Golden Joystick reminder

There’s still time to vote for this year’s Golden Joystick Awards, including Bethesda titles in the following categories:

  • Ultimate Game of the Year – Skyrim
  • Best RPG – Skyrim
  • Top Gaming Moment – Skyrim, Throat of the World
  • Best use of DLC – Dawnguard and the Creation Kit
  • One to Watch – The Elder Scrolls Online
  • Best Shooter – RAGE

Head over to the official page to cast your votes.

Reader Comments

  1. I’ll say it again. Bethesda, you CAN’T be SERIOUS if you think DawnGuard is going to win (for best DLC) when 1/3 of you revenue (PS3 owners) HAVE NOT played DawnGuard. As far as rpg of the year? Yes.

    • I started playing Dark Souls, and it’s very good! I think you should take a break with Skyrim, in the end, the dlc has many problems even on pc. I recommend The Lord of the Rings – War in the North also, very beautiful, with good action and less technical problems. This whole thing about open world in the end only causes a tremendous lot of bugs in the engine, and a very much empty place, with thousands of polygonal rocks.

  2. Even if ps3 players could get dawnguard, Its not a good dlc, Its unfinished. You cant upgrade the castles at the end. In morrowind you got strongholds, In oblivion you get a Whole castle as a home, In skyrim you get a small manor, Woopdedo?

  3. I still don’t see how ESO will work… Will the leveling system become the typical RPG-type (one experience bar for everything, getting experience from quests, etc.) or will they keep the one they’ve been using for Fallout and TES (though I have a hard time seeing an MMO use this)? Anyone got any info on this?

    Oh and I agree with Syrik, I can see Skyrim winning RPG of the year, though I doubt PS3 users (like myself) would be happy if Dawnguard won best use of a DLC.

  4. WEll im not gonna Buy Dawnguard. Actually, im thinking about sellin my copy of Skyrim. im not happy about customers support and such things. I Got Kingdoms of Amular. feeding me DLC`s. And Assassin creed 3 Around the corner. Guesss this is…Bye bye Bethesda

  5. Seriously though, when was the last time WE got ps3 exclusivity from Bethesda? Or when was the last time we got the dlc at the same day as others from Bethesda? Please, someone go make me coffee, I have very bad day today…

  6. Skyrim have more muscles and size, but the Witcher 2 is so much better in terms of art direction and have a wonderfull plot, their characters have more backstory. I prefer more quality content and history, The Witcher 2 is my winner for sure.

    But DIABLO 3? what the hell! the worst game ever made.

  7. Bethesda releases broken games without warning anyone, lies about the game getting all kinds of attention, fixes, and a “totally new engine.” Then takes the money of PS3 owners, leaves the games broken without any feelings of remorse, and still has the nerve to ask for votes?!

    Pretty low Beth, pretty low.

    It will be a cold day in hell before I vote Bethesda the best anything…well maybe the best liars.

  8. I’ll vote for it when Bethesda fix the lag on the PS3 version of Skyrim and release Dawnguard and Hearthfire on the PlayStation Store.

    I guess i won’t get to vote for it then at the rate Bethesda are going right now. 🙁

  9. That’s never going to happen, because soon Bethesda will announce that Dawnguard and future Skyrim DLC will not be released and support for the PS3 version will be dropped. Patch 1.7 is most likely the last patch the PS3 receives.