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  1. Seriously Gstaff, you have time to post stuff like this and yet you won’t give the PS3 users an update on Dawnguard? You guys must really hate us.

      • It’s pretty hard to blame the guy who basically just tells us what Bethesda tells him.

        Oh and sweet name by the way! Did you come from the future to tell us when Dawnguard for the PS3 comes out?

        • “Oh and sweet name by the way! Did you come from the future to tell us when Dawnguard for the PS3 comes out?”

          Oh wow, I literally laughed out loud.

  2. I used to appreciate what they were doing, they said they were working on getting all the bugs out of ps3 dawnguard… now it seems very obvious that something else is going on here with hearthfire coming to Xbox and they haven’t even gave ps3 community so much as an estimate on release date for dawnguard. I love their games but right now I feel that Bethesda doesn’t care about the PlayStation community.

  3. I think in the next month, a good update is coming, and plus the Dawnguard for the PS3. They have too much to do, this dlc is just a small thing, and have no relations to improve the code revision, probably running for the PS3 issues.

    PC and Xbox360 are far better in terms of development kits, far fast to work on. This is not “PS3 sux” just a real point, the work enviroment for Sony products, are more pain in the arse.


    • It’s not so much that PS3 is harder to program for, it’s just different. The OS for XBox 360 is heavily based on Windows, making programming for Box 360 and PC very similar. While PS3 has a distinctly unique OS compared to other consoles. Combined with the fact the consoles almost literally come from opposite sides of the planet, yes programming for PS3 will be a different environment than for XBox 360 or PC, and is a foreign environment for Bethesda which has a history with being mostly on XBox and PC until recently. Yet despite all of these barriers and differences they aren’t just porting over Dawnguard to PS3 and leaving it at that, no they are basically reprogramming the whole DLC so that it works right. That shows commitment to providing a quality PS3 version of their product. I have stated my request that PS3 gets a discount bundle for Dawnguard and Hearthfire when they both come out for PS3, and I won’t be surprised if the PS3 players a properly rewarded for our patience. Bethesda at the very least will provide a quality product.

      I believe if PS3 support was to be dropped then Bethesda would’ve stated so. So please people don’t get all hyped up like monkeys in a banana shop.

      • “they aren’t just porting over Dawnguard to PS3 and leaving it at that, no they are basically reprogramming the whole DLC so that it works right. That shows commitment to providing a quality PS3 version of their product.”

        It’s too bad they didn’t show this level of “commitment” you think they are taking before they released vanilla Skyrim on PS3, if they had they and what little fans they have left on PS3 wouldn’t be in this mess. Instead they chose to lazily port it and spread disinformation and outright lies about the PS3 version as well as purposely covering it up and keeping it completely out of journalist and the public’s eyes until release day. They even refused to send reviewers PS3 copies even when the pS3 version was specifically requested. Besides Todd Howard admitted months after Skyrim released that they knew before release the game could run into memory problems and that it does exceed the physical memory of the PS3. They didn’t show any commitment back then to reprogram/rebuild Skyrim specifically for the PS3, what’s made them sudden change their heart about delivering a quality product?

        Bethesda has never liked the PS3 and the way they’ve handled this whole Skyrim PS3 mess, and they way they’ve treated their PS3 customers shows how little they care for the PS3. It’s my opinion they are looking for a way to stop supporting Skyrim altogether on the PS3. Now that Dawnguard is doubtfully going to be released, Bethesda has their out to wash their hands of the PS3 version and move on.

      • @Jesse

        “Yet despite all of these barriers and differences they aren’t just porting over Dawnguard to PS3 and leaving it at that, no they are basically reprogramming the whole DLC so that it works right. That shows commitment to providing a quality PS3 version of their product.”

        Then why don’t they SAY that? Seriously, this entire problem with the DLCs is one of a lack of communication. Hearing you say it isn’t good enough. We don’t know what, if any, connection you have to Bethesda. We need to hear that stuff from them. It would go a long way if they’d just come clean about it and say:

        “Look, we struggle coding for the PS3, we always have, and yes, we messed up bigtime with the release of Skyrim on that console when we knew it had serious memory issues that hadn’t been resolved. Right now we’re pulling out all the stops, essentially rebuilding Dawnguard from the ground up specifically for the PS3, and we’ll be offering both it and Hearthfire in a reduced rate bundle in compensation for all the distress caused.”

        Is that kind of openness, honesty and integrity too much to ask from a company? Or is asking a business to come clean about it’s errors and provide compensation a ridiculous thing to do? (Of course my example statement depends on the accuracy of your thoughts concerning the development of Dawnguard).

    • Skyrim might be the last game of Bethesda for PS3, because in the end, trying to fix it or not, the consumer anger is very large with the end result.

    • The type of game that Bethesda produces is not simple, the technical sense, and try to be creative with the time and technical difficulties during the development, is terrible. You get to do your job in the first year of production with the engine already done, or actually in stages of retouches, causing a lot of rework during the creation, for the code and art.

      My favorite game here “Uncharted” is a small sector within the environment of the Bethesda’s games, it is hard to imagine all the difficulties that a product made for a competitive and saturated market of ideas brings, especially openworld, this kind of logic is close to a nightmare. I chose to play titles from Bethesda on PC.

      I do not consider the Bethesda, with its size and money, competent with the PS3, in fact they should have left the platform a long time ago. I would have no problems to follow their games on PC, with lots of mods, more gpu power and memory, is a great enviroment for this kind of game, openworld and mmo.

