Skyrim Team Diary #6: Hearthfire

Visit to read the latest Skyrim developer focusing on Hearthfire’s development. Here’s an excerpt:

With Skyrim’s latest game add-on, players can build their own home from the ground up. Beginning with a small, one room cabin in The Pale, Falkreath, or Hjaalmarch, players can eventually construct a fully  functioning home with more features than you could possibly expect.

In many ways, this house-building process is analogous to the evolution of Hearthfire’s development.

Like Dawnguard, Hearthfire’s inception came out of Bethesda Game Studios’ first-ever “Game Jam”, a weeklong exercise where members of the team shared in-game ideas for expanding Skyrim.

Read the full diary here.

Reader Comments

  1. And of course it’s 360 exclusive. You know, instead of making excuses, you COULD just admit it’s too hard for you to programme on a Ps3.

    • Heh. You think they would admit that? Would be bad for PR. The best we’ve gotten out of them is “This is not a problem we are positive we can solve”. Ugh… We get the shaft yet again from Bethesda.

    • I wouldn’t mind if they just made Bethesda a Xbox exclusive company.

      Also hey bethesda you gonna be giving any credit to supernastypants for this? From what I have seen you took just about everything he did.

      • Actually the concept of the modularly built home is a Bethesda original dating back to Morrowind. They also had it in the game jam. They owe nothing to supernastypants for redeveloping their own idea.If anything he might have made this on his own, but since he had the inspiration in Morrowind the point is moot.

    • 1. It isn’t a 360 exclusive. It will be on the 360 a month and then will also be on the PC.
      2. Everyone should play Bethesda games on the PC.
      3. They did admit it.

    • I am going to sue bethesda for false ad I am a ps3 owner explain to me how you plan to make any money from ps3 users now you just put Bioware way ahead of you YOU GUYS SUCK

  2. Playstation Network sucks, my ps vita is faulty, developers always screwed with the PS3, is because we need a better code for the “best hardware”? this is bullshit of SONY! arrogant! damn SONY i hate you! never more!

  3. Just a request to please, please, please not release a Skyrim GOTY until all DLC are out and can be included in such a package.

  4. Bethesda should have the guts to post the update on the PS3 version of Dawnguard here. Why is the update not on the blog Bethesda?

    • Thanks for posting that link. It is pretty disheartening to know that they’re not even sure if they can solve the problems plaguing the PS3 Dawnguard release…

      • Todd Howard said in an interview that they only hire the best programmers. Are they still with you Todd because they can’t even do what every other company can do put dlc on the ps3 ya right the best why don’t your guys talk with bioware or rocksteady or any other legitimate programer. skyrim is a big game but so is batman arkham city mass effect 2 and 3 read dead redemption and more yet they all have dlc on the ps3 and it came out the same time as all the other platforms so cone up with another stupid excuse why your programmers suck

  5. I’m a ps3 owner and have now accepted that dawnguard isn’t coming to ps3 at least not anytime soon they pretty much told us yesterday that they didn’t even know if they can fix it…oh well I still like Bethesdas games although I am very dissatisfied with this dawnguard situation. Here’s to game of the year hopefully we’ll see dawnguard then 🙂

  6. While it’s frustrating to have to wait longer for DLC when I bought a PS3 solely to play Skyrim, it’s certainly not enough to turn me against the company that created the Elder Scrolls — games I consider to be masterworks. I’ve logged an embarrassing number of hours into Skyrim and I’m still finding new things. Bethesda is obviously working diligently at fixing whatever issues there are with Dawnguard PS3. Be patient.

    • They should’ve been working diligently in the three years between Fallout 3 and Skyrim. Seriously, how did they not get any better at this?

      • LoL!! Every Bethesda title I’ve ever owned, be it Fallout or ES, has worked flawlessly! I even had the fortune to neglect updating when the backwards-dragon screw-up came about, and even THAT didn’t last long! XD Well, that’s because I’ve always played them on Xbox…PC as well, but primarily the Xbox! Thank you Bethesda, I love you, SO much!!!! Morrowind was by far your biggest win, now take us to ELSWEYR!!!!!!!!!!

