Now Shipping: Dragonborn figure from Symbiote Studios

Need a new companion for your desktop? Recruit Symbiote Studios’ Dragonborn vinyl figure to be your sword and axe for $12.99.

Consider this guy and our QuakeCon figure our Symbiote “Series 0”. As noted in our QuakeCon press release, we plan on rolling out new figures in the future.

For more details and to order your own figure, visit

Reader Comments

  1. 3D-printers, too bad they’re so slow. Imagine, uploading your character with the armor it’s wearing to a company which makes it into a statue, delivered with the right amounts of paint (custom painting would be very expensive so let’s go with paint-by-numbers) and some pro tips on how to paint your very own adventurer.

    I would love to have my khajiit standing next to Alduin.

    • I’ll have you know that I do not live under a bridge, it’s a certified overpass.
      Besides, it’s not that I dislike the figure, it’s just that I would realy realy like to be able to order and paint lifelike figures from Morrowind and Skyrim.

  2. We need a mascot Troll! The blog needs a friend Troll, they are very sad people.

    I love Trolls, they know all about timelines, important people, game development, hardware miths, space travel, food, toys, design, marketing, code.. deserve a mascot!

  3. Yes! Better yet, the next skyrim DLC could include a new character! The Forum Troll. Armed with a keyboard and 0 charisma, they can only be found in their mothers’ basements! But unlike ice trolls, they are particularly weak against women, cheetos and mountain dew. Let’s make a Kickstarter! I’ll put my money up first, gstaff!

  4. Ooh! I wanna get that! I can just see it sitting beside my Uncharted 3 Nathan Drake statue. I hope the release one for the Whiterun guard! (Dont ask why, I just love the way Whiterun guards look. The color scheme, plus I feel at home in Whiterun)

  5. Hay gstaff when are u going to answer my questions wtf is wrong with Bethesda you ask for an update and they ignore you like really is that anyway of treating a fan Wow but can you plzz give an update for the ps3 and all the dlc for it. It’s been 2 almost 3 months since dawn guard was released and still not out and now hearthfire might not b going to ps3 hearthfire is a hell of a lot smaller dlc can u at least give us that one on time? Also you can’t say that the 2 dlc that were released for this game are not for the other 2 we should of gotten them a month after being that they were 30 DAY TIMED EXCLUSIVES might of spelt that wrong but I don’t give a crap XD

  6. Like really gstaff get a better update that’s been up almost since the start and can’t they get rid of these useless items like cheese,cabbage and crap like that might free up some space o well if it’s not out by next month or if hearth fire isn’t then say good bye to a customer