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    • Doubtful it will be released on the PS3. I think Bethesda is done with that console. Even if they still try to release games for it, I think the PS3 owners will stop buying Bethesda titles. We’ve all heard the “fool me once” line, but right now PS3 owners are feeling as though they have been fooled dozens of times.

      Our shelves have broken, unplayable games we bought years ago that will never be fixed.

  1. Will this use up the second of the 2 planned 30 day X360 exclusives?
    Or are we getting all technical that ‘DLC’ and ‘add-on’ are completely different products.

  2. I look everyday at the blog waiting for new for dawnguard ps3 and im rlly pissed off even if they dont release it just make clear to the ps3 users if ur gonna release it or not….

  3. Yay! Oh wait I’m on ps3 still waiting for dawn guard. Or should I say was waiting. I’ve made my decision… if it makes it to ps3 I’m not buying it unless its atleast half off price. And I’m sure as hell not paying $60 for it in game of the year edition when we should have had it months ago. Give us dawnguatd and hearthfire in a $15 package and I might still be interested. Assuming ps3 will get it, Asking us to pay full price at this point is just insane. next time you should make sure its working on all consoles before you even announce it.,maybe then you won’t have a ton of pissed off customers.

    • Unless the DLC is released with Less content why in the world would any of us be entitled to it for free?
      Seems you are demanding something unrealistic. The bad hype from this alone will hurt them financially, they won’t just give It away to save face.

  4. this is lame. it is very unprofessional to treat users with such discrimination. you really should be more considerate. but as far as i’m concerned…moving on. so many other good games out there

    i suggest all of you PS3 users out there do the same – DON’T BUY any more Bethesda games

  5. really good that you have put two dls on Xbox and we on PS3 still waiting for the first one! i hope you got very much money from Microsoft and you don’t even have to put dawnguard on PS3 if you not give us something extra for this long damn waiting! i love skyrim and is the best game ever but if you guys don’t care about us then suck Microsofts tiny winer!

      • Okay, so now you’re no longer focused on getting Dawnguard/Hearthfire to function on PS3. You’ve given that up as a lost cause I presume – it’s okay to admit it – we’ll hate you for misleading us all this time and jerking us around but… Bethesda really did earn that hatred. Your primary concern now, judging by this comment and it’s subtle difference from the wording in the update you linked to, seems to be trying to figure out if you can get ANY add-on content for PS3 users – to save some face with the them. Thanks for that… but your PR department still acted like incompetent buffoons and you really, really should never have released Skyrim on the PS3. We PS3 users were duped, by you, into shelling out just as much money for Skyrim as Xbox users did but were landed with an almost unplayable mess of a game that, despite all your early claims, would not be able to avail of the various DLCs you later announced (as well as ones to come). I think it’s becoming quite clear that we’ll get none of them and that the only consolation you will have to offer will be shitty little add-ons equivalent to the horseback riding in your last update. “PS3 owners, thanks for your money… erm… We mean support. Here’s a new sword. Now go away and be quiet”

        Crumbs from the table.

        Gee, I can’t wait…

      • The problem is that it has been a little over one month since your exclusive deal with Microsoft ended. People want more of there questions answered. Personally I would like to know what the heck were your PS3 porting team doing during the month that Dawnguard was exclusive? Did you guys actually wait until the deal was done to port it over? Also how bad could it be if it didn’t meet your standards when you guys had no problem realsing Fallout 3, and Skyrim at launch broken. On top of that Fallout 3 and New Vegas DLC? those dlcs destroy the game yet you had no problem realising them. That’s the kind of things that are frustrating some of the community, those are what we want answered.

      • but what about Heartfire? do you think this will take really long time to get this one on the PS3, i know that you guys do everything to fix the problem but i think that i have played skyrim on my PS3 for like 800 hours + and i have killed Alduin like 5-6 times and I want some new stuff, and when Xbox get two dls and PS3 have none i being really mad.

        • What is Sony going to do Gstaff? The game is already poorly developed, there is nothing they can do now to salvage your steaming pile of garbage now. Just admit the PS3 will not be receiving any DLC. Quit waiting for Dishonored to be released before you finally make the announcement. You’re stalling and we all know it. Also how are you expecting us to believe you’re actually working with Sony? You’ve lied to us before release, and continue to lie after release. Why don’t you start providing verifiable proof that you’re doing what you claim for once.

