Skyrim Team Diary #6: Hearthfire

Visit to read the latest Skyrim developer focusing on Hearthfire’s development. Here’s an excerpt:

With Skyrim’s latest game add-on, players can build their own home from the ground up. Beginning with a small, one room cabin in The Pale, Falkreath, or Hjaalmarch, players can eventually construct a fully  functioning home with more features than you could possibly expect.

In many ways, this house-building process is analogous to the evolution of Hearthfire’s development.

Like Dawnguard, Hearthfire’s inception came out of Bethesda Game Studios’ first-ever “Game Jam”, a weeklong exercise where members of the team shared in-game ideas for expanding Skyrim.

Read the full diary here.

Reader Comments

  1. Come on people.

    Bethesda has kept you (PS3 owners) informed of the situation. They said they were not happy with how it runs. Now they are saying they need help. Personally I think that took guts. To say you need help is hard. And also, in both of Bethesda’s updates, no where have they stated you will not ever get any DLC. You’re all jumping to a conclusion for which there is no foundation.

    Personally speaking, please refrain from turning all Bethesda Blogs updates, littering the ELder Scrolls Council comments into a shouting match about “console superiority” and demanding for things that you will get eventually.

    Patience is a virtue and a virtue is a grace. I get your anguish and need rant but all of you need to back off. These kinds of comments can have demoralising effects and could effect their products. I am not saying stroke their egos, I am simply saying there is a place for reporting you problems and rants. Please be considerate and use it. Not everyone wants to read such anguish first think in the morning.

    You might also want to consider that the development team lost a member. That will of had an effect.

    UK PC Gamer 0906am

  2. HA HA HA. With the FACT that you bought one X-CRAP (let alone another one) PLUS the fact that your name is “BONZO” That makes YOU the CLOWN! XD
    RROD coming soon to an xbox near you.
    HearthFire would be A nice addition to the PlayStation Nation of DOMINATION.
    If we don’t get DawnGuard, I (for one) have hopes that SONY (a REAL GAMING COMPANY) WILL NOT let Bethesda take a nap (with bill GOOFS money) and DEMAND a TOTALLY NEW DLC JUST FOR PS3. That’s this DOVAHKIIN’S prediction.

    • Heh, do your research guy, “Bozo” is the popular clown name your feeble mind is scraping for. “Bonzo” is a monkey from an old film starring Ronald Raegan….one of our U.S. presidents… in case you missed that one too. The name of the film was “Bedtime For Bonzo”. Secondly, mind your blathering pie-hole if you have no concept of the hardware you’re talking about…. clown! :*

    • First off, sony has NEVER been a “real” gaming company, they are new comers to a console world. Second the playstation 3 when released was an electronic nightmare. the 360 was no better but then again I don’t remember walking through electronic stores seeing EVERY 360 locked up on the demo screen even if restarted within the first 30 minutes. Nope that blunder belongs to the ps3, granted they have fixed alot of those bugs. Would you like to know why the 360 is easier to program for than the ps3. Shh, it’s a secret, oh wait it’s right in the name of the company that makes them, MICROSOFT. You know…the guys who make windows…Thus the guys who make the operating systems these guys MAKE the games on. Curious isn’t it.

    • What did you put in to get compensated for the dlc? Nothing.. all of you put nothing into the game, so you shouldnt be asking for anything. You are lucky to even have the game, grow up and get over it. Xbox players get dlc because we paid for it. everything we pay for to microsoft go torwards dlc, updated, firmware,security, ect. Ps3 pay nothing to play, so what do you expect out of a free system? NOthing! you ps3 pay for nothing so you get nothing, Sony isn’t going to pay for your dlc, they’re not gonna focus thier attention on whats happening. Stop blaming bethesda and blame sony for not doing thier job.

