, you name it, the 360, PS3 and even the Wii dose everything with games that the PC has done. Installing, patching, and so on.

            Specs are never a lie. You just need to understand that there the BARE MIN you need for it to run. Thinking your going to have the game running well on specs is silly, and you probably should stick to the dumped down consoul if that’s what you like.

      • I don’t agree, most game company’s don’t make the game for a console and instead take a port from the pc for easy transfer. But Bethesda, did a hell of job on the console versions. i own skyrim for pc and xbox 360, i know the pc version looks way better en has less bugs, but bugs are a common thing now a days, because of the size of some games and skyrim is no exception. Pc is somewhat easier to program, on a xbox or ps3 you can only see the bugs while playing the console and fixing them is only possible on a computer.

        But im getting of topic here, people are always complaining about the bugs or what platform is better. Like i said i own skyrim on pc and xbox and this counts for every elder scroll game or bethesda game in general, why? Because i love the games they made and instead complaining about the bugs, i take them for granted, because they always deliver on heck of a game and the bugs are not so much of a problem to me

  5. @Keith

    First of, all do your reading, the PS3 does not have the ram for Skyrim, ever see the glitches for RD:R or GTA on Playstation 3? The PS3s Ram is cut in two parts. In the end it equals the same amount that the 360 has but still it’s cut in two parts making it harder for it to process, don’t blame Bethesda for poor design choices, also don’t blame them because the Xbox 360 is even more poorly made(but because of the ram it can hold up) Shut up and play. I play it on my Xbox and I couldn’t care less about bugs.

  6. This is fantastic. It’s something the 360 (and probably a month later, Ps3) users need (housing mods) while not taking anything away from the PC users (who have access to mods).

    Timed exclusives suck a big one, but this is definitely the right way to do it.

  7. Aren’t mannequins and weapon racks still broken? And Lydia’s confounded behavior when she’s in your house? ARRGGHGHGHG. So I’m not holding out a lot of hope that this DLC won’t suffer the same sorts of bugs, and that, like the rest, Bethesda won’t care enough to fix them, they’ll just move onto the next piece of content.

  8. At first I thought this was going to be pretty customizable, but watching the video again, I realize it’s going to be very stock, it looks like there’s basically just one building type, and you build it up bit by bit as you are able to acquire the materials for it, in perhaps several locations that Bethesda has pre-chosen. I wonder if you’ll be able to build more than one.

  9. @Justin

    I’m not blaiming them for poor design choices. I’m blaming them for attempting to sell games that, given the information you’ve just supplied, were never going to work properly on anything other than the PC. What the PS3/Xbox can handle is beside the point. The reason given for the Dawnguard delay on PS3 is that it’s not performing correctly on that system so my question is: If the PS3 is not/was not capable of running Skyrim properly from the begining then why release the game on PS3 in the first place? Why lead PS3 users to think that they’ll be getting a good product, and pay $60+ for it, when what they get is broken? Ditto with the Xbox.

    And don’t just tell me to shut up and play. I paid money for that game and I think I’m entitled to point out that it’s defective. You might not wish to complain about it, but it’s precisely that attitude that lets companies think they can get away with peddling poor quality products. I have been playing Skyrim from the beginning on the PS3 and I’ve been patiently enduring, without complaint, all of the glitches and crashes throughout all that time – telling myself that they’ll sort it all out with updates, etc. This crap with the DLCs is just the straw that broke the camel’s back.

    • The issue with PS3 isn’t hardware, it’s just a different programming environment then Microsoft (PC/360) so most American companies have issues with the Japanese environment that PS3 is.

      I played Skyrim on PS3 since 12:40 am 11/11/11. I was first in line for the mid-night release. I have been keeping my cool through all the bugs and DLC release issues Bethesda has had with this game.

      If you knew anything about Bethesda or their history you would know a few facts:

      1) Making PS3 games is fairly knew to them compared to XBox and PC.

      2) Bethesda game = Bugs bugs bugs.

      3) Bethesda over works themselves by developing and maintaining too many games at once.

      4) They tend to fix bugs once they figure out the cause, they can’t really do so before that.

      5) The Mircosoft deal was made before the game was even released, so you can’t really complain now.

      So please just chill dude. Skyrim has a lot more going on than most games out there, and as things get more complex more things can go wrong. Skyrim stretches things to the extremes. Until we hear otherwise assume they will work things out. Making a DLC from XBox or PC work on PS3 is a programming nightmare. They practically need to reprogram the whole DLC. That takes time.