      • Gstaff,

        The Dawnguard/PS3 problem has a fix. Please read this:

        If the problem is due to huge save files and ram issues, it’s possible to alleviate these issues by removing useless items from the game.

        On Fallout 3, a PC mod came out which removed a certain rock from the game. By removing this useless item, which repeatedly reappears, it reduced save files and led to much better performance.

        This could be done with Skyrim. Imagine if the linen wraps, soul gem fragments, and countless other useless items were stripped from the PS3 version of the game. It would free up tremendous system resources, and reduce save file bloat. Then Dawnguard, and future expansions, would have a much better chance of running smoothly on the PS3.

        Please pass this on to your developers. They may have considered this idea already, but if not, it is worth looking into.

        Thank you.

        • I agree 100% on that, wtf do we do with soul fragments, torture tools, embalming tools, linen wraps as mentioned above, things we cant use for crafting the most, makes sense to get rid of them

      • Quit giving us the same answer! Give us confirmation as to when the expected date would be if ever. And of Dawnguard and Hearthfire aren’t an option then come up with different addons for PS3 ONLY and make them just as damn good

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      • Hey here’s an idea fire the stupid programmers you have and hire some that worked for bioware or rockstar or rock steady or just about every other company that has put dlc on the ps3 by the way any dlc that comes out for the ps3 should be free in payment for your screw up

  6. I’m a PS3 owner and this is getting really ridiculous. I’m not talking about Bethesda, I’m talking about all the cry babies demanding free dlc for having to wait.
    Well fellas, anything good is worth the wait. And Bethesda is already losing money tryin to releas it to PS3 and prob have to pay SOnY for not delivering a product as promises.
    If we get it all the better, if not. Well vanilla skyrim is still a spectacular game and completely playable on PS3.
    If it don’t come to ps3 And you still want it free, downloadit illegally and quit the bitchin’

  7. *If* there is going to be a GOTY edition – then yes, it’s most likely going to include all the DLC, but it’s gonna take a while.. so you might as well grab it now.

    I am a little sad that we, PC users can’t get our hands on the DLC from day one, it’s just not fair. I get it, we were given the CK for free.. which is bloody amazing, many respect points for Bethesda, but still..

  8. Unplayable on PS3???? Hahaha

    I have logged like 400 hours between 3 characters on PS3 and only once did I have the “framerate” issue; which was fixed by update 1.4 or 1.5.
    Other then that it froZe on loading screens a few times, and a couple of times I could not complete quests. Aside the framerate issue all these problems are/were multiconsole.

    I just laugh at this most the time because not even 10 hears ago DLC was jus a wet dream, mods were unreliable and game breaking in many cases. So I’ll take what I can get.

    Now I am saddened by not having DLC yet but as I said, I hope you xbox fellas enjoy the release of hearthfire today; and I do hope it comes to PS3 but regardless I’m starting up my fourth characte now because TES has always been a epic , beuatiful, and spectacular game.

    Keep up the hard work GStaff; I have faith and can’t wait to see what else Bethesda has in store for the future.

  9. Very cool the image showing the internal structure of the house. I hope everything goes well with the effort for the PS3 platform, and in general.

  10. I dont see how skyrim on ps3 could be likened to a steaming pile.
    My game seems to run just fine after hundreds of hours of gameplay. The one thing I would like to add though is I would happily pay for the DLC for ps3 even if it is buggy. Games and people are not infallible so your bound to find bugs in any game.

    That said, I would rather have a chance to play “potentially” buggy DLC then be playing NO DLC

    But until it arrives on PSN I am quite happy doing a few more play throughs. Afterall it is a stellar game

  11. Not to sound rude, but if ps3 isn’t going to get dawnguard just admit it instead of dragging us around. It would suck but I can live without it. Still plenty of other regular vampires for me to kill. I’m at least hoping we get hearthfire though.

    • I personally rather have the hope it might be released some day, then be told outright that they are giving up on the PS3 DLC.
      Your not playing it on PS3 either way yet, so how can you miss something you neve had.

  12. Bethesda is a failure of a company. Always has been. Too bad you aren’t supporting your customers. Goodbye Bethesda! No more money for you!

  13. I hope this comes to PC sooner than Dawnguard did… This console exclusivity bullshit is driving me up the freaking wall.
    Besides, isn’t Windows a Microsoft platform anyway? Shouldn’t your “exclusive deal” with M$ apply to that as well?

