The Making Of Dishonored, Part 2 – Immersion

We’ve just released the second video in our developer documentary series for Dishonored. In ‘Immersion’, the team at Arkane Studios discuss the creative process that went into building the world and characters of Dunwall – from the city setting and it’s strange technologies to the all-star cast voicing its citizens.

Missed part 1? Catch it here.

Reader Comments

  1. After extensive studies of anatomy, the end result resembles characters made of wax, with voices of famous people. The little girl is basically a ugly puppet, but has a voice “kick ass”. This game has tight environments, and an exaggeration of powers like the teleportation. Serious risk of falling into repetition, for a game mentioned short in some interviews.

  2. I’m an industrial designer. I’m an industrial designer. I’m an industrial designer. Blade Runner was good, using industrial designers. Any game here it’s good, because it has an industrial designer, got it? Specifically, the designer is important for the design of the designer himself, got it? The technology is important to put industrial designer inside the design, without industrial designer, the paranormal have less impact with industrial devices.

    After all, is being done to play or just for watch?

    • This remember the period of interviews with personnel from id software. Rage is so photorealistic, resembles a painting, we chose a industrial design, reusing vehicles and machines in a post-apocalyptic future, and it was all hand painted by my son, using poop, to increase the dirt visual. I hate you id.

      I did pre-order again (PS3).
      I’m an idiot.

  3. Really informative vid doc. I love the attention paid the character silhouettes. The visual style overall is very unique. I just hope there is enough darkness to feed my Thief cravings. Shadows are my friends, and color is overrated 🙂

  4. Brad Dourif is the best. So glad they cast someone who actually has serious VO creds. I know it’s getting less popular a title as fall starts up, but if the stealth actually works this is the type of world I want to support – over a rehash Of a rehash which seems to be this holiday seasons theme so far.

    Can’t wait for a design book. I think people who haven’t ever created anything might not understand this but expanding the story and advancing the graphics of a gaming title is completely different from a new property. It is definitely more cost-effective but nowhere near as difficult or risky.

  5. Very nice production and everything, no doubt. But this time for me is watching the first wave of consumers, see the internet blogs and videos about the real situation of the game, the platforms and so on.

    Looks amazing, the visual and ideas.