      • Your points 1 to 3 support my conclusion. If they cannot ensure a good quality game for their consumers why release the game at all, especially on a console that they cannot adequately manage? You’re point 4 is obvious. Of course they can’t fix bugs until they understand the cause of them. And I’m not in any way complaining about the deal made with Microsoft so your 5th point is irrelevant.

        Look, the size of the Elder Scrolls games and how much there is going on is a huge plus for me. I like the games and that’s what has me so frustrated over all this. If the games really only function well on a PC then I’d have liked to know that. If there was a chance that the PS3 would not get the DLCs because they weren’t sure how to manage the system then I’d have liked to know that and I’d have liked to know that before I bought the game. Maybe I could have saved up for a PC. But the thing that really irks me is the folks (not you) who can afford more than one gaming system on here, mouthing off that none of this is Bethesda’s fault, that it’s the fault of people like me for not knowing any better, for assuming that Bethesda would know what they’re doing re: PS3, that they’d would have learned their lesson since Obilivion came out 6 years ago… I consider that victim blaming. I paid as much for Skyrim as any Xbox user and more than most PC users for a product that is not as good and should never have been sold as being as good.

        • The only way they will learn to produce a good game for PS3 is if they try and fail a few times. Most companies learn different ways around this. The PS3 Vanilla game is just as good as the XBox and PC versions. The DLC ran into some unexpected issues, but this is no fault of Bethesda`s beyond trying to each a larger fan base, but not being able to do so because of experience. By your logic 99% of the games out there that are award winners shouldn`t be out because I have yet to see any free roam game that work 100% perfect on all systems. Bethesda may not have a perfect game, but I never expected it to be. The fact is the only companies who don`t over work them selves are the big name companies like Activision that are older than Christ, and have super sized development teams. I found Bethesda is making good progress in getting better with the PS3, Oblivion was rather shitty, and Fallout 3 got a little better, Fallout NV was working even smoother, and by the time we got to Skyrim the game play argument between consoles was “PS3 JUST SUX” with nothing to base it on. I own all these games for PS3 and I have borrowed the games and my friends entire 360 to compare quality a while back. We concluded that their is no real difference and the bugs we encountered were universal. I am guessing the DG issue will likely be very simplistic, but discreet. I hope Bethesda ignores people like you and keeps on providing for loyal fans like me who can’t afford XBox or a gaming PC to even meet the minimum specs.

    • Meh, I made my point, I am happy with my product the only prominent glitch I experienced in the game is the Kynareth Temple Quest (You know the stupid tree) oh and the Giants knocking you into orbit, but whatever.

    • I’m just “worried” about the Skeever infestations and Giant attacks. After I finish building my house, I just want to enjoy it. I don’t want to have to defend it from getting all messed up every few days.

    • By which, I meant to say, that achievements would be lame, of course. An achievement for building the full, big house! Yay. Or, an achievement for defending against 100 Skeever infestations and 100 giant attacks. Exactly what we don’t want.

  10. Hey guys,
    Will we have the possibility to Build a fortress or Castle-ish home and hire guards or Initiators from the thieves Guild or the dark brotherhood/ let them move in?

    Psssst, i know who you are… Hale sithis

  11. Well something is clear to me…

    This not your average mod-house that comes out of nowhere when you download a certain mod.

    If you look at 0:28… you actaully need to build it piece by piece, or at least that’s what it seems… Kinda reminds me of Harvest Moon

    Time-consuming DLC?

    • No, you won’t have to build it piece by piece. It’ll be like crafting – you saw the “recipe” pages, right? You’ll have to have all the materials, and then that structure (simple house, greenhouse add-on, tower add-on, etc) will just get added. $5 that the timelapse construction was for the trailer only, and you won’t even see that in the game.

      • Well, that’s exactly piece by piece, from a simulator point of view, of course…

        I mean, at 0:27 the narrator says…

        “Use the new Drafting Table and Carpenter’s Workbench to turn raw materials into your dream house ROOM BY ROOM”

        and then it says…

        “Use the interior workbench to furnish EACH ROOM with a LARGE variety of craftable objects”

        So that seems like time-consuming to me, which is good in fact… much better than a silly costume DLC that allows you to dress like a fool.

  12. It all sounds great, except I’m a little concerned about the Skeever and Giant attacks. Hopefully they won’t be too invasive.

    • I’m worried about that too. I like the idea, but it will be really frustrating if we have to constantly return to defend our home…

    • Exactly what I was thinking… and mentioned several times already to get the point across LOL. After building a home, I just want to enjoy it, not constantly have to defend it as Emily mentions. Agree fully.

      • We are announcing the fun new Giant trap, this replica cow will give these Giants a big stomach for weeks, and the Skeever trap… nothing special essentially a bear trap with a role of cheese in the middle xP.