  7. The PS3 sucks, thats just how it is.. sold mine just do buy an X-box 360 and i have got to say xb360 is ALOT faster and better! and why PS3 is so bad is because their hardware is soooo bad it’s funny… so sad that everybody blames Bethesda for Dawnguard delay.

    I think they should become a Xbox exclusive company. sad i know.

    • Actually it is a FACT that PS3 is faster and better.. Have you even looked into the hardware and compared it with xbox?
      FOR EXAMPLE, the PS3 CPU has 8 cores, the Xbox CPU has ONLY 3 cores.. And don’t even get started on the graphic cards, haha nice try kido 😉

      • While the PS3 has 5 more cores than the Xbox 360, and the PS3’s modified GeForce 7800, compared to the 360’s Xenos graphics device, at least as far as my limited knowledge on GPU’s, is based on the ATI Radeon X1800, which according to a quick Google search, seems to be approximately equal to the ‘Reality Synthesizer’ of the PS3. Now can we PLEASE stop arguing over which console is insanely superior to the others? PLEASE?

  8. It’s not bethesda’s fault that you dont have dawnguard yet. Do you really think they would ignore Ps3 and loose customers, no so i know they are working as hard as they can to fix the issue but the issue is with Ps3. The ram in a 360 all goes to the game your playing where in a Ps3 all the ram is running manny difrent things making it hard to run a game as large as skyrim and to throw a dlc ontop of that is too much for a Ps3 to handle. So give bethesda a break wile they are working hard to make the dlcs work around Ps3’s problomb.

  9. Is there any tie-in to the locations in the game where you can cut logs at a mill? Because that’s what I was thinking whenever I did some log cutting. I was thinking, it would be great to be able to fell a tree with an axe, transport it to the mill, cut it, and then build a house out of it. Huge props to you guys if you followed through the idea in that fashion. Subtract points if the mills don’t tie into Hearthfire.

  10. Stop with conspiracies! the company is doing something sensible for the platform that brought less stability, digging deeper in the code, giving the proper fit.

    Dawnguard is cool, but is very short, the next DLC is about humanizing, put some gameplay around be a dad, build a house and so on. Need more history and blood? well, this requires the full team, more time. They need put efforts on fixing things now, Skyrim deserves a huge DLC in the future, with more exploration and history.

    Xbox360 exclusive is not a issue, stop bitching about this.. who cares, this necessity to launch more products just reflects more issues for the company. In resume, they have a lot of problems, and a team of coders with three plataforms and a huge game to fix.

    I think now, with this multiplataform market and necessities of more and more content for the player. In the end, a five year game, need five years of updates in the end.

  11. I have a question about heartfire,been tweeting you guys at bethesda like crazy 🙂 Hoping for a asnwer,Since this is not a big dlc filled with spoilers or anything i guess you can talk about it?

    I am just wondering,Can you build your house wherever you want within these 3 holds? I know you can build up to three houses,But where can you build those houses? Already set places?

    Or can you find your own little unique place,Like feeling.
    -Hey! I want to build a house on that place! would be amazing!
    or is it set places? I guess you know what i mean 🙂 Anyway however it is it sounds great for a console player to get better houses! Thanks. its just something i have been thinking of,And i dont want to hope for to much,Just ending up me getting Dissapointed ^^

  12. I’m not too fussed about not having Dawnguard, it would just be something to do, but I sincerely hope that Hearthfire comes out on PS3. Vampires aren’t my thing but I would love to be able to live in Falkreath Hold.

  13. I am so disappointed in you bethesda you haven’t given ps3
    dawnguard and now you are making a new dlc are you sirius dude I have been waiting like 3 months now and you still haven’t.I thought you were better than this :´(

  14. Oh for god’s sake, just give the PS3 a beta release of Dawnguard from what you currently have, I don’t care if it’s buggy, I just want to play it ._.

  15. I will buy it when it’s released for PC, if it’s $4.99. I don’t know how MS Points work (LOL points, just use real money for crying out loud), but I think that’s what people have been saying. In this case, the price is appropriate.

    Dawnguard was worth $9.99, you totally missed the mark on that. It did not have 1/3 the content of the Skyrim main game. That, or more realistically having twice the content that it currently has, is the only way it should have been priced at $19.99.

