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  1. I would like to know just for myself as i am not a a fan of either PS3 or XBOX 360 would Behtesda take my PS3 version of skyrim and trade it for an xbox copy. I have played games for a long time and if there is anything these types of debacles have taught me is that my next gameing rig will be Pc and Pc only. I have three kids each who have their own ps3 and one who has an xbox for the sole purpose of online gaming with friends. I do believe that Hearthfire will release in thirty days for PC. In the future i would hope that Elder Scrolls become one console game it just creates so much negativity and hate to do it otherwise and i would like to add i have sent their support several messages they never reply and the only time they reply to online posts is if they yank it because it says something that casts them in a bad light or because they can say the same cardboard cutout saying that someone higher up the food chain has alrady said.

  2. Mmmmm do you smell it?
    People are starting to actually hate Bethesda.
    They did it to themselves though.
    To the man who told someone to put their big boy pants on..grow a spine, or should we wait ever so patiently for the Oblivion DLC?

    That’s what I’m still waiting for, good luck with Skyrim! LOL

      • No it has not

        the xbox has available
        Horse Armor
        Repairing the Orrery
        Frostcrag Spire
        Dunbarrow Cove
        Unearthing Mehrunes Razor
        Deepscorn Hollow
        Battlehorn Castle
        Knights of the Nine
        Shivering Isle’s

        the ps3 got
        Knights of the Nine
        Shivering Isle’s

        and it looks like beth are giving up on the ps user’s again.

  3. Hello GStaff, got a quick question… if i decide to uninstall Dawnguard will it ruin my save game? does this means that once i install Dawnguard ill be doomed to have it installed?

    It seems the engine stores data from Papyrus scripts in the save game, how come the engine is able to delete reference from removed objects and cannot delete references from removed scripts? why not allow the engine to delete removed scripts reference? it would save you guys (devs) and players a heck lot of issues.

  4. Again!? The PS3 is left behind!? Why would it be? We do not give profits? Have you ever seen a pirate media of “Elder Scrolls” for PS3!? And Bethesda, this expansion looks good but lacks other basic details on Skyrim as:

    1 Why we can not play Skyrim with PS Move? It would be much better than with the Kinnect.
    2 Why exist food if the character does not need to eat!? The character should gain or lose weight
    3 Why no armor for horses!? There should be other mounts as lizards, hyenas and eagles.
    4 Why can not improve enchantments on equipment, but equipment can be improve it!?
    5 Why not there Portuguese subtitles!?

  5. Ok so I’ve done a lot of thinking but I relize money is needed when it comes to companys but um when yall made that little deal with Microsoft did you think what would happen or did you just see all the zeros and fliped out and said: “Yes finally a LOT more money”. Well whatever you said it dose not matter because in the end the real reason this is going on is because Microsoft has a plan to make there console the only console which is a clever plan because they are getting closer to achieve that goal and they are doing it like so:Step 1:Bribe companys to get them to give us a window to there content and games. (Before I continue I did want to let yall in on something yall are loseing money and makeing some at the same time but have yall caught on to the fact that the money Microsoft gave you was to replace the money your fixing to lose which ill explain in a second.) The reason why they are doing this is to make people leave there console and get there Xbox 360. And I guarantee that people started doing this already but anyway back on subject If content and games people want are on a system they dont have then most likely there going to get rid of there system and get the one with the content they want. And to explain how your not really makeing any money like I said earlier is because they knew that in the process of their plan they knew that it was going to cost companys a lot of money so they were go to give companys they bribed money that they estimated that company was going to lose in there plans progression so basically the money they gave you is the money your going to lose but I bet your thinking “If thats the case then we aren’t really loseing money then.” WRONG because since they are doing this they caused about 80% percent of your customers to be pissed at you which means those people in the 80% to take the chance to say “Well I guess its time to move on to a new game and company which means a lot of money will be lost and I mean a lot because it will take years to get back. Step 2:Roll in the money: This step means they have complety bribed everyone blind and have been successful in getting all the best content on there system and there Xbox 360 sales skyrocket. Step 3:Take over:Im pretty sure I dont have to explain what this means. Anyway my name is MarquisWare im a PS3 and PC user add me on psn UniversalVortex. (By the way its already in motion no turning back now.)