  13. So….you’re asking people to buy from you add-on content that is identical to some of the first mods that were ever made?

    I’ll just download the mods that allow home building and crafting, completely free from the community, thanks.

    • Then again, those on the 360 and PS3 can’t get said mods. Course, nobody but 360 owners can’t get it for a month or longer because you guys like Microsoft Bribes too much.

      • PC players are not the main target of official plug-ins (DLC), those were designed thinking on Console players, because there is no modding tools there… Of course, a PC player can buy official plug-ins, nothing wrong with that.

        On regards of the originality, house building and life simulation on videogames has been there for a long time, it was not first conceived by some group of Skyrim-modders.

        360 players get it first… a little consolation prize for not being able to play Uncharted, LittleBigPlanet, Starhawk, God of War, Infamous, etc.

        • Please don’t do the exclusives argument for early Bethesda DLC. It makes you look like an idiot for two reasons. 1) XBox has some good exclusives as well (however they aren’t my taste for the most part due to genre and gameplay reasons). 2) Bethesda doesn’t have any control over those games, nor does Microsoft.

          • I own a xbox 360, ps3 and gaming pc. i love all of them for different reasons, i am a huge mgs fan, so i got a ps3, i am also a huge halo fan, so i got a xbox 360, pc is for my steam and mmo games. most games i buy are for the xbox and i got around 130 games for that one, around 30 for my ps3 and around 100 for my steam account and pc.

          • @Coldfreeze If I could afford an XBox 360 I would buy it, literally just for Halo 3 and 4 (I do not recognize Reach as part of the main series and did not enjoy what I played of the campaign, Master Chief is just way more bad ass) and a few other games. I am by far not a loyalist, I am just unable to afford multiple consoles or the XBox Live fee. As well the exclusives to the two consoles fit different niches, I prefer the niches PS3 focuses on as my preference in games in general.

  14. >_< more merchants for the vamps to slaughter? I'd hate to go adopt a lil kitty and some vamp decides to stab stab stab the adoption merchant before i sign the papers

  15. @ Gtaff: I want to know a few things

    Will Aventus return to the Orphanage so we can Adopt Him.

    Can we Upgrade our Own Homes aswell and have a Skeleton Butler.

    Can we Fix/Rebuild Winterhold, the same with the Burned House at Morthal from the Laid to Rest Quest.

    What about the House of Horrors, can we Upgrade it.

    After you Kill Nepos from the Foresworn Quest, you get a Radiant Quest from the Thieves Guild to Steal Jewels from an Empty House with no New Owners.

    The Goldenglow Estate Never become yours when you have the Deed and the House of Mercer Never gets Owned.

    Bassiamus from the Book of Love Quest Constantly roam the street of Riften, why not give the Guy a Farm and his Girlfriend if you got them Together.

    Make the Horse of Louis Letrush live at the Stable as Stolen if its not yours and then make him live at the Inn, since he is constantly hanging outside the Stable Cloning Himself and he is in the way of the Whiterun War.

    Come on Guys, you are Talented People, be a little more Creative in your Jobs.

  16. Releasing a new dlc without making Dawnguard available for PS3. Seriously how low can you sink. This is a betrayal of fans who went to the trouble of buying the game. I paid about $100 for my skyrim (yes $100), I’m fine with the bugs, the freezing and so on but where the hell does bethesda get off on screwing over paying customers on content that should be available to everyone. Don’t know about you guys but this news is like Bethesda’s finger to PS3 owners.

    • PS3 can barly handle the game as it is. I think DG would just make things worse for it. The PS3 was not bulit for a game like Skyrim. There is just to much infor for it to handle.

      • Then why release the game for PS3 at all? Seems to me that’s the problem. If the standard was never going to be as good, if it was never going to be able to properly function with the DLCs why market it for PS3 and for just as much cost (in many cases more than) the Xbox and PC? It seems like greed to me. You might say it was to keep PS3 fans happy (it did initially) but then it backfired bigtime didn’t it?

  17. The problem here (if only one…) is the lack of legal repercussions for a release of a broken product. In any other business field, if you sell an unfinished product, you will be punished, by both customer and law. I, for example, work as a blacksmith (not swords, stairs and stuff). If the product I sold to my customer is unsatisfactory, I don’t get paid, as that product doesn’t fit with our previous agreement, aka quality. Even more, if someone gets injuried by my mistake or my product causes any perjudice to anyone, I must stand in court. As long as game companies are being punished only by the audience (little part of it at the end, don’t trick ourselves) there is no change in general quality or customer service to be expected.
    The one to blame here is not Bethesda, is all the audience, no matter the platform. Is the “I’m really pissed off, screw you… but I’ll purchase it anyways” kind of audience. That way, we don’t deserve that change, since the system works.