    • Yeah, 400 MSP is approximately $5. They use MS points so they don’t have to worry about making the price in local currencies all over the world.

  16. This isn’t going to be available on PC? WTF is that all about?? I am a PC gamer, and don’t (and likely will never) have or want access to an Xbox 360 or whatever this is. Are you really saying I can’t get this just because I prefer to use a PC? This makes me sad…

  17. Wow! Everyone really hates Bethesda now! xD
    People used to just be a little grumpy with them, but now they are such a hated company. It’s a shame, they had so much potential.

  18. Im a PS3 owner and like the all other owners playing Skyrim feel incredibly let down by Bethesda. I just can’t understand how this can happen. Bethesda have been developing games on ps3 since it launched and now all of a sudden they’re having serious problems understanding how to navigate the differences between the platforms it’s a joke. Now it looks like we’ll probably have to wait till the GOTY edition is released which may not even happen and buy the game again.
    Skyrim on the PS3 is FUBAR Bethesda sort it out

  19. Looks badass. I can’t wait for this. I’m gonna go look around these areas now to see if I can decide where I want my house to be.


    • neither Dawnguard or Hearthfire are coming to PS3. Hearthfire almosthad the same amount of problems as Dawnguard. Don’t bother waiting. They aren’t coming

  21. Here is to hoping that PS3 owners make a stand.
    Do not buy Dishonored, or any other titles from Bethesda.
    One of two things will happen:
    Bethesda will stop making PS3 titles and go Microsoft only (they are halfway there already).
    Or, Bethesda will realize they miss the revenue brought in by PS3 owners and actually make a working game on the console for once.

  22. Here’s the problem:

    Bethesda is focusing their resources on developing for the Xbox. The PS3 appears to be nothing but an afterthought.

    If they dedicated more of their resources to fixing the issues with PS3 DLC, they could figure it. But as of now they are so focused on developing for the Xbox that PS3 development gets the sloppy seconds.

    This is inexcusable. The fact that Bethesda takes money from Microsoft in order to keep content off the PS3 is bad enough. But now neglecting your PS3 customers while continuing to create new DLC for the Xbox is appalling.

    So what goes on behind the doors at Bethesda?

    I can’t help but picture an office full of Xbox fanboys, who snicker at PS3 owners. When confronted by their own failure to program for our hardware, their response is “buy a real gaming system, Xbox Rulez!!”

    I hope I’m wrong. But I’ve encountered many rabid Xbox fanboys, and the behavior that Bethesda is exhibiting is not far from this.

    At the very least, Bethesda, communicate with us. Don’t put up an announcement in a forum thread and automatically lock it. Have a dialog with us. Treat your customers with some basic respect.

    And if you are incapable of doing this, then admit the truth: your company has chosen sides in the so-called “console war,” and you’re giving your console of choice preferential treatment. If PS3 owners knew this in advance, we would never have given you our $60 dollars.

  23. So can we get hearthfire for free? You know the people that have been patiently waiting for any news on dawnguard for the past two months. It’s only five bucks, and I’m sure it would be a drop in the bucket, considering however much money microsoft gave you to make Dawnguard an exclusive. That would bring me back.

  24. By my opinion xbox isn’t great but it’s easyer to use and do anything with it than the PS3, have all three PC, Xbox and PS3, best for me is ofcourse the PC, but I had already Dawnguard a few days later after xbox release for my PC becouse it’s easy to reconfigure it from xbox, not like this hell of a mess PS3. It’s it took some time to make it work for my PC but still I loved it :). And by the way Bethesda I recommend not even try anything to fix with PS3 just dump it becouse it’s imposible to fix everything becouse IF and I say IF Dawnguard will come atlast for PS3 it will crash the game alot and make a new mess. That’s from my expirience from fixing and upgrading software and consoles.

  25. Aaaah in to skyrim on xbox for 10 hours now after playing over 500 on ps3. I could not wait any longer and i bought an xbox and dawnguard. Just do that guys it only cost me €110 euro including skyrim. I have a used xbox now and look at it this way now i can play forza and fable. I would have rather played it on my ps3 but when heartfire was on this blog is said to myself stop crying and hunt down a used xbox. And u know what i dont regret it for a minute.