      • “I do not consider the Bethesda, with its size and money, competent with the PS3, in fact they should have left the platform a long time ago.”

        Exactly. As a PS3 owner I feel cheated.

  4. I don’t know how many of you have heard this on here before, but I am a PS3 player, and am disappointed in Bethesda’s lack of support for us?

  5. Seriously u have to post stuff like this and u won’t give updates on dawnguard it’s like u don’t care about ps3 players we have been waiting and waiting and u never give. please inform us on the estimated release of dawnguard

  6. I said this in other places and i will say it again, i wont buy an XBOX to play SKYRIM. I have all Fallout`s for the PS3, i have OBLIVION and i have Skyrim, but i`m not sure anymore if i`ll ever buy another game from Bethesda due to the actual problem of the DLC. If it`s a delay to make a better work, fine i`ll respect that, if it`s another thing…my money will be spent other way. It`s a shame if i stop playing this games, games that i really love but if we are neglected and mistreated this way, that`s what i`ll do. I do hope not.

  7. it sucks that bethesda hasnt realeased dawnguard for the ps3 this is a OUTRAGE it could have bugs but bugs dont matter unless they effect the game seriously ever learn ignoring then continuing? when it comes out for ps3 it should be free!!!!! and hearthfire for the long wait it should come out for ps3 first!!! than the xbox and like i said ingnore the bugs and move on!!! watd you rather bugs to ingnore or wait about 4 months!!!!!!! i rather ingnoring bugs its not like if theres one you halfta stop srry if im being too mean but its true!

  8. Well Bethesda, I think the debacle known as Skyrim will be the last straw for PS3 owners.

    You may be able to get a few suckers with the next game, but the majority of the PS3 users have learned the lessons well that were taught to us by Fallout: New Vegas and Skyrim.
    I for one will not support Bethesda with any more of my money. I hope I will be joined by millions of PS3 fans.

    Let us just see how Bethesda will respond to the sudden drop in revenue when they attempt to release their next “big game.” I just hope that no one will fall for it when Bethesda gives us the whole “new engine and quicker bug fixes” line again. I hope we remember how that worked with Skyrim.


    After tuesday,the one month exclusive contract ends,GStaff also told us on the forums that there is a fairly big bug that they haven’t found a solution too yet.They are working with sony,at least they are trying rather than giving up.

    • What’s Sony going to do to help the situation? They’re probably going to come back with the same results that Betheda are getting. The game is already developed there really isn’t much that can be done, unless Bethesda rebuilt the game from the ground up specifically for PS3(something they should have done from the beginning) At this point asking Sony to help is like putting your 1st string team on the field with 1 second left on the clock and you’re team is down by 40 points, basically it’s hopeless now. Bethesda is going to drop support for Skyrim on the PS3. No revenue = no support.

  10. I roll with PlayStation3 and I have faith that Bethesda WILL deliver DawnGuard, or an exclusive DLC for the PS3. Until then, I DEFINITELY WILL NOT be buying an xbox. Instead, I’ll get a copy of Skyrim for my pc. At least I’ll be able to play DawnGuard and make some cool mod vids for my subscribers. Bethesda won’t be giving up. I think they will deliver and deliver BIG.

    Keep it on the strength!

  11. i WOULD have thought that beth deserves a bit of a break…
    i had morrowind for pc
    yeah i’ve bought multiple copies of oblivion… PC first. the ps3 when it first came out… then shivering isles on PC… then goye oblivion for ps3… cos i kinda grew out of sitting in a back room playing rpgs on a pc…
    then bought skyrim on release day for ps3 cos i couldn’t wait for the collectors edition to come in the post…
    i love the games… I was annoyed about dawnguard at first but the idea that it mightn’t come at all to the ps3 irked me
    anyway i was going to wait to see how this plays out but my girlfriend, as a surprise, bought an xbox and skyrim on the weekend! abit extravagant but yeah i was pretty stoked. interesting to note the less blurred textures and smoother frame rate on the xbox. anyway i down loaded dawnguard, created a new character and soon was told to visit the dawnguard’s hideout… and everyone there just slaughters me… had a few attempts negotiating with them, running past them, etc etc etc… seriously. talk about disappointing. i’m sure i’ll find some explaination online (one i saw is that they attack you if you’re a vamp or already infected… i didn’t THINK i was but i’ll check tomorrow). but from a gameplay point of view and as an “experience” it was just broken… my first mission in the expansion pack involved me repeatedly trying to reach some guy who kills me straight away without explanation… ah ha. given the pr nightmare that is dawnguard, this just seems ludicrous. if that line about them killing you if you’re infected is true then at least have the characters shout out something to inform the player whats going on ?!?! come on, simple stuff here guys!
    it seems pretty clear (not from my anecdotal experience) that dawnguard should not have been released. another 6 months in testing maybe? something less ambitious? i know you got a lot of crap over the horse armour but this is over compensating… 🙂 I know ambition makes bethesda what it is but breaking the game might be taking it a bit too far. shipping is a feature. even if we are ONLY talking about the ps3 version….
    give ps3 owners free swap for copies on other platforms and move on. stop explaining how hard it is to code for the ps3 with its limited ram and the great complexity of the game and how its hard to anticipate how the game will react to a persons playing style. its not placating anyone.
    i’m sure i’m not the only person who is buying another copy of the game on another platform to play dawn guard. you are in effect taxing your most loyal fans…