    • Good Point and I agree. But you have to consider that had we all known that we’d be in for this treatment, a lot of us would never have shed money for the game. It is possible to illegally get the game for free, a lot of people do it and this kind of behaviour is like telling everyone to go ahead and do that. Perhaps that’s the kind of punishment Bethesda needs since they don’t want to give us products for the money we want to give them.

    • Well no, Bethesda deserve a large portion of the blame for putting a faulty product on the market. As I mentioned in earlier comments PS3 users are not to blame for buying a product that they were led to believe was top quality but later turned out to be a dud. Their money is gone and they get no recompense for the loss. For that Bethesda is entirely responsible because they must have known that there were serious issues with console gameplay and yet they still released it. 

      I agree with you that those PS3 users who still intend to purchase the DLCs when/if they arrive are foolish at best. Their frequently avowed “faith” (read: gullibility) directed at Bethesda is exactly what leads them to be taken advantage of. Bethesda are counting on that blind allegiance to get them over this hump. Thing is they (Bethesda) don’t deserve to come out on top of this – they screwed up and there should be consequences.

  18. Just something that I wondered…

    So there’s this 30-day exclusive contract, but I wish to know if this is for all DLC.

    And, I’m not sure why this contract is made, but I’m getting the feeling Microsoft hopes people will actually buy a XBox just to get the DLC earlier, this is in my opinion silly, but that’s my view on it. If this is indeed the case, can’t for a small DLC like this one an exception be made and have the DLC earlier available? Around 1-3 days after the XBox release? As I doubt anyone would actually consider buying a XBox for a DLC of this size, I seriously hope not at least. Can this please be considered?

    • I am pretty sure the 30 day contract is permanent.

      I presume Microsoft said, “We will help fund your release if you give us DLC content 30 days earlier.” Then both parties assumed PC members have mod content so they will be happy to wait the 30 days, but instead they lost a third of their fan base from that action. Of course Bethesda should have refused and cared about their fans more than their money, but that’s not the way game companies work nowadays, unfortunately. CAPCOM have been the only game company to fully care about their customers, I’ve noticed.

        • In August of 2011, the blogs said it was only for the first two. Then again, the blogs also said Dawnguard would be out on July 26th…

      • But capcom has some pretty bad pc ports and their dlc ussualy is overpriced and usseles, look at streetfighter all the dlc is colors, dragons dogma has some qeusts wich are underleveled and some hair packs wich arent really differen from what the game already has and capcom pretty much dropped the megaman franchise wich i used to love.

  19. Thanks Bethesda for responding to some of the comments. It’s nice to know you are now taking a small notice in your fans now. People like myself, who have stuck with you since Morrowind, have been really upset with your productivity and customer support around Skyrim lately. We need to feel like you still care.

  20. This is bullcrap Bethesda. I paid a total of 200 dollars for Skyrim, collectors Edition,and still no news of Dawnguard. I hope PS3 players get this DLC very soon, aswell as this “Hearthfire” add on.

  21. We PS3 players better get Dawnguard and Hearthfire even if Hearthfire is the first DLC that comes out for the PS3 with Dawnguard getting released later.

    It’s not a good business decision to leave the PS3 players in the cold since a lot of money could made there. Even worst would be if not all this ends up only in a GOTY edition (like Oblivion which was missing Mehrune’s Razor, The Fighter’s Stronghold, The Orrery, The Thieves Den, The Vile Den, The Wizard’s Tower and worst of all a Trophy patch) since that would annoy the people who bought the PS3 game as new.

  22. Bethesda is such a bullshit company. Why in the holy mother of fuck do they release ANOTHER DLC-pack for 360-owners, when they haven’t made sure the first one are available to all gamers? WHERE IS THE PS3-SUPPORT? Do you even care?

    • Nord , Redguard and Elves i understand. But be a cat, orc, or an argonian.. is too bizarre, they are animals. Sometimes the idea of fantasy world scares me. Imagine the result of humans with babies from a specie of humanoid reptilian, a boar with green skin or a cat… a challange to design!

      • It’s a fantasy world, the notions or prejudices of real life have no space here. For example, the half-orcs in Dungeon and Dragons has a nice visual (obviously depends on the artist).

