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    • Why do people have it in their head that BGS should release Hearthfire for free for PC?

      They aren’t even supporting Dawnguard for PC modding, what with the complete lack of any papyrus source code file releases.

      • I’d like to know too. Is it because we don’t have Dawnguard yet? Give the Dishonored team a break, they weren’t even directly involved in Dawnguard. It’s ok to complain but do not overdo it…

      • It will be a failure on the PS3 I should say. As once again Bethesda has used a cover up campaign to keep the PS3 version out of the journalist and public eye. Tweet Hines was caught in a lie when he said the PS3 version was at PAX when it wasn’t. They did the cover up campaign for the PS3 version of Skyrim, we found out on 11-11-11 why they covered it up. Here we are again nearly a year later, and the same cover up campaign is taking place, which is not a good sign. It must mean that like Bethesda, Arkane can’t code for the PS3, and the games performance is abysmal.

  1. They weren’t involved AT ALL. Arkane presently makes one thing for Bethesda Softworks/ZeniMax: Dishonored. The spamming of disgruntled Skyrim players is obnoxious.

    On a different note, I can’t pull up more than the picture that displays currently. Are there more to see and if so, how can I see them.