  6. Bethesda is a great company and I’m sure they’re doing all they can. Yes it sucks Dawnguard is not on Ps3 yet. But boycotting their games is just stupid. The only ones that lose is you. If your not going to play another Fallout or Elder Scrolls because their having trouble with the DLC is just ignorant. Why don’t you just quit gaming while your at it. How about grow up and stop your whining. You know as soon as it comes out your going to be all over it. I know I am. And if it doesn’t come out on PS3. I’ll wait for their next awesome game like Dishonered or buy an Xbox. Thank you Bethesda for all you have given us and all that is in store for the future.

  7. Hey gstaff and Bethesda you do realize you have to give us ps3 users some form of DLC right ? Because if I’m not mistaken on the back of EVERY PlayStation 3 skyrim game case it says and I quote “ADD ON CONTENT & TROPHIES” hmm I have trophies, all of them to be exact but no add on content and I’m pretty sure that’s false advertisement if you don’t live up to your word so as a fan whos tired of playing the waiting game I’m pretty sure I speak for everyone when I say stop the excuses and give us something already

    • Every game has to have that in case the company brings out DLC, its not promising DLC its just saying it has the ability to gain DLC IF the company makes it. I have a number of games that have no DLC available at all and never will, yet they still have that on the game case.

    • i feel the same way as will i love skyrim but no add ons or release date why r we left out to dry? im confused about it and if anyone has any tips about a possibly release date plz plz let me know..

  8. Bethdesa you have given ps3 absolutely nothing except a little theme thanks thats sooooooo much and it dose say and I said this before ADD ON CONTENT & TROPHIES so yes like that kid said that’s false advertisement so Sony could basically sue you so give us something that’s gives us more main missions and cool new armor and horses and stuff i don’t even want dawnguard any more lol but still incorporate it into the psn store please give us dawnguard and awesome content I love this game it is such a beautiful game I want to explore more please give us something please

  9. Would everyone Stop crying about your PS3. You want the downloads ontime, buy an American company’s game console, and not a Japenese one, because everyone knows Japan has been releasing games for their system for many years now and making us wait for them in the US. Things have always been this way, educate yourselfs before crying across every blog on the Internet.

    • Skyrim is a big game but alot of games are big and you know what they all have DLC for the PS3 you guys need better employees talk to Rockstar Bioware Naughty DOG ROCKSTEADY I could go on how many can do what you can’t you guys are a poor excuse for a video game company

  10. Dawnguard was awesome can’t wait to get my hands on hearthfire. but when are you going to add the option to fully customiseable stick layouts like the buttons in the xbox 360 version of skyrim. I want to be able to do this on the left thumbstick move and turn, on the right thumbstick strafe and look up and down. as it is the leftstick is move and strafe and the right stick is freelook. I just want to be able to move properly in first and third person as one thumbstick to move and turn is the control method I prefer. however currently I find skrim a bit slow to control as I can’t use two tumbstick for movement controls as their slow, clunky and often ruin games for me if it weren’t for the wealth of great content in skyrim and me only just finding the webpage, I would have complained about this sooner. it would make skyrim the best rpg ever if I could use legacy cotrols so please add them. Also thanks for producing a great game that apart from the horrible controler stick layout is great fun to play and has the one of the biggest world maps I ever explored. so please add lecgacy controls and please continue to make some of the best game ever.

  11. Finding a few bugs already, like the big hole to nowhere in the cellar floor of my Falkreath home, and the lack of a dialogue option for Ysolda to move to the new house, just the other properties I own. Never should have married someone who can never change their clothes in the first place, I guess…

  12. This is total bs, we Xbox players were supposed to get DLC and…… oh yeah, we have!!! XD Look guys, Beth is struggling along with Sony to get the DLC ported over to the PS3. It’s not their fault that Sony has to make all their hardware “different”, and they can’t simply stop production of other DLC simply because of this. Truthfully, you’re not missing out on much. Dawnguard was cool because of the crossbows, vampire lords and skill trees, the rest of it was wandering for hours in a dark, tiny sandbox. Hearthfire is almost equal to horse armor, it’s boring. Neither are Shivering Isles quality, so quit stressing. Beth will get your DLC to you, and you’ll be like: “Seriously? I bitched, complained and waited for months for THIS?!?!” Give it a rest, they’re doing what they can. It’s not hard to understand why you’re upset, but the thousands upon thousands of posts and emails haven’t done anything effective as of yet, what makes you think that’s going to change?