        I’m currently playing with a nord, and I ended up liking the visual of Borgakh, a orc female, besides being a character with good sneak for a warrior. I do not see any reason not to have a cute half-orc child in the future. 😉

        Just doing a bit of critic and joke about the classifications, you describe the option of Daniel as a terrible thing, and this kind of “biological quality” is better leave in our sick real world, not in the lands of Tamriel.

  23. Bethesda seriously fuck you dickwads.. You release the second dlc for xbox when you havent released the first for ps3.. Never going to buy ANYTHING from your pathetic sack of shit company..

  24. I think the PS3 will receive all from September, due to the time to fix something serious with the technical part. Xbox360 is basically a PC, not a top one, but much faster to be programmed. The issue of exclusivity, I see no problem, Sony fills the bag with that too.

    • Thank you. I have been pointing out the XBox 360/PC similarity so much here it hurts. I sure deserve a medal. However I must say Hearthfire will likely be early-mid October, due to when the PSN store updates and the exclusive ends.

      I believe Bethesda will handle this DLC quicker and more smoothly than Dawnguard due to size difference and the response from the costumers. Remember the programmers like to see their work enjoyed even more than the company likes to see it bought. The programmers will get this done right if they can unless the company bans them from doing so.

      • @Mayhem @Jesse Yes, you both know all. You two are morons…Sony has never done the 30 Day exlusivity contracts before…they have games that are ONLY ON PS3. So it is not the same…MS is famous for throwing out money when they know they will sink…look at E3 (I think that was the convention), instead of previewing upcoming games, they get Usher and say after, PLAY OUR CONSOLE! WE GOT USHER FOR YOU GUYS!!!
        Sony doesn’t play by those tactics, at least not that I have seen…

        • Cough FarCry 3 Co-op mode…. Maybe the exclusive content for PS3 on Red Dead: Redemption and L.A Noire? Yeah not a time exclusive but still.

  25. Gstaff, you said as soon as there was news for PC you would tell us. You obviously knew it was going to come out for PC before the message, “Oh, by the way Dawnguard is out for PC right now”, or are you telling us that you really didn’t know it was going to come out for PC until 5 minutes after it did. If thats seriously the case, then we don’t want to know when you think its going to be released, we want to know when the people who actually plan the releases think its going to be released.

      • You’re always hoping to have info soon. You can’t tell me you can’t get up from your desk, walk down the hall to Tweet Hines’ office and ask him what’s going on. Or take the elevator to where the devs are working on or not working on Dawnguard and ask them. Personally I don’t think it or any DLC will be coming out on PS3, and you guys are stalling…stalling…stalling…. Like you always do hoping the problem and fans will go away. Just admit you can’t get Dawnguard to work on an already broken game and move on. Clearly Bethesda hates the PS3 anyway and they’re looking for a way to get out of further supporting Skyrim.

  26. >..> This isn’t worth the title release… I really hope there is something i am missing. I wouldn’t buy this, not because im a PC game and can get mods, but because,.. really.. wtf? This blows. Again, i hope there is more to it…(able to build huge mansions and dictate where the rooms connect? can you do that? would be a start to fixing this)

    THAT aside, I do appreciate the whole “We threw together something small for you all, hope you like it” thing… I am sure it looked better to you guys than it came off. I saw all vanilla Skyrim with a tiny tiny change with a pricetag, so i’m alittle rilled up.

  27. why the heck do my comments keep getting moderated?!

    disallowed my comment yesterday, altogether,.. and my comment above was half chopped out.(basically saying that i was alittle annoyed about the yesterday comment)
    are you hiding that your removing peoples comments?! you missed quite a few people who would have higher priority than mine! stupid…

  28. is this site auto blocking direct references to parts of the DLC? How else can I state exactly why this DLC fails? gee thanks guys… blocked yet another post, I wouldn’t have had to post again if you just let my FULL comments show
    If the DLC doesn’t sell well, it is because you put out the same stuff, a slightly different mechanic and a new pricetag. NOT because I offered my critizism.

  29. I’m just laughing at the PC players who are prancing around the comments bragging about their “mods” and complaining that Bethesda needs to release some quality DLC. I, a 360 gamer, am fine with the DLC. Dawnguard didn’t disappoint. Hearthfire looks like a neat little plug-in. Also, PC players need to stop telling people that their platform is supreme, that consoles are outdated, and that PC is the master gaming system. Of course consoles are outdated as far as hardware concerns. You think that people want to keep spending money on new hardware to keep up with graphical and performance standards. I don’t even like doing that with PCs. I’d rather sacrifice top-notch graphics than keep having to get new hardware for my computer. Aye, sometimes this world confuses me…