  14. This is completely taking the piss . I think the problems with dawnguard could have been avoided if their was no exclusive dlc or more focus on all platforms whilst it was in development . and pc got the creation kit dawnguard and update 1.7 Xbox got kinect commands timed exclusives dlc and update 1.7 and last and definitely least PS3 no dlc late update 1.7 and

  15. I think it’s hilarious that a Xbox announcement turns into bash beth. That’s a clear signal to your p/r? dept that your customers are not happy!!! This is gaining enoug steam where I can see this blunder becoming a main steam media topic soon.

    Very poorly handled!

    I hope young and old programmers and future software company execs are learning from this.

  16. One of my greatest worries, is that if Bethesda are this bad at making deals and long term decisions, will they end up teaming up with EA and ruining the franchise all together? It’s happening to great games all over the world. Both companies seem to be about money, greed and power so I worry worse is to come.

    Bethesda, I know you are all working very hard and that there are many teams in your division working on separate things, but there is a reason why you are receiving so much hate from your fans, it’s because you aren’t handling it right. The choices you made are over and done with, what you need is to learn how to support and care for your fans.

    Look at Bioware after the hate they received with the Mass Effect 3 ending, or even CAPCOM whom have left fans happy since their first game. It is possible! I know you can’t please everyone, but the levels of anger and upset you are currently receiving is not good and can be fixed.

    • Also remember that most of your fans are unaware that there are many teams in your company working on different things, so when PS3 owners see that Dawnguard has yet to be released on their console and there is already other DLC pushing its way on to the 360, it leaves a lot of people thinking that you have given up the PS3 and are moving on. At least that much you all should know already, who the hell is training your people in customer communication? Psychology people! Psychology!

        • It has everything to do with psychology.
          A lot of companies learn how their public are going to react to certain decisions and statements. Just like how teachers have to learn how to talk to their students so that the best possible outcome is determined. Bethesda are the Aspergic games company, they seem to be completely unaware of mass emotional response. They need training in this!

          Handling the media and player community is just as important as making the game its self.

  17. I wouldn’t buy Dawnguard at this point even if they put it on PSN for $10–which is, by most accounts, all it’s really worth anyway–but I am enjoying the schadenfreude nonetheless. Thanks for the free entertainment, Bethesda. I cancelled my Dishonored pre-order, but we’ll see how this whole mess plays out before I write ya’ll off for good.

    • No stop! Bethesda Game Studios is NOT making Dishonored. It is Arkane Studios. That is a different branch of Bethesda Soft Works. Stop trashing dishonored. It has done nothing wrong.

      • I bear no ill will toward Arkane Studios, but at present I just can’t bring myself to support their publisher. I know I’m only one dude, but I also know there are a lot of others feeling just as jilted, and voting with our wallets is the only way to make our voices heard.
        From the bug-addled abomination that was the FO3 GOTY edition to the Dawnguard fiasco it really seems like all Bethesda cares about is getting our money. Denying them that would be a sound that would actually reach their ears.

      • I’ve learned better than to trust anything with a Bethesda logo if it’s on a console. If it’s on a PC, at least there are unofficial patches to deal with the developer’s laziness.

  18. …still waiting on Dawnguard on the PS3, i hope Bethesda fixes the lag and dodgy framerate on the PS3 version while they’re at it. :/

    • The problem is that Microsoft basically pays Bethesda off to specifically make things more difficult for ps3 gamers by prioritizing Microsoft’s platforms instead. That’s just plain bad business.

      And for the record, don’t disrespect Sony. Be the better person.

  19. It is said that Dawnguard will be released by the 30th. But I will need confirmation from gstaff or (most likely) wait for the release to believe it. Gstaff, if your ever going to release either of them, give Dawnguard $5, because the wait isn’t worth the $20. Leave Hearthfire the $5 as it is. Or better yet, put a Skyrim Double Bundle worth $10 on the PS Store.

        • Empty words on a locked forum post claiming you’re working with Sony is not proof that you are. PROVE that you are working with Sony. At this point Your word, or any word from Tweet Hines or Tool Howard is about as valuable as soiled toilet paper.

      • Well aside from your difficulties with Dawnguard, what is your progress with Hearthfire PS3 DLC? Being smaller content it would have less issues. Is it likely to release if not guaranteed? and if it all goes to hell, what would be DLCs in place of DG&HF?