  3. If the Xbox is superior, why do you have to mod it to keep it from frying itself?
    While YLOD comes most often from users not cleaning their system.
    Kind of like how you said yours is just sitting around, bonzo.
    I have an 80gb fatboy PS3 that has only ever gotten warm from extended play, while friends of mine, who own both, are on their second or third XBox.
    Japanese manufacturing standards are higher than American manufacturing standards, i.e. Quality Assurance.

    We all have our own choice on how to play.
    Can we now get back to heckling Bethesda?
    “We’re working with Sony cuz we dun fuckered up”

    • lol!! I genuinely appreciate your knowledgeable reply! I modded my box more for appearance than anything, but preventative measures like those I’ve taken will ensure I never join the rrod-plagued masses. I concur that xbox’s are shoddy hardware, but their simplistic build and software allows for easier porting of games. I have the same Ps3 you do, for hardware reasons most are unaware of! 😉 I did however mod my Ps3 for the same reasons as my Xbox… as Sony demands extortionist sums to repair the ylod, and reballing is a pain in the ass. I do these repairs for many people… and tbh, both consoles are pretty shoddy. Anywho, that’s my piece!

    • you don’t need to mod your xbox to keep it from frying. don’t know where your sources come from, but i’ve had my xbox for 3 years, and havent bought a new one at all, and mines the same as it was when it came out of the box.

    • Yea, ps3 is nice.
      But Xbox is better because thier standards are better.
      The worst games in the industry are played on the ps3, the worst rated game “powersuit gundam” is designed for the ps3.
      Sony allows anyone the bang out the worst and cheapest piece of trash to be played on thier system, that why people play xbox360, they have a long history of filtering out the bad ones.

  4. Look forward to the new dlc and hopefully some patches cause we haven’t had one in a while other than that good work Bethesda and keep the dlc coming.

  5. Heyy bethesda,how about you jus say youre not releasing any dlc for ps3 due to the lack of ur ability to code for said such a powerful systeam.and that you ull release a ultimate edition with all dlc in the hopefully soon future for the ps3 and that for stores like gamestop and ebgames,we get a 30-50% off discount when we trade in are original copy of skyrim,along with the cloth map that was promised to all ppl who pre ordered skyrim weather it was collectors or normal!!!!

    Stop bullshitting us and jus gives us an assured thing to wait for!!!! A fucking hard copy with all the dlc,and only for ps3

    • The PS3 is far from being a powerful system, its more like they would have to downgrade skyrim just so ps3 players can play. Why does it freeze on the ps3 and have so many issues? Because ps3 isn’t “powerful” enough. They are doing what they can to bring it to ps3. Also you don’t need to mod your xbox to keep it from frying. don’t know where your sources come from, but i’ve had my xbox for 3 years, and havent bought a new one at all, and mines the same as it was when it came out of the box.

  6. For the people on ps3 that are complaining, it’s not Bethesda’s fault so much, the playstation 3 has very bad programming and it makes it difficult to create a ps3 version of something originally made for Xbox. So while it is slightly their fault it is also sonys fault for using such bad coding for their high yield hardware.

  7. i’d like to know what time on sept.4th, hearthfire will be released..i live on the west coast of the US and would like to know when it will show up for purchase on xbox live…thanks

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    You HAVE to save you lunch money so you can play with friends (I mean other monkeys) online. But hey, you could curl up with a NICE DVD and 5.1 surround sound. Me? I’ll go online, and because I don’t have to pay to be online, I’ll just buy another game. Or… Hey, I could curl up with a nice Blu-Ray (in 7.1 surround sound) … Nah, I’ll play some God of War because I can. Nite Nite.
    Cant wait for Hearthfire®

    • friend, try to relax .. you write what should be scary of hear in a speech, considering his attitude. I stop here, the blog was lost for this kind of repetitive mindless speech.

    • friend, try to relax .. you write what should be scary of hear in a speech, considering his attitude. I stop here, the blog was lost for this kind of repetitive mindless speech.