          • I’m not sure how you generate an entire “handful” of “achievements” from what, despite the family and fight-to-defend features, basically amounts to a cosmetic DLC – it is horse armor, it’s just that it’s bigger and better. I fear the point of achievements has been lost. They’re no longer challenges, now they’re just road markers in a game’s storyline and grinding trophies. Not that achievements have ever gained the traction on Steam to the level that, for some reason, people are obsessed with them on Xbox. So I guess that’s why you need a handful of them – to make the console crowd happy. I guess I should have said at the beginning – I’m a PC gamer, so there you go 🙂 “Can’t wait” to find out just what these achievements are! Sorry, I may love Skyrim, it doesn’t mean I automatically love everything you guys do 🙂 And while I have your attention… for goodness’ sake, fix the CTDs and freezing that Dawnguard introduced.

          • What kind of achievements? “You placed a wall” *Achievement Unlocked* “You put a roof on your house” *Achievement Unlocked* “You added a alchemy table to your house” *Achievement Unlocked*

            I guess even Extreme Home Makeover: Skyrim Edition needs achievements too, you’ve got to get your pat on the back for clicking through a few menus.

  30. @Ben
    I call bull. That’s generally xbox elitist mentality with the bragging, and while theres a bit of it from all sides(ps3 players included)- most PC gamers would only use that as a come back after an xbox gamer said their system was superior. That is hardly bragging when an xbox user puts himself out there for attack like that.(example: Oh, my xbox is SOO much cheaper than a PC and plays better to!== someone with no finacial sense and bad taste in PC’s.. google it for as to why)

    The rule as far as system superiority is, to each his own,.. an xbox has certain advantages, just as a PC does.

    • I much agree with this. However I must say when you have limited money a PS3 or XBox is a cheaper choice than having to keep upgrading your PC to play he latest games when the old rig begins to stop standing up. I am one of those people who simply can’t afford to maintain a high end gaming rig, so I use a PS3. I play some older games on my PC, but mostly I am a console gamer.

      I wish I could afford to buy an XBox 360 for about a dozen exclusives however, but twelve games isn’t enough to fork up my money.

      • @Jesse
        an xbox quality rig wouldn’t be as much as you make it sound.
        Xbox quilities: accesibility, simplicity and initial costs

        NOT overall costs. You wouldnt be upgrading any sooner than you’d upgrade to the next console. and with any decent planning, people would realize, “gee, well I already have a computer, and now im getting something else when a computer could have done it.”
        now with the costs of the computer that your obviously on(unless your on the phone or xbox’s own little web thing), added with xbox live charges(monthly, ignoring the base internet costs unless you wouldnt normally have it except for xbox) and then add in how often the xbox has failed on you and needed replacement, repairs or whatever(its failure rate used to be over 50%,.. not sure what it is now)… usually xbox comes out as a terrible money sink in comparison.

        now i spent 1,000 dollars three years ago on a custom built computer, i bought the parts and put it together to maximize my savings. my two roommates, both xbox users have totaled well over 1,000 each in repairs and replacements and Live charges in that time(granted that 300 or so of that was because the wife of one needed her own box,.. WTF?!)… they both have computers worth about 500 as well. now if they had spent the initial amount on a better computer to begin with, do i really need to paint up how big the savings would have been? Same story with every xbox user I know and they are freaking embarressed about it “well, its SUPPOSE to be cheaper!” they say. and oh… a computer of better quality than Xbox can be financed at the same price they charge Xbox live. And at no interest within the first year or so… cheaper, huh? right…

        • eh,… minor correction… the finicing for a computer better than xbox would be about 10-15 dollars a month where as xbox Live costs 5/month. my bad.
          but the point remains >.> initially more cost effective? and only a kid would have issues getting it financed, In which case the parent would be the one to consider all this anyhow.
          One of my homeless friends living off food stamps could share his food with me to earn that cost each month >.> thats how cheap it is, a homeless person could do it, granted in a off sort of way, lol

          • I have a PS3. It cost me €350 back in 2009. To date on repairs, replacements, PSN fees, and system upgrades I’ve payed a grand total of €0. My laptop is as cheap as they come and I can’t afford a decent gaming PC. So yeah, this console worked out the much cheaper option… as well as the only one I could afford.

          • funny you mention that… the new UDK engine can only be run on the HIGHEST grade PCs, and with the technology turn around being a cycle of 5 years for PCs, while the cycle is around ten for consoles, it usually works out to double on PCs for upgrades and such. I have owned both high end gaming PCs and Xboxs, by the time my original xbox finally failed(and only by way of the disk feed tray motor failing) the 360 had come out. The only (reiterate only) reason I have had to replace my 360 was because the first one was stolen. In that same amount of time I have been through 4 high end gaming computers, due to technology turnover or system failure of the PCs… So here is one example, where PCs simply are not cost effective.

