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  1. as a fallout fan and a elder scrolls fan i have to say i can not wait for the new fallout to hit the shelves and i know this has nothing to do with this post but you have a bad glitch in your dawnguard dlc if you download the dlc after starting a new game you can’t buy the alch lab in whiterun for the house now i have not bought any other houses so idk what will happen with them but it would mean alot if you could fix it

  2. The next game is the Fallout 4. But, shiiiit…. anyway BuGthesda.

    I am already frustrated with you, I put your next games on the list of “super fucked games” for later. And please! use your whip to force John Carmack in the delivery of the Doom 4 too, probably another fantastic triple A as usual.

    I already had enough of your fanboys, delays, bugs and useless interviews with some famous actor narrating their games… all this for what? i hope that Dishonored, does not become a dishonored.. literally.

  3. Fallout 4 will most likely begin development after Bethesda finish’s all the Skyrim DLCs. Just a prediction, expect it sometime 2014, with the new consoles.