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  1. First of all, i love Skyrim and everything about it. But the Hearthfire DLC has brought nothing but problems to me. In the past week my Skyrim has froze over 200 times. My Skyrim has froze maybe 3 or 4 times since release.. till Hearthfire. Im not going to state all of the other bugs that also came with Hearthfire because your already aware of them. Please fix this, i hate feeling the need to save every two minutes just to be able to keep my progress. It ruins my journey every time. Thanks.

  2. all ggod things must come to an end.. i wont be buying any skyrim dlc at all in future.the last straw as ofically been pulled . im stoked though il be on gw2 🙂

  3. Skyrim was my first Elder Scrolls game and I fell in love with it. Then I heard about Dawnguard and got excited. Then I waited… and waited… and still waiting. Bethesda, if it ever comes out, the PS3owners better get some sort of discount, an exclusive anything, for having to wait this bloody long.
    But I’m be patient. Annoyed, but patient.

    • I agree, but personally I think it’s better off in the long run if they don’t put it on PS3 if it’s going to have that many problems. As you can see, people are dealing with a lot of that with Hearthfire. I am pretty sure they will offer something though, they’d be nuts not to. I’m just sticking with the 360 version from now on.

  4. Can’t you guys at least post some news about how’s it going with Dawnguard for PS3. Good or bad, this silence is really annoying. So please, an update of how’s it going, prove to your PS3 players (all players on every platform for that matter) that you care about us.

  5. I’m still waiting on the “Dawnguard available on PlayStation Network!” post, maybe Bethesda will get around to it by Christmas. A 1.8 update that fixes all of the lag and framerate issues in the PS3 version of Skyrim would be nice too.

  6. Hearthfire is riddled with glitches. How could such a small dlc have this many from stewards going missing or not furnishing homes to items going all over house floor and still can’t get kids to put on any damn clothes. Please put down dishonored and patch asap.

    • Bethesda is not creating Dishonored, they are merely publishing it, so that has nothing to do with Bethesda doing a patch for Skyrim.

  7. dear,bethesda,
    i think that you should add more interactive lay to the game and the option for real state , like buy off other peoples lands and expand your current land like purchasing bigger property and buying out shops, and also should add new armor and weapons getting a bit dull now a days.

  8. This has nothing to do with Hearthfire itself, rather a suggestion for the next DLC. I personally think it would be awesome if there was a Samurai weapons and armor cache that included Kunai, Shuriken, Firebombs, Sai, Kama, the little mini Katanas(like Natsu and Taki have in Soulcaliber) etc. And a Samurai-era Japanese boat in the Solitude docks with a memory devoid crew. The crew’s memory would be devoid of there trip, and the purpose of their journey to Tamriel. There could be Ninjas and maybe even an unarmed combat skill. The Conflict in the DLC would be essentially Ninjas Vs. Samurai.

  9. An October release for Dawnguard on the PS3 would be a great marketing move, what with Halloween coming along. Maybe then Bethesda will be able to salvage the shattered remains of its PS3 fanbase…

  10. Please add hearthspire to ps3 plz plz plz !!!!
    I’m a ps gamer and I love skyrim watching hearthspire ONLY 4 XBOX I get jelous plz

  11. I somewhat like this dlc, but its just that it has lots of glitches/bugs. Also, this s pretty old but can you fix the fort dunstad glitch because i cant become thane of dawnstar without the completion of that quest. I would love a house near dawnstar :).

  12. I have moe or a question, ok I went to live to purchase “Hearth Fire” from Xbox live. That went ok only took a few minutes Then started the game and pushed start, then a box mid screen pops up says, “loading downloadable content please wait” that has been for an hour so far. HELP!

    • We got add on content. They gave us mounted combat. This almost completely useless “add on” makes it seem like I’m playing a whole new version of Skyrim.

      I like how Borderlands 2 came out on all 3 systems and seems to be working great. You can even prepay $30 to insure you get all DLC coming out no matter what system you play on because they are confident they can make it work for everyone. Bethesda still can’t figure out how to make Dawnguard, which came out almost 3 months ago, work on the PS3.

  13. I’m a Ps3 skyrim player and seeing how many bugs there are in dawnguard and heathfire on xbox i’d rather wait a little longer, and have bethesda make an unglitched one for PS3. Anyhow can’t wait for the release of the DLCs on PS3.

  14. I don’t mean to be hating on Bethesda, but on the back of every PS3 Skyrim case is “add on content”. You would think 10 months would be enough time to get something substantial working. Skyrim has been a great game (after a really iffy start), I’ve already logged over 75 hours of gameplay. A little communication would also be greatly appreciated, so I don’t have to keep searching google everyday for an update i don’t expect to see.
    Honestly I dont think us PS3 users need the Dawnguard questline. Just the Dragonbone weapons, craftable arrows, perk trees for werewolves, and crossbows would make my 3rd playthrough that much more enjoyable. My chances of buying dishonored or anyother Bethesda game are decreasing by the day.

  15. Pete I hope you read this but i doubt it you need to get your act together i mean hell your supposed to be voice of bethesda to your customers and it just sounds like you dont give a shit still spout the same thing we are working on it big whoop how bout saying oh we are having trouble with this or that (you go and say oh no some people would be able to play it but not all WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT MEAN) give us more information rather than less and going around in circles all the time.

    You also go spouting oh we aint saying where releasing heathfire for any other platform ie. PC what kind crap is that how bout actually coming clean with your customers and tell them what is really going on cause none of this is doing well for the company’s image or the conspiracy theory that its to do with microsoft (which i dont believe i mean for a company to do something like that is stupid)

    Give us more info and hey you never know some one out there on the world wide web might just know how to fix it.

    or otherwise just go back to releasing it on the pc only then see how much money you’ll make.

    End rant

  16. This is so typical why does xbox get everything those lame asses want i meam they get halo, minecraft, and even other dlcs early too like every call of duty and i find it very unprofessional how they gave xbox and exclusive dlc before we even got ours which was announced in june of 2012