  31. I really like this idea for an expansion, I mean the best thing about Oblivion was the cozy feeling and decorating (For me atleast) and what Skyrim doesn’t have in that department it makes up in awsome fighting.

    It would, however, require it to fix the decorating glitch which makes all the items move around after a load.

    Maybe then this is the better game of the two

  32. Thank you, Beth, for a DLC that caters to players like me, who care more for immersion than combat. Killing monsters and bandits is fine, and you’ve done a great job with it in Skyrim, but Bethesda games are also the only games that really allow a player to occupy a virtual world to such an amazing degree. I played for just under 200 hours before fighting my first dragon and beginning the main quest.

    All of the comments about Hearthfire being “cosmetic” might be coming from players who would be better suited playing a shooter, instead. It’s a big, beautiful RPG, and you’re giving us great new content for role-playing — especially for players who enjoy alchemy. I haven’t been this excited about a DLC in a long time.

    I am beginning to think that you guys shouldn’t allow comments on the blog anymore, though. They all seem to be abusive, inarticulate, and off-topic. It can be a real bummer to read an announcement about new DLC and then scroll down to hundreds of angry 12-year-olds shouting and crying about their PlayStations.

    • I don’t think it’s just players better suited to playing shooters. You say “content for role-playing” – some people would say you’d be better off playing Sims. I agree about immersion and the expansive worlds that Bethesda creates – but when I think about content, I tend to think more about quests and storylines. That said, I don’t mind this type of DLC.

      But I think most of it just comes from bad timing.

      You have to expect a certain amount of backlash when you release DLC in timed exclusives for one out of 3 major platforms. Whatever the stats are, you have to admit that there are 3 major platforms in today’s gaming world.

      I think the main problem is that the first major “content” DLC hasn’t even been released for one of the 3 major platforms, is buggy and broken on another, and here Bethesda are releasing another timed exclusive DLC for the platform that got Dawnguard first, rather than (to public appearance) working on fixing Dawnguard on PC and releasing it on PS3. Anyone who isn’t an Xbox gamer has the right to feel a bit miffed, and express that.

      If Bethesda made a blog post “meet the PC team fixing the CTDs and freezes and quests, their current patch ETA is 3 weeks” and “meet the PS3 team working on optimizing the DLC for PS3, their current ETA is 5 weeks”, I have a feeling it would be a totally different story around here.

      • I hear you, Brandon. I may have been off base in recommending shooters to action RPG fans, but there are certainly more than enough RPG choices available (without namedropping the competition) for players who want to play strictly action RPGs. There are also games and companies that are more known for their ability to tell riveting stories. As for quests, though — I didn’t spend 200 hours strictly on decorating my homes in Skyrim. The vast majority of time spent has been questing, and I’ve only recently started the main storyline. Skyrim (even without Dawnguard, which I don’t have yet) is not hurting for quests.

        While we have plenty of RPG options on the market, I continue to play Bethesda games because they provide something unique. The Elder Scrolls series has been (since Morrowind) the only game series I’ve found that provides players with homes that we can affect, customize, and inhabit to such a degree. While other games provide home-like rooms with trophies in them that a player can walk through without much interaction, Bethesda games allow us the ability to collect whatever trophies we want and arrange them however we’d like. Tired of slaying beasts? Take a break! Sit in the chair next to your bed and look around the room at your keepsakes.

        Though a fair response to my “shooter” comment, there is also no real comparison with games like “The Sims,” where you build and decorate rooms for robots to walk around in. With Morrowind, Oblivion, or Skyrim, the player isn’t expected to maintain a house for a family of sea monkies. The player is given an opportunity to have a home for him/herself in the fantasy world that they spend hours and hours adventuring in already.

        My girlfriend (who heretofore has strongly disliked fantasy RPG games) loves playing Skyrim. She loves the combat and the exploration, but what really addicted her was the ability to arrange keepsakes and ingredients in her player home. I was especially amazed at the level of detail she was able to accomplish, given the decrease in control from Oblivion to Skyrim.

        I understand that players are upset about timed exclusives, but this isn’t a new situation in gaming. Certain systems have always had exclusive content, and this content won’t even remain exclusive. Those players who cuss and shout and swear that they’ll “never buy anything from this company again” may as well start hurling the same hollow hate at most of their favorite developers.

