The Making Of Dishonored, Part 1 – Inception

With just over a month until Dishonored is available, we’ve released the first in a series of Developer Documentaries for the game. In this first video, appropriately titled ‘Inception’, the team at Arkane discuss how they embarked to create a unique gaming experience — a first-person game that puts the player in the role of a supernatural assassin.

The video features members of the team you’ve already met: co-creative directors Harvey Smith & Raphael Colantonio, art director Sebastien Mitton, and visual design director Viktor Antonov. In addition to these folks, you’ll also hear from:

  • Florence Lapalu – Lead Character Artist
  • Damien Pougheon – Lead Animator
  • Sylvain Praloix – Lead Gameplay Programmer
  • Christophe Carrier – lead level designer

Watch the video above and come back next week for another Developer Documentary.

Reader Comments

  1. I already preordered Dishonored on PS3 because it looks so awesome. But now I’m starting to have second thoughts because I fear that Skyrim fiasco happens to this game as well. I really wouldn’t want to be Displeased and Disappointed again. That is why I’m highly considering to cancel my preorder and change it to something else, unless I can be sure that Bethesda won’t fail me again. As someone said on other topic they are already promoting xbox on their tweets so it seems like a dejavu.
    I know it’s just a game but it made me feel bad and I don’t think that I’m ready to buy another Bethesda game just yet. It takes time or act to get my trust back, even though they make great games.

  2. Just like Bethesda to push their new game before fixing the old one. Again, the old one will be left broken as all of their programmers have moved on to other projects.

    • By the way, you know you’ve been left comfortably alone to your niche in this market for a very long time. There are no real competitors to what you offer. But, following the success of Skyrim (the most sales you’ve ever made), you do realize this is going to change?

      Don’t you think it’s about time you change your business practices and devote some of your time to quality assurance? Are you familiar with one John Carmak whose motto is “it’s done when it’s done”?

      Don’t you think it’s about time you give it some thought before you commit to some stupid date like 11.11.11 again and end up losing face yet again?

      Maybe you should do the right thing as a (professional) PR, print this comment and pin it to a wall in the office.

  3. We’ll keep on topic when you stop avoiding the truth and give us a real answer… and no, linking to the same 3 week old post repeatedly isn’t an answer.