        • I’m not as excited for the story as i am for the little things. I’m glad that Dragonbone weapons are available now. I can live without the fortresses and the story, I’m more anxious about the things that should have been in Skyrim to begin with

          • You can’t prove it Gstaff, because you’re not working with Sony at all. You’re stalling until Dishonored comes out before you break the news that there will be no DLC for the PS3 version, and you’re dropping future support of the title.

          • dude just chill. if they weren’t doing Dawnguard for PS3 then they would have told us upfront. Its more likely that they will work on a completely different DLC in place of Dawnguard. so just put on your big boy pants and chill the FOOP out

      • Keep working on it! I completely understand that XBOX coding is similar to Microsoft while PS3 is another world. Not everyone is hating on you! : )

      • Simply copying and pasting a link with the same comment isn’t going to help any.

        Listen to your customers.

        At least acknowledge that they’re there.

        Geez, I didn’t think Bethsoft PR was so poor.

      • I like the line: “We deeply appreciate all the time and support you have given us, and we’ll keep doing our best to return that. ”

        PS3 owners should get the DLC free or at least 90% off. How long are we waiting for Dawnguard now?

        I can’t even begin to guess how long it will take to see Hearthfire in the PS Store.

        But for now with the mounted attack update we have something “new” to do.

  20. Many PS3 owners are angry about Dawnguard not being released on their console, they also think they are getting the short end of the stick…

    But I guess Bethesda has the biggest problem on their hands… They will be the laughing stock of the media and the community if they can’t manage to acomplish what other companies do everyday (releasing a simple DLC for PS3).

    And no amount of excuses work in those cases.

    And please GStaff, try not to delete my comment this time, I know it may hurt your feelings (you already prove that the last time), but it’s the truth, and I’m not breaking any rule by expressing my opinion.

    • Bethesda should be crowned the deceiver’s crown! serious gamers should be suing their @$$Es right now for lying to them since before the game was even released! in fact, there could very well be a LAW out there to hold them accountable for their lies. They cannot just go around lie to potential consumers that major DLCs will be coming out just to get them hooked up on their games and then never release them – or behave the way that they do! this is unethical and could very well be unlawful too!

      better start behaving like the serious company we all thought you were, Bethesda, cause you ain’t getting any of our support on your future games. we’ll haunt you cause WE are the people posting, liking, reviewing, viewing, and all that stuff at magazine sites, forums, and all the places WE hang out. do you really wanna start a war with sick PS3 gamers?

    • They deserve to be humiliated. They unreliable and flaky. They make the best games I have ever played but they could be the best games in the world but you still have to get them to the public. Todd Howard doesn’t know how to be a Project Director. Skyrim is going down the tubes and Fallout sucked. Really. The gameplay is good but you can’t play without DLC once the main quest is finished. Come on. He should be fired for making it hell for PS3 users. He is a disgrace!

      • they totally deserve to be humiliated! this is the worst treatment i have ever experienced from a games company so far. i want my money back, cause i was tricked into playing their game for a long-term commitment but they have shown no integrity whatsoever!

      • Talos was just a man.

        I’d rather pray a Daedra, than praying that wannabe-divine…

        “Give what is the Emperor’s to the Emperor, and what is Aedra’s to the Aedra”.

        • At least the Daedra make sense. But I’m a Talos worshipper, I wear the amulet with pride. (but some side jobs for the Daedra wouldn’t hurt)

          • Im a firm worshipper of Talos, but I don’t at all support the damn Stormcloak fools. Ulfric is misguided and hypocritical, and not to mention a massive racist. The Empire is only mean to its enemies (which is understandable, but admitidely that one Captain in the beginning was a bitch), and it has always defended Skyrim to the best of its abilities, and they’re the best suited to helping Skyrim against the Thalmor. But didn’t Knights of Nine prove to the PC that Talos does exist? I thought him blessing you with power and enabling to take out Umaril was proof enough but I guess to most people it isn’t.

          • Thats why i regret doing the Stormcloak quest. I thought I was serving Talos, but really I was serving Ulfric. I felt like a prick, I had to kill Ralof to protect my Dark Elf wife when he attacked her, with the rest of Riverwood hating me. Ulfric is Tamriel’s own Adolf Hitler.

  21. I would love to believe you Bethesda but all I’m seeing is the same run around id give my teachers when they’d ask for my homework. Its sad when modders can find problems and fix them within a week or two. I don’t want to think that you guys are holding out on ps3 owners but when I can play minecraft on a crappy laptop thanks to a couple mods it really makes me think.