  26. Lol u favour us Xbox yay but it’s kinda wrong and sad for ps3 users so at least give them dawnguard when hearth fire comes out for us

  27. I’ve been wanting to adopt since I first discovered the orphanage in Rifton. It was a little disappointing (after learning that farming was going to be in the game) to know I couldn’t own my own farm as a home to begin with. This DLC isn’t for everyone and they can’t MAKE you get it so why complain? I’ll be buying it as soon as it releases.

  28. So what do playstation users get if you can’t get dawnguard to work? I payed 60$ and I expected to be able to play all dlc that is release, do you know how we feel because we bought skyrim on ps3 we get nothing except a broken game and now you can’t even release dawnguard? And let me guess we get nothing, nothing but a sorry! Could you at least release a weapons pack or just a dlc pack that includes the crossbows and the vampire lord ability and the other tweaks like dragon bone weapons and arrow/bolt crafting (Which is said that we even have to pay for since it should have been there since day one) Come on bethesda give us at least something! I don’t just want to have waited only to get nothing.

    • Do you really think they are going to apologize?
      This is Bethesda we are talking about.
      They will push their new games, lie about new engines and quicker bug fixes, and hope PS3 users forget all about this while handing them more money.

  29. I’m disappointed Bethesda, I was looking forward to Dawnguard and Hearthfire and you basically give up on all PS3 players around the world. I’ll buy anything from you guys when you crawl out of Microsoft’s pocket. You were on top of your game with Skyrim: the updates, the bugfixes, and especially GameJam. You’re dropping the ball and it’s rolling downhill…fast. I wouldn’t even be surprised if you neglect to post updates of Hearthfire on PS3. I used to pull all-nighters playing Skyrim. Now I see no fun in it anymore, theres no point in playing it anymore. Honestly, Skyrim is boring now, there’s nothing to look forward to anymore.

    • I agree, as a PS3 player I no longer see any appeal in playing the game anymore. There’s nothing to keep me hooked on it. Then of course that’s not really an issue for Bethesda because they already got my money for the game so…

  30. Bethesda, if you’re reading this. just give us a straight answer. Be honest with us, tweet or post a single “yes” or “no”. All we want is an answer. It will break our hearts and the majority of your fans will break off if it’s a “no” but still be honest. Is Dawnguard or Hearthfire going to be released to Playstation?

    • lol, go get an Xbox.. I just bought another one for a hundred bucks, modded the hell out of it for another hundred. It’s a jasper unit, and will never rrod, not to mention I’ll get all ES content a month in advance, not to mention I’ll actually GET the ES content! Break down and buy it, or just stop crying… You PS3 players turn every bloody thread into a festival of tears, gets old. Bitch at Sony, not Beth… Bethesda is the awesome, and they love us!! <3

      • If you just bought the xbox to get a month in advance for the Skyrim DLC’s then your stupid, becouse these DLC will come almost perfectly working to PC, so it’s worthless to buy a console for one games DLC’s XDD

        • Heh, you clown, I didn’t buy it PURELY for the purpose of getting the DLC in advance! That part is just a perk, I bought it because everything about it is superior. I have a PS3 that remains silent and neglected except when we want to play Tekken. PS3 is good for fighting games, and that’s it. I did literally just place an order online for 2 ps3-to-xbox controller adapters so I don’t have to use it for even THAT anymore. The real reason I bought another xbox is so I could pass my old one along to my son, and for the pleasure of modding this one out…. Talismoon whisper fans, Core cooler v2s, ect. I’m truly not a fanboy, it’s simply that I’m not investing more money into a console that’s so restricted because Sony likes to be “unique” and makes every aspect of all their products proprietary. I hope you kats DO get your Dawnguard ect…. but looking at the past (Fallout, Oblivion, ect.) it might be time to cut your losses and join reality.

          • Seriously… If you wanted hardware superiority you should’ve bought a PC… And if you wanted to play fighting games, buy a fightpad, normal controllers (whether 360 or PS3) are horrible for fighting games.

