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Here’s the latest on Dishonored from around the web and on newsstands…

UK mags PSM3 and sister mag Xbox World are so excited for Dishonored, they’re already predicting it will be their top game of the year. Anticipating the game’s release, both publications share new hands-on impressions and celebrate the game with four collectible magazine covers. Preview the covers in the Flickr slideshow below.

Looking for a digital version of the magazine? Download the enhanced iPad editions using the links below:

And to learn more on Dishonored, check out these links:

Official PlayStation Magazine UK  – After playing the Boyle Mission, Phil Iwaniuk calls Dishonored an “instant classic”.
PlayStation Blogcast – Sid Shuman interviews co-creative director, Raphael Colantonio. Interview starts at the 1 hour, 11 minute mark.
IGN – Keza MacDonald explains why she thinks Dishonored could be the most interesting game of the year.

As we count down the days to Dishonored’s release (19!), be on the lookout for more news and updates.

Reader Comments

  1. Has Bethesda completely left the Skyrim franchise now, since its Clear that this Dishonored Game is now the Top News, hence theres No Hearthfire DLC for the PC/PS3 plus Dawnguard for the PS3 or any New Patches.

    Whats going on, has Bethesda gone Bankrupt, wheres the Focus on the TES Franchise.

    • Wow. Bethesda aren’t even the ones making Dishonored. They’re just the publisher. No one who codes for TES is going to be involved with advertising, and there’s no way Bethesda would ever ditch TES since it’s one of their best money makers.

      The proper way to go about forming an opinion is this: First you learn about the subject, then you have an opinion. You’re doing it backwards.

      • Specifically, Bethesda Game Studios is not making developing Dishonored. Bethesda Softworks is the publisher, and one of our own studios, the talented guys at Arkane Studios (based in Lyon, France & Austin, TX), are developing the game.

        • Most of us understand that it is Arkane Studios making the game.

          That being said, we feel sorry for them. The game they worked so hard on still has the Bethesda name on it. Due to this error in judgement on Arkane’s part many of us will not be purchasing this game.

          No hard feelings against Arkane, in fact, if they had gone with another publisher I would be in line to buy Dishonored when it is released. We just refuse to support Bethesda any more. Not after the way they have treated PS3 users. Broken games with no support since Oblivion. Games that are left broken with no hope of ever being fixed. Hundreds of dollars wasted. PS3 users are done with Bethesda.

        • screw that i dont care what anyone thinks bethesda has made and published the greatest titles known to man there games and the games they publish blow cod and bf and any other game out there out of the water and demolish them what does it matter how they treat ps3 users im a ps3 user and i love bethesda you want to say somethin send me a message on psn my names bystander213 keep making great games bethesda i love you

    • Hearthfire comes out on october 11 for the PC. The delay with updates is the effort to adjust the situation with the PS3 i think. Anyway is the final DLC.

      Do you really think the company is ignoring the best franchise of the house? Dishonored is game totally made by Arkane, and runs with Unreal 3 Engine, a very well tested engine across the plataforms.

  2. Bethesda has many irons in the fire. Dishonored is their next big game coming out. As a publisher it is normal that most of their current marketing efforts be currently dedicated to it.

    I am sure that actual developers are still hard at work coding content for Skyrim while the PR guys handle marketing. When said content gets ready for display, I am sure we will hear of it.

  3. We’re suckers- you should speak for yourself. I myself love bethesda games and always played them on ps3. I have put in nearly 1000 hours into skyrim on ps3. When I realised that dawnguarrd might not be coming I bought a computer, downloaded steam, and bought skyrim for pc just so I could play dawnguard. I am in no way rich and had to live off ramen. For 2 week and cancel my cable just to afford it. I still play every other game on ps3. But I would recommend getting pc version of skyrim if you can, it is waaaaaaaaaaaayyy better and you will not regret it.