Skyrim Workshop: Mod #10,000

This past week the Skyrim Workshop reached another milestone – it’s 10,000th mod. Learn more about the mod, Shannara Weapon Set from joedamarsio, in  an interview from the Skyrim Creation Kit (Public) Steam Group. Here’s an snippet…

Any advice you would offer to anyone playing Skyrim who maybe thinks about trying to make a mod but is intimidated?

It’s overwhelming when you first look at all the options on the Creation Kit but if you follow the Wiki it will talk you through everything and make modding a pleasurable and fun experience

Read the full interview here, and if you haven’t checked out the Workshop yet, visit

Reader Comments

  1. You might have reached this milestone a bit sooner if Dawnguard modding wasn’t hamstrung by the lack of Papyrus Source Code files.

  2. If you will keep the limit of 100 mb to the mod size you wil never get any BIG and serious mod on Skyrim Workshop because the CK crashes every time that a mod of higher size than 100 mb is loaded , plus the packer is not working for some kind of items and are not well packed ….
    so only small and minor kmods can be uploaded to skyrim workshop so far .. the actual level of the size should be increased from 100 mb to 2 gb at least .

  3. Oh boy, just another post of how great PS3 & PC users have it. Can’t believe the number of complaints about what 360 users get on Xbox Live with the multitude of things available to those who can utilize Steam & the Creation Kit to make whatever the hell they want… For example, some people might not see Hearthfire for quite some time– those same people have mods at their disposal that make Hearthfire seem like $#!%.

  4. “Oh boy, just another post of how great PS3 & PC users have it.”
    Ps3 users don’t have it great. All they have is the vanilla game, no mods or dlc.

  5. Okay, “porn” was a bit extreme, but there’s plenty of ridiculously revealing armour mods, female enhancement mods, etc etc on the Workshop.

  6. My patience was already bad with the fallout las vegas. And from oblivion to now, I need a mod, to not see models run across a shelf?

    Console version is forever lost! and for the pc, i need thousands of mods to fix shit!

    I hate you bethesda!