Available Next Week: Revised & Expanded Skyrim Game Guide

Still lost in Skyrim? Beginning today, Prima’s Revised & Expanded Skyrim Game Guide will be available on sale in-stores on September 20th in North America. The massive guide is filled with content across 864 pages (over 200 pages bigger than the original guide), and it now features everything you’d need to know about Dawnguard and Hearthfire — including quests, updated indexes, and new maps.

Kudos to David Hodgson, Steve Stratton, and Bethesda Game Studios’ Steve Cornett for their hard work putting the guide together.


Reader Comments

  1. I’ll never buy another Prima guide after how they treated those of us who plunked down for the limited edition of the Skyrim guide. The main reason I went for the more expensive version was for the iPad map app, which wasn’t released on time, and then was released but not for free for those who purchased the guide as promised. Their customer service told me I was SOL (finally responding after the fourth time I contacted them in the span of a month and a half).

  2. The new guide shows all points with serious problems, who preventing their advance toward the glory of to become the Dragonborn, that guy who shouts because get stuck all time inside some problem, after almost 13 months!

    For a fair price, you can get those tips:
    – Why my follower always get stuck? tips and tricks to prevent the navmesh trap. A new study about artificial inteligence by Sheogorath.
    – My house have serious bugs. tips and tricks to live inside a dumpster. Extreme Makeover: Home Edition for my Skyrim included.
    – I cant finish my quest. tips and tricks to start another mission, in a distant place and with a different game from another company, about other hero, planet, region.
    – Doors, pipes, rocks, a lot of things inside things with invisible polygons. my game starts to fail, because i have a shit Console? tips and tricks to understand about how forget all ads, and see the truth about huge lazy games.

    A new huge map, with a signature of Randy Jackson, for no reason.

      • My english is very mechanical, good for computer tools and so on. But try to write it in my language (Portuguese) the same text. Try to get some informations about my language, try some structures, in the end works almost ok.

        I pissed of with this company after 120$ and more then 10 months of frustrations! And i need see a damn asshole teach me something? Go play Skyrim! is the same as say something worse.

  3. And why would I want to buy this? I played Skyrim on the Playstation 3 and highly doubt that Dawnguard and Hearthfire will be available on the Playstation 3 until 2013, if ever.

    And even if all the stuff about the Playstation 3 being left out on the DLC content so far, won’t there be more DLC for Skyrim? Then there would be at least three versions of the Skyrim Game Guide.

    • They won’t search it here on the forums. They say that Dawnguard won’t be coming out for the PS3 because they “can’t solve it”.

      Bethesda, if you can’t handle a DLC wich is smaller then the actual game itself how were you able to create SKYRIM itself (for PS3)? I’ve not experienced any bugs (yet) on Skyrim PS3, but if you can’t solve this ‘small’ problem but can make Skyrim itself work properly then what the f*ck are you guys doing out there? Eating donuts?

  4. Why on earth did you have this made?

    You’re going to be making more DLC content, this book is going to be obsolete as soon as you announce DLC#3.

    This is like selling a Fallout 3: GoTY edition with only 2 of the 5 DLC packs.

  5. Does the guide have a section that tells you how to fix the lag on the PS3 version of Skyrim?

    You’d think Bethesda would have fixed it but 9 months later i guess not… 🙁

  6. Where’s the smaller, less expensive DLC-only guides, like was done for Fallout 3?

    So after you make a few more DLC, you’ll release it a THIRD time, with ANOTHER 200 pages?

    I wonder if they fixed all the mistakes in the guide for this release… the guide had as many mistakes as Skyrim has bugs… I’m still waiting for Prima to hire me as a proofreader.

  7. On Sale: September 20, 2012
    Covers: Xbox 360®, Playstation®3, PC

    So September 20 is the release date of Dawnguard and Hearthfire on PS3 and Hearthfire on PC?

    • i doubt hearthfire because of the microsoft contract which is said to expire october 4, so maybe dawnguard for ps3, hope so thats next thursday and even better i hope its half price

    • No, that’s the release for the book, containing information that may eventually be released for the PS3.

      I’m sure at the time the updated book was being planned out, Dawnguard hadn’t even been released yet for the Xbox, and things were still on track for the expected release date.

  8. please can some one explain what going on with skyrim.after 4 months of not having shadowmere the bloody horse its back. and all the dead people and the guards in riverwood.am on level 80 and found 802 things to do in skyrim.please in the next round of patches can we have the any chance of getting rid of the bloody darkbrotherhood its boring now all quests been done.and any news on dawnguard or heathfire would be nice.and any chance of making those bloody kids say something new and fixing the forsworn conspiracy the npc still does not show up just bloody arrow too say he was once there.many thanks

  9. Hey I just don’t understand at all how can a company make a game that’s huge then go and say hey sorry PS3!!! Ur just not gonna get any DLC!!! How is this possible. I think it’s a lack in company’s progress to make the gamers of playstation3 wait I think that Bethesda thinks hey if we make them wait a bit longer when it comes out they will buy like crazy well I thinks that’s a bunch of sh*t who is dumb enough to make a game and then tell the best console hey ur just not getting it how lame bethesda and for u xbox players let me just say ur not the best ur system is just a price of crap and ur graphics don’t even compete I mean come on they make controllers that look like xbox controllers for the ps3 so that tells me that there must be alot of peeps that leave xbox and come to ps3 so just shut ur mouth and blow me !!!!

  10. I pre-ordered the guide so I would get it as soon as it came out. It has been a month since the release date and it’s still not out yet! The people at gamestop have no idea why it hasn’t come in yet and keeping making up reasons why it hasn’t. I think I should ask for some sort of discount on the thing now.

  11. I must visit this blog on a weekly basis in the vain hope that we will get some promise on the PS3 DLC. I find it really disheartening to see more and more posts regarding Dishonoured along with pictures of the developers having a good time, wearing masks and patting themselves on the back, rather than updating fans with the progress on Skyrim…

    I work in the digital industry and christ, if my company had made such a mess at releasing an expansion we would all be working overtime until the issue was fixed. Its now been over 3 months and nothing but some snotty words from Bethesda’s PR team.

    Take your fans for granted much?