        Bethesda games are huge and complex, and they have always been plagued with bugs. I agree that Bethesda could be more upfront about what they’re working on fixing, but sometimes giving an ETA that ends up being wrong creates an even bigger backlash. I’m not sure the story would be any different, having read plenty of “YOU SAAD IT WOULD BE OUT NOW!!!! WARE IZ IT??!!! YOU DON’T CARE ABOUT US!@!! wAAHHHHH!!!” posts in the past.

        I mostly just wanted to show some support and say “thank you” in the middle of what seemed to be an angry hatefest response to a DLC announcement. I am personally more excited about this DLC than I am about Dawnguard. I’ll buy this one at release. Bethesda has many different kinds of fans. I just don’t want the loud, angry response of the action crowd drowning the rest of us out.

        • It’s not that you’re not making sense. Most of us (me at least) are as excited about Hearthfire as you are. But you have to consider the what gives some of us cause for apprehension; Hearthfire is set for release in a week or so on 360, then there’s a month of waiting for PS3. If they haven’t released Dawnguard yet or even given us a release date, do you really think we PS3 owners can even begin to dream of the day we can enjoy hearthfire? I doubt we can hope they’ll skip Dawnguard and release Hearthfire on time.
          Personally, I’d be fine if I knew that we’d at least get Hearthfire without waiting for them to give us Dawnguard.I’d be fine if they gave us a bugged Dawnguard even. I’d also be fine if they gave some sort of limit to how much longer they’d delay the dlc release but we have none of that.
          What’s even more childish than ps3 owners venting here is Bethesda for not handling this situation professionally. They may have a good reason for this delay and all their other problems but if they won’t help us understand those reasons we can’t be expected to sit tight and smile.
          How I feel won’t stop me from getting the dlc when it finally gets here (though I may have gotten distracted with other games if they take much longer). Maybe I’ll just start up a new skyrim file and hope the dlc gets here before I clear out every hole.

          • Not that PS3 players don’t have a right to complain, I would to in your shoes… but they should still respect bethesda’s right to silence on the matter… I mean, they HAVE basically answered these questions before and it doesnt matter if a month goes by if they still cant provide a different answer. So at the same time, if I were THEM, I’d have given a single answer and ignored the rest as well,.. if they can’t bother themselves to read what was already posted, tough shit for them.
            If they ceased working on the issues, they’d say so.
            also, theres something called diminising marginal utility,.. its not really a term usually used in this kinda situation, but think about it… if they have 110 or so people, how many of those can really be working on the bugs and PS3 issues and whatnot WITHOUT getting in eachothers way? Each additional person adds less progress than the previous. Why not put them to better use? (aka Hearthfire)
            Thats what I see as far as that issue goes…

  33. I just hope I don’t forget where my houses are (or their names)… With the map full of locations it’s gonna be a pain to find them.

  34. Ps3 doesn’t deserve any add on’s it’s a piece of garbage ! All u dirty ps3 users need to get an Xbox and stoP complaining

  35. Wow! After reading all these comments and being a PS3 gamer, holy sh!t! How dare you guys even put this game out for PS3! This is absolutely absurd how can a company like this be so inconsistent with the dlc for PS3?! I will NEVER purchase another game from your company EVER! You make it so difficult to be a fan of such and incredible game! Why is it other companies have no problems putting dlc out for PS3?! I really hope you guys read these comments and realize how dissapointed people are!

  36. This is really good, because this means there won’t be any Xbox exclusive period any more! Since microsoft only had a contract with bethesda for the first two DLC for skyrim, and since this isn’t a major DLC we won’t have yet another delay when that one giant expansion like shivering isles for Oblivion, unless microsoft extends the contract O.o .

  37. What i really want is become High King of Skyrim,kill every thalmor in Tamriel….and maybe become another daedric prince or a divine,or something really cool….oh…and i want to invest,etc…my DAMN MONEY…really…i got millions of gold…i could buy the entire Skyrim and yet i would still got millions of gold…this is the really the “Thing” in every free roam game….rich in the end…but nothing to spend the DAMN MONEY…


  38. If we can build all 3 homes in the wilderness, in addition to being able to buy 3 plots of land and build 3 houses, can we rent some of these properties out?

  39. (Beth releases game trailer for Hearthfire)
    Todd Howards Secretary : “The Sims called, They are pissed.”

    Haha really though, I think this add-on will be fun for a little while.

    But I have have to admit all I want to do is kill Thalmor. Why write a completely in-depth backstory with its sole purpose intended to make us feel nothing but hatred for a faction and then only give us a handful of them to kill? Besides the dozen at Northwatch Keep and the handful at the Thalmor Embassy, you can take out two or three here and their walking along the road.

    Just…wtf. Bethesda I love Dawnguard, I will enjoy Hearthfire for a week or so…