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  1. Is this party an invite only thing? or Do you have to have a PAX pass? I want to go and have niether, I just wanna make sure I don’t get party-blocked at the door =)

  2. I roll with PlayStation3. And am encouraging PS3 users not to buy dishonored until they start treating us PlayStation 3 users better!
    I won’t be spending ANY MONEY on your titles until you give us SOME KING OF DLC FOR THE PLAYSTATION NATION OF DOMINATION!

    • 1) You’re obviously not aware that Bethesda are hard at work on Dawnguard for PS3, this they have stated already.

      2) Stop Blaming Bethesda for the PS3’s tiny Graphics Memory! The PS3 is a different machine to the 360 or a gaming PC, it has its limitations, as do all Consoles.

      3) Cut the ‘Playstation nation domination’ in all block capitals crap. You are clearly the same person as ‘Miguel’ and ‘Frank’ all whining about the same thing.

      4) This is not the relevant blog post to comment about skyrim. Find a relevent forum discussion to advertise your silly and pointless boycott of Dishonored.

      • I’m a PS3 user and I hate this whole Playstation “nation of domination” crap. I’m disapointed that Dawnguard isn’t out yet for the PS3, but (as I understand it, and excuse me if I’m wrong) boycotting another dev team’s game just because the Skyrim dev’s screwed up doesn’t exactly solve anything…

        On the other hand I also disagree that the PS3 is to blame for Bethesda’s continued inability to program it, they’ve been releasing PS3 games since Oblivion and “we’re having a hard time programming it” just doesn’t cut it anymore…

  3. So I clicked to see the Dishonored pictures and stared a moment at the first pic telling myself: “Whoa this is very realistic!” 😀

  4. I encourage fellow PS3 gamers not to buy dishonored, hopefully sending a message with are wallets, tells bethesda its not okay to screw over PS3 gamers.

  5. Super disappointed, tried to get in tonight. waited in line for over 2 hours and ended up having to leave. place looked nice but it obviously didn’t have the capacity you guys needed. 🙁

    • Sorry you weren’t able to get in – the event was first come, first serve. I hope you’re still having a blast a PAX. If you stop by our booth, I can make sure you can get easy access to a kiosk.

      Unrelated, comments need to stay related to the blog topic – Dishonored and PAX. If you have comments or complaints related to other games, use appropriate posts. Thanks

  6. Rumor has it the PS3 version was not at PAX. Looks like you lied Gstaff when you claimed you make all versions available as much as possible at these conventions. Looks like the PS3 cover up campaign continues with Dishonored, with every Bethesda game history is repeating itself, and the PS3 version is the bastard that Bethesda doesn’t want to put up with.

  7. “PlayStation Nation of DOMINATION Comin at you LIVE from Collier Estates”®

    I was going to purchase DISHONORED like you xbox heads…
    Then I took an »»–KNEE–> from bethesda!

  8. @gstaff, I for one would just like to say thank you to everyone at Bethesda involved with pax this year. The party was the best pax event I’ve ever been to and was amazing all around. The details and atmosphere were incredible and I even solved the mystery and won a mask, which is also amazing. It also helped break my girlfriend into the gaming community. Many thanks and I hope to see you guys next year! (4 days!)