    • I’m so proud of you Syrik, you can google a name!! That was a nice effort at coming back, unfortunately for you, such a thing requires wit, and utilizing caps lends nothing to your cause. Don’t you have an appointment with a family lawyer today? Have fun with that, I’ll be playing Hearthfire! XD

  9. Ive read somewhere that the microsoft exclusive is only valid for two DLC, so after hearthfire, could it be possible that bethesda plans to release an even bigger DLC compared to dawnguard and hearthfire combined for all console to be released all at once ????,

    patience is a virtue

  10. ROFLMBO! WOW. You saved your lunch money. Good girl. Playing hearth fire on X-CRAP? I’d rather play tic-tac-toe in the dirt with a stick. (that’s what your broken graphics are like) Keep telling yourself that little girl. Make sure you sell more girl scout cookies so you can keep fixing that shamble of electronics you call a console. Let me know how HearthFire® is when you get through ALL THE BUGS. Hey, believe it or not, you JUST made me realize something… Bethesda and bill goofs actually pulled the wool over the xbox monkey’s eyes… DawnGuard for the X-SCRAP was a nightmare to (a good portion) of X-SCRAP 360 users… Falling through floors,walls missing…etc You poor monkeys are the (big word coming up for you) VIVISECTION for Bethesda and MicroSOFT AS COTTON. They will get HearthFire® right for the PS3 Don’t worry your little pigtales. 😉 And YES! Lawyer meeting @ 1:30pm EST.
    I’m in Tampa,Florida. So… (my little mindless sheep..(I mean monkey) This will be the last retort to your failed attempts. Although I am upset with Bethesda®, (as most PS3 users) I’m sure Bethesda® will do their best to get us our content. It would be bad business for them if they did not comply. But, on another note, since I do not want to be banned from these forums, I must regretfully decline any other… Hmmmm (maybe you’ll understand this term) BATTLES of WIT. So, remember… SAVE,SAVE,SAVE your lunch money, allowance,washing cars,selling crack etc or whatever you have to do to keep playing. Lawyer update later this evening.

  11. According to our lawyer, Since Bethesda® did not promise a specific name for DLC,nor a deadline, They’re off the hook. Slick one Bethesda®. I do apologize for letting this get to me so Bethesda®, I will have to wait patiently. Just tell me you have a plan. Tell me you are really working with SONY®
    If SONY® released a statement, we could all breath easier.


  12. Just gotta say thank you bethesda for all the great games, I’ve been buying your games since arena and will continue to buy them past dishonored, I just wish you would get some of these dlc out to us pc gamers a little quicker, but contracts are contracts I suppose.

  13. @ thinkh2o ps3 players payed 59 + $ for a game that hasn’t worked right since it was released I think they have the right to be pissed about it

  14. i agree all of the ps3 users, i have a ps3 300somethin gigs, n and a xbox 360 also 300 somethin gigs, my ps3 has more prolems then i care 2 mention, i cant even swim, an both r newer systems, anyway, id just like to were u get CLAY …… please dont mind my typing i had a stroke, congestive heart failure, an kidney failure, an this has NOT been easy 2 write

  15. This DLC is great Bethesda, but can you please come out with a update so people will be able to buy land in Falkreath.
    That already killed the male steward for the DB quest.

    • I bought land in Falkreath, Jesse. I guess I will have to buy all 3 and try out all building options then decide what I like best and use another character to build that. I am to the point in Falkreach where I have to Choose ONLY THREE! additions.
      Some pet peeves:
      -Cannot(I don’t think)put forge outside. Don’t think I want a forge and especially not a smelter in my cellar.
      -Why must I build FIVE safes and again in the cellar.
      -What good are multipe shelves if I can put ONLY BOOKS on them?? Once I remove what they come with-then what?
      -The example of animal pen shows a chicken shelter but when I create it all I get is a woven fence…and straw.

  16. Hi,
    I´m from Brazil.
    Could you please help me informing how could I get out from second travel at Japhet´s Folly island? Is there some DLC to be installed or if I buy the expansion the issue is going to be solved?
    I have a life inside the game and it´s could not be losted. I can not die inside.
    Really appreciate your help!!