  22. you (Bethesda) should be crowned the deceiver’s crown! serious gamers should be suing your @$$Es right now for lying to them since before the game was even released! in fact, there could very well be a LAW out there to hold you accountable for your lies. You cannot just go around lie to potential consumers that major DLCs will be coming out just to get them hooked up on your games and then never release them – or behave the way that you do! this is unethical and could very well be unlawful too!

    better start behaving like the serious company we all thought you were, cause you ain’t getting any of our support on your future games. we’ll haunt you cause WE are the people posting, liking, reviewing, viewing, and all that stuff at magazine sites, forums, and all the places WE hang out. do you really wanna start a war with sick PS3 gamers?

  23. you lame fascists stop deleting my comments from the page just because i don’t worship you like a sheep!! there was not a SINGLE bad word in my comment – why did you remove it?

  24. First off, pretty fun dlc so far, wish there were actual weapons/armor (something simple, like a “sledgehammer” you used during construction or something or using some of the left over materials as armor). But on a side note I want to ask if you could please make it so we can either visit the Imperial City post-warzone (a good thing to tie it into the story would be that your character is going to learn at the “School of the Voice” or teach there or something, not sure if thats the right name or not) or so we can just murder those snobby ass thalmor douchebags. Also I was wondering if you could give “cloaks or capes” for Xbox, it makes sense since most of Skyrim will give you hypothermia or frostbite within five minutes of being outside.

  25. Dear Bethesda

    I have been waiting like all the ps3 owners. But I won’t nag and complain over a small inconvenience. Instead I have good will towards your staff and faith you will se this through. I love your name brand games and constantly replay them through the slow game seasons.

    Your advent fan Dustin.

  26. So many people are butthurt about this to the point of accusing corporate conspiracy of all things. I’m getting as fed up with it as Gstaff and the rest of Bethesda. Just a bunch of little crybabies who kick and scream just because they aren’t getting a balloon. Sure I’m disappointed at the bleak fate of Dawnguard but what can I do about it? I’m not Bethesda. So just chill, I’m sure you’ll get your red or blue balloons (or whatever your damned favorite color is)

    • I do not see any conspiracy here, Microsoft or the Illuminati do not want to eat my soul for sure. I was surprised by the aggressiveness and ignorance of some previous comments… I prefer to accept a bad time in the process of adjust the product, but yes, I agree with you, the attitudes here are awful. i put myself in the equation.

      But people forget to put reptilian aliens as possible cause, maybe an ancient alien conspiracy against all of us.. against our nation!

      • Watch out, they may be reading you…

        .-“”””-. .-“”””-.
        / \ / \
        /_ _\ /_ _\
        // \ / \\ // \ / \\
        |\__\ /__/| |\__\ /__/|
        \ || / \ || /
        \ / \ /
        \ __ / \ __ /
        .-“”””-. ‘.__.’.-“”””-. ‘.__.’.-“”””-.
        / \ | |/ \ | |/ \
        /_ _\| /_ _\| /_ _\
        // \ / \\ // \ / \\ // \ / \\
        |\__\ /__/| |\__\ /__/| |\__\ /__/|
        \ || / \ || / \ || /
        \ / \ / \ /
        \ __ / \ __ / \ __ /
        ‘.__.’ ‘.__.’ ‘.__.’
        | | | | | |
        | | | | | |

      • Exactly, I wont be bothered if they ditch this comment but if I was a member of Bethesda i’d say “fuck off!! We are doing everything we can to deliver this content and would appreciate it if you shut up for a while”

    • There’s no conspiracy here. Microsoft shelled out a ton of cash to get the DLC first. Bethesda just can’t get the DLC to work on the PS3 because they have no idea what they’re doing.

      They shouldn’t have even gone for a PS3 release, in my opinion. They’ve just pissed off more people.

  27. I know you guys at bethesda are working hard for us PS3 users. I do understand the frustration. I guess what I’m frustrated at it not knowing if or when we will get a DLC. I’m sure we will, but… You know. From a loyal PlayStation3 customer, Thank you Bethesda.

  28. I was thinking about all this thing about PS3 DLC, and how Beth has multi-platforming issues, and then it hit me…

    Does this mean that a Wii U version of Skyrim is entirely discarded… perhaps?

