Download the Dishonored: Rat Assassin App

Help reduce Dunwall’s rat plague with our new iPhone app, Dishonored: Rat Assassin — available today on the iTunes App Store. Featuring classic “slice and dice” gameplay, as well as weapons and abilities from this Fall’s game, Rat Assassin is 100% free to download.

Want to play on iPad? An iPad-specific version will be available in the near future.

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Reader Comments

    • I will be surprised if this app doesn’t have at least one bug or two…


  1. I was going to buy DISHONOREDยฎ for the PlayStation3… But if you can’t even make 1 DLC for Skyrimยฉ… WHAT A JOKE! I used to stand up for BUGthesda…
    Now, I laugh at you. Look out GAME OF THRONESยฎ / DRAGONS DOGMAยฎ….
    Here I come!

  2. I agree Syrik. I’ve grown bored of skyrim and with the lack of dlc on ps3 I’m thinking of shelving it or possibly even selling it. Dragons dogma is looking pretty good at the moment.but its whatever. Dawn guard gas been delayed long enough for ps3 its probably not going to happen. And honestly I’ve given up any hope that it will. Bethesda can avoid it all they want but in the end they are only screwing themselves

  3. What? A free download with no support for all platforms? Where’s the love for the Android market? I….Ok, I can’t do it any more, it sounds just as silly when the PS3 people say it…

  4. You cry babys. Thats what you get for having a ps3! And just because thier trying to make it right for the japanese pice of sh** console your crying. Your communist. It seems to me bethesda contiues to win awards for their games.MADE OR PUBLIHED BY THEM! And if you are bored by skyrim then obviously you dont even know how to play rpgs little less what goes into making them.Go play tetris or something

  5. I understand that the PS3 users are justifiably mad as they havn’t been getting the same level of support that 360 or PC users have been getting, but the rage-outs are just starting to become comical.

  6. Dont complain about not having it on Android, you’re not missing anything. This is just a fruit ninja clone. But by substituting rats for fruit, it’s reprehensible animal mutilation. Can’t believe this made it through the approval process. Disgusting.