      • enjoy the red ring of death. Everyone knows Microsoft made the Xbox to be crap for a reason, when it frys itself then you give them more money for it to happen again. It’s profit. Their admins suck, they ban gamers for no reason, they get even more money from hackers ruining their games, they charge you a fortune just to play on the Xbox, they made ANOTHER broken piece of hardware (Kinect), and it’s all run by the greediest man on the planet. Your money is flying right out of your pocket as we speak. Microsoft doesn’t care about you, all they want is your hard earned bucks, then when they make enough money off your mods and hacks, they will turn off your Xbox and there is nothing you can do about it. All you can do is cry in your sleep.

        • As I said previously, I passed my original Elite along to my son, many years old and still nominal! Jaspers are difficult to red ring, and if you have an iota of technical capability, you can ensure that by installing proper cooling methods, I.E: Fan-mods, arctic silver, ect. I’ve been repairing both consoles part-time for years, and PS3 has it’s own little version of the RROD, called the “Yellow Light Of Death”, and I guarantee you it’s a lot cheaper to get a console repaired through MS than Sony. My Kinect works beautifully too, modded the hell out of that as well. What’s more: I play on xbox live lots….WITH MY MODDED XBOX!!!! So Mada, stop being bitter, you can’t win all the time. If it makes you feel any better though, I will weep tonight, for you sir…. and your apparent inability to play Dawnguard! XD ::kisses::

      • We understand that coding Blu-Ray is different compared to PC. Xbox an PC have similar coding. You guys are more used to that stuff, it’s just the insufferable waiting. I suggest you release Dawnguard, and then follow up with the patches like you did with vanilla Skyrim. Some people have found glitches and bugs in the past but they always worked our way around them. Let us work with you guys, we can give you results and you can fix them piece by piece as time goes on.

  31. This exclusivity deal with Microsoft is the worst business practice Bethesda has ever engaged in (except for that time they didn’t pay Obsidian their bonuses because they missed their target metacritic score by 0.1. Yeah, that happened – google it). Shame on you, Bethesda.

  32. Must be nice! As a ps3 owner, seeing updates on this before a true update on our situation. It really pisses me off. Thanks for rubbing it in our faces!

  33. Hey Bethesda, here’s an idea… how about next time you make sure your dlc is working on all platforms before you even announce it. Then you won’t have a ton of pissed off customers.

    If you look on the back of the Skyrim Game case (top right) you will see the words “ADD-ON CONTENT • TROPHIES”

    Do you see it? Getting with our FAMILY LAWYER Tuesday morning. Then maybe they won’t just throw us a crumb twice a month!


  35. Blaming Sony for a development team not being able to create stable content on their system is foolish.
    The ego is a terrible thing. One can not simply admit failure.

    For them to openly post about the PS3 Dawnguard issue would hurt them; causing the mass of PS3 gamers to not trust their abilities as developers/publishers…not just the handful of us who check the forum.

    ProTip4Bethesda: Hire someone who has actually seen a PS3 before.

  36. The Xbox 360 and PC are broken games, after months, the simple house in Riften have issues with the mannequins, bookshelf.. Skyrim is a broken game.

    Xbox360: pray for updates, not just DLCs.
    PC: pray for updates too, not just “you need use mods” this is a shame! mod is for provide some new content, not fixing shit.
    PS3: pray for a huge fix, you people dont loose anything with this broken DLC about vampires or the next DLC – The Happy house.

    I’ll never go back to using their products. Todd Howard, what a shame .. your MMO RPG became a repetitive, troublesome and house for girls, besides the porn mods. Thankfully all the RPG Codex hate the franchise.

    Sorry my english and whatever!

  37. My comment was deleted… No more freedom of speech, I guess? (And they say America is land of freedom, guess that can’t be said to internet american sites).


    “Here’s to you, Nicola and Bart

    Rest forever here in our hearts

    The last and final moment is yours

    That agony is your triumph”

  38. I’ve been waiting for Dawnguard since the trailer came out. I was being patient waiting 30 days xbox exclusive to go off, but I have waited enough now. I have waited years to get a game that would let me play as vampire like in Dawnguard. I have been patient, but I am not patient anymore. I want my Dawnguard, i want it and I’m ready to even start riots with other Dawnguard ps3 waiters.