    • Yikes, that was incredibly patronising. Bethesda has done very good work but to suddenly claim that they “don’t want to release something that makes gamers experience worse” (what they’ve said) is a huge turn around in policy.
      It’s absolutely right that people who’ve paid and (utterly reasonably) expect DLC are annoyed when all their money and support has bought them is tier two treatment and condescension from Xbox owners like yourself.
      If it’s all too difficult for Bethesda to manage, and it absolutely is Bethesda’s place to manage their Sony relationship, then they should offer a PC version and a way to tx saves from PS3s.
      The total cost and delivery of future games is dependent on the total sales of a game; to irritate PS3 owners to the point where they no longer trust Bethesda to treat them in the same way as Xbox and PC players will affect all gamers as the likely investment in ES6 will be lower as a result.

    • It is Bethesda’s fault because they chose to put it out. If they weren’t going to do what was necessary to make Skyrim perform as well on the PS3 as it does on other platforms then they should’ve just released the game for PC and 360. Go big or go home and all that.
      But I guess from their perspective it made more sense to shovel out a half-assed port and make themselves some relatively quick and easy money. And hell, they’ve made so much of it that I doubt they’ll even notice the lost Dawnguard sales.
      Just good business, I suppose. Clearly doesn’t do much to engender good will with customers, but who needs good will when you’ve got sweet, sweet cash, mirite?

      • LoL! Dude, that wasn’t a real reply Kyle, that was just more crying. They’ll get it done, as for WHEN they’ll get it done….. blame Sony, they’re equally responsible.

        • Who’s crying? I’ve been done with Skyrim for months, I’m just enjoying show now. You’re still wrong, though. Bethesda deserves the blame because they chose to work on a PS3 port of Skyrim. They knew what they were getting themselves into after Fallout 3. No one forced Bethesda to work with a console that’s baffled them for the last five years.

          • I remember when Morrowind had expansions on the PC and I had to wait for GOTY edition to get them, I don’t recall everyone bugging out then. I wasn’t even sure I’d ever get it. People should be glad they can play the game, DLC is nothing to complain about.

        • you can’t blame Sony for this in any way, first get yourself informed at what was the price the ps3 had to pay after the blu-ray won the battle in order to keep a fair competition with the other consoles

        • Sony is not equally responsible. All the other developers have been able to get Ps3 programming right. Guess Beth is just lazy at it.

  13. I installed a xbox 360. I’ll never use a single platform again, now i have MS and Sony, the two assholes, outdated pieces of crap, to enslave retarded users like me and others.. because is too hard organize a good PC today, if the entire industry prefers this Digital VHS players. Fuck you Microsoft and Sony! come on people, lets blame the developers! they need work with this pieces of crap, inside contract regulations, timelines, limited resources, outdated machines.. is always only developers fault! yeaah..

    Now play your amazing game, with lowres textures, limited memory and so on.. OBEY!

  14. Great content, although it could use a demolish option if you want to change a wing of the house, but otherwise pretty cool. Other subtle updates as well; for instance I was able to hire Lydia as my steward for my first house in falkrearch while still having Serena as my follower – so with the new housecarl I have 4 women in my house – lol (the wife make 4). Maybe in future DLC they’ll add different styles to build, which would be cool too.

    As for the other complaints I’ve seen/read – no issues on my xbox360, very minor bugs with building sometimes, but otherwise nothing else. Although I do agree with many that something should be done to fix issues of “flying/misplaced” furniture that occurs at random, and also some sort of grid to assist in placing or moving items would be helpful.

    The debate of PC graphics vs Console? – snore, really – it comes down to almost something basic as PC lovers that hate Apple, who cares, I have both or really all three: PC, xbox, ps3, although I play skyrim only on the xbox and on the 50” TV it looks great, yeah it may not look as nice as on the PC, but current consoles are behind years of upgraded video cards – you were expecting eh what? It’s to be expected I guess of the new breed: a breed of whinny grippers.

  15. Speaking about developers .. why ride horses, be a vampire and a werewolf need be in the third person? it is impossible adjust the camera to see the horse’s head or add the 3d models for the clutches of the vampire and werewolf? I hate to use the vampire in the third person, he loses the hair of both shave their heads inside dungeons and houses, and sometimes blocks the camera view.

    Is impossible ride the horse like on this game:

    • You know, that has always been my biggest personal complaint as well… I HATE third person, why can’t we just have it FPS? They did it with the werewolves in Morrowind, and that fish-eye view was wicked-looking, helped you feel the aspect of the wolf a lot better. Eh, oh well, complaining about it won’t do any good, as the PS3 players are proving as we speak, lol… Bethesda has their hands full, if they can’t port a DLC, they’re sure as hell not taking suggestions for future updates.