    I don’t plan to buy a Wii U, and I already have Skyrim for PC, but…

  29. Corporate conspirators do exist though not as diabolical as you’d think, I love Bethesda and have been with them since my highschool years and will always buy they’re products. But this is getting out of hand, cross platform is hard but not impossible.

  30. While I agree that Bethseda’s PR department does suck, though no fault of Gstaff, as I’m certain he is just a messenger for corporate, I think its hilarious how much crying there is going on about PS3 Skyrim. Obviously, those who are crying are people who have no idea what Real Life is yet (teenagers, young adults who have had mommy and daddy give them everything).

    Anyone who really has experienced “real life” understands 2 things. 1.) Life is NEVER FAIR, get used to it. 2.) Real life problems overshadow silly things like not being able to play a game or DLC. I almost died from a virus 4 years ago, a week into marriage at the age of 25…something like that really puts life into perspective. A game, or DLC, pales in comparison to the rest of life’s requirements.

    Haha, I bet those who are crying and acting like the world is coming to an end because they can’t play PS3 Skyrim DLC would likely starve to death in the event of having to choose between food and playing games.

  31. look at vanilla Skyrim’s glitches and bugs; players have found loop-holes to avoid or fix a bug. some glitches don’t even break the game, they just put players in a WTF moment (eg. dragon flying backwards). Work on the more severe issues and then patch up the rest as time goes on. That woud be my idea.

  32. I am on PC, but no complaints, I can wait until it comes out- but I have some questions. Will there be further updates to this dlc? I am interested in the possibility of even more build sites being added. Also, reading about the build options, I am already torn between the different expansion options. Might there be updates to allow even larger homes in the future?

  33. Two words for those still waiting for dawnguard…… Borderlands two. Should be plenty to do till/if dawnguard comes to ps3. And btw those claiming that Bethesda is lying bout working with Sony to fix this need to think about it for a sec. Wouldn’t Sony step up and say something if bethesda wasnt really doing so? Hmmmmmm……

  34. You poor, poor ps3friends. My heart is truly breaking for your plight. I used to be just like you, until I made a deal with the devil and got Skyrim for PC and then Xbox. Yawnguard is pretty neat and all, but your really not missing on much, then again Vampires and whatnot aren’t really my thing, and I’ve never really cared about crossbows. Hearthfire is nice for the hardcore role players and those who weren’t satisfied with the vanilla housing (it saddens me that I couldn’t make a Orc Stronghold or Wizard tower), but again you aren’t missing much. If Beth was truly developer of the year, you kids might get the dlc for some sick deals, but until it’s out, there really isn’t much you can do.

    Basically, shaddup and have faith in our Bethesdian Masters.

  35. I least they are admitting they have a problem with the dlc for the ps3 now and now their serious enough to work with sony to solve the problem…i really hope they bring the both dlc or any future dlc to the ps3. I also hope we a least get some free content for the ps3 user. Reason is because is pretty unfair for all the ps3 user endure with all the glitches issues, the lag and the wait for the dlc.People say the ps3 are not true skyrim fans…but if you really think about all the bs we dealt with in the game and we still continue to play skyrim,then you see we are true skyrim fans

  36. 3 things:
    It’s very tiring listening to the same vague excuses that Bethesda have been pedalling for years now when they’re afraid to answer something with a definite response. All it makes it look like is that they do not have the confidence in themselves to meet a deadline if they confirm a date. If true they should just admit it.

    Second point, this is actually in defence of Bethesda (even though I’ve had numerous issues with them.) The PS3 is notoriously difficult to program for which has clearly caused some massive issues with the DLC and add ons. It’s very unfair on the gamers but not necessarily Bethesda’s fault although they’re handling it very poorly (as usual).

    Third, this is in regards to the exclusive DLC. It’s frustrating but this is business. Bethesda have clearly signed some deal with Microsoft regarding the Xbox and that’s it. It possibly earned them quite a bit of money which, unfortunately, is what the big game companies are chasing after these days (with a couple of exceptions.) Gaming has went the way of the music industry so that game developers are proper businesses looking for a big profit.

  37. One Question:Why is a “CONTACT” thing if you guys never answer?…anyway,you guys suck at support,programming….oh and greediness will only lead to your destruction…

    Peace 😉

  38. I just hope Dawnguard and Heartfire will at least come this fall. Hopefully with minimalized bugs so it’ll run smoothly. Bethesda do your best, not all PS3 players are mad at you. Just really anxious to get the chance to expand Skyrim like everyone else.