  16. Dear bethsoft Team,
    I Downloaded hearthfire as soon as the German Xbox live System was working on September 4th.
    Since i have downloaded the dlc my Xbox froze over a dozen Times and i had to restart my console every Time. I am afraid that it could cause Problems with my Xbox (Outsider the gameplay). The content you have advertised with hearthfire does Not reflect / is Not what i have got by purchasing

  17. Your Content (at least Not at this Moment). I am very dissapointed that i have bought thIs product/ which is definetly Not working as advertised! – please let me know how Long it would Take to “fix” this Problem.

    Thanks in advance

  18. Will I be able to adopt Aventus Aretino? Ever since his quest I’ve imagined taking him under my wing, and when I first heard about Hearthfire, adopting him was first on my mind. Though Hearthfire is great, I was somewhat disappointed that I couldn’t adopt the little guy. I’m just wondering in the future if adoption for Aventus Aretino will be possible, as he is an orphan.

  19. Hey Bethesda, please give the Hearthfire DLC Free for the PC Players, since Mods for Adoption and Building a House already exist, plus the Mannequins and Decorations aswell.

    It would seem a little Unfair to ask for Cash on something the Modders Already give the Fans for Free.

  20. This DLC is great!!…. until it started freezing every dang time I step into my new Lakeview home. It doesn’t seem to matter what I try, it freezes irregardless. Sometimes right away or maybe after a minute when I try to add something. I should also note that the house itself is complete minus all of the furnishings. I seem to remember something vaguely similar in Oblivion when Shivering Isles became available to Xbox owners where it froze up all the time without a downloaded patch. I kinda want to try it again for the 17th time, but it’ll probably just freeze again. Now I get to wait and hope that there’s a patch for this. Judging by other blogs I’ve read tonight I’m not the only one.

  21. Hey gstaff,
    Im a ps3 user and with dawnguard out of the run for a while. Im wondering if hearthfire for ps3 is going to suther because of it

  22. Wow Bethesda. This is amazing. Thank you so much. Just as Skyrim was starting to get boring….BOOM!!! Dawnguard. That right after I beat Dawnguard….BOOM!!! Hearthfire. I could thank you enough for the hundreds of hours I have spent playing this game. I especially love Hearthfire because you can customize your house so much. Keep up the good work and make future DLC just as good as they have been.

  23. Im an Xbox user and both updates are cool
    But I say this knowing ps3 users have been stoped due to Sony refusing to run software
    Bethsoft have had no say so blame Sony for this not us
    Many thanks
    Paul stringer
    Managing director
    Team England
    Se21 1 qx

  24. I am increasingly disappointed at you, Bethesda. Todd Howard said Skyrim would be your best Elder Scrolls game yet, with fewer bugs and faster responses to the inevitable bugs, and he spoke on and on about how the team had plans to diminish all the glitches et cetera.

    What we have seen, in truth, is the opposite: you’re purposefully releasing unfinished DLC and pushing it to your customers. Why can’t you beta test your software before releasing to the public? Are you that desperate for cash or just being plain dishonest with your fanbase?

    As I’ve said earlier, this can’t be right.

  25. Downloaded Hearthfire and now Skyrim freezes saying “Loading downloadable content…please wait.” Waited about 30 minutes still frozen, can’t find Hearthfire on the console to delete it and in turn can’t play Skyrim now at all.

  26. Bethesda i am a xbox 360 user and i have to speak out for the PS3 users it is not fair that we got it first yes you did say we would get it first but you also said we would be getting it 30 days before anyone else and that has been 3 months and only xbox and pc have got the dlc you need to step up your game on this dlc for ps3 or your going to lose a lot of players and i mean a lot and you have a bug in the game that needs fixing with the dawnguard dlc i downloaded it about a week ago and started a new game then as i got far enough into the game to buy the house in whiterun i went to upgrade it and i could not buy the alch lab to make potions can you please fix that i mean i don;t know if it is going to happen in all houses or what becasue i only have one house so i don’t know if there will be other problems with buying things for other houses but it gets on my nervs that i can’t but the lab for some damn reason

    • They have lost alot of players already, Any ps3 user that hasnt traded in skyrim and downloaded it on the pc (for free of course) is an idiot, we wont see DLC on the PS3 cuz they arnt actualy doing anything about it. Im the new pirate in town.

  27. this dlc is asom, i cant stop pressing X to skip everything and keep playing
    seems legit
    out of the jokes im still playing skyrim in my ps3 and i still like it a lot, take all the time you want sincerely, we ppl that really like the game because of what already is and not for what it would become are set to wait if necessary and to understand if it never comes out.

  28. To quitwhining, it would be worth the wait if it was GOOD. Dawnguard was a mediocre attempt at trying to make Skyrim turn into Van Helsing. The new dragon types are crap, te storyline is cardboard and predictable with no real threat of consequence or sense of urgency and all the gear is retextured bullshit that isnt even as good as glass armor. The dlc was acceptable at best, and its pretty sad and frightening when a developer like this can’t port a Dlc like this which doesn’t truly add anything massive or groundbreaking. I shudder at the thought of when they release a point lookout-esque dlc, that’s gonna be a real nightmare. But no matter. BORDERLANDS 2 and ASSASSIN’S CREED 3 SOON!

  29. I think Bethesda is waiting until after dishonored is released to tell PS3 users that dawnguards not coming so they don’t lose sales

    • They are hoping PS3 users are stupid with no short term memory.
      They are hoping PS3 users forget about the broken Elder Scrolls and Fallout games collecting dust on their shelves while they hand out even more money for Dishonored…which will most likely be broken.

      Here’s to hoping that PS3 users refuse to buy Bethesda titles until the old ones are fixed.

  30. Hearthfire has a couple bugs, the one thats annoying me the most is that iv only adopted one child and the game is classing it as two and not allowing me to adopt another, so i have a daughter that plays tag with herself and bullys herself…. Now either this is a bug or she is need of a decent therapist…

  31. Downloaded Hearthfire while I was near an internet connection. Then brought my console back to play, it says “Loading downloadable content, please wait…” and then continues to hold that on the Skyrim load screen. Do I have to be connected to the internet the first time I run Hearthfire?

  32. I was waiting on dawnguard for ps3 seeing as Bethesda has put dlc out for ps3 on all their other titles no exclusivity (fallout, oblivion) I put 370 hours in that game on ps3 it was fun but it seems that I’ll be getting no more …I’m upset and disappointed in you Bethesda just know this it may not be enough for me to never buy Beth. Games again but if this keeps up it might!

  33. While understandably upset at the extreme delay of PS3’s Dawnguard, I’m confident Bethesda is putting in the work necessary to bring it over ASAP. There was some healthy backlash over the initial broken PS3 Skyrim, and I hope the toppling of that issue will be complete if/when it finally launches. The PR for this debacle, however, has been nothing short of abysmal. Never before have I felt so mistreated as a customer. The delay isn’t enough to make me forgo Dawngaurd, but Bethesda’s callous disregard for their fan base is unacceptable. I feel comfortable speaking for PS3 owners when I ask gstaff (or other similarly entrenched representatives) to please present us with something beyond the cut-paste comfort link. A little bit of hard evidence would certainly put my mind at ease, and I’m sure there are others who would agree. Thank you for your time and consideration.

  34. After I rescued my hubby from being kidnapped by bandits he returned home walking backwards and doing a weird shuffle ALL THE TIME…Bethesda help! I don’t know what those bandits did to him, but he’s acting like a retard! Also can we remodel our homes? There’s a few things I’d like to change.

  35. I have skyrim elder scrolls on xbox
    I have completed skyrim main quest , then added on the Dawnstar then completing that , i then downloaded the Hearthfire ….i am now gutted as my game after building a house , adopting and ready to continue only to find that the game crashes mid play !

    I have tried clearing cache , deleting past game saves , saving game to hard drive , only loaded from start screen and not pressing continue …but it crashes every time so freakin frustrating after god knows how many game play hours

    I tried starting a brand new game character …and so far no crashing..what the hell is going on ?

    i thought cool its playing now fine..but when i try to reload the other character it crashes grrrr

  36. Everyone on here who is supporting bethesda is clearly a PC player or Xbox owner. All of us who are stuck on our ps3s are not happy with the DLC or the company. A discount should be given to ps3 users to compensate for this fumble. The company is losing a lot of credibility with ps3 users for all of their games.

  37. Hey Bathista can you guys please get an update soon fixing the freezes while I’m in my home, honestly I can’t even set up a manican without it freezing, I like the DLC but there is no point if I can’t play it.