Thrilling Skyrim Coverage

 The weekend’s here. Before you get going with your weekend gaming, here’s some Skyrim stories, videos, and more to catch up on…

    • Dead End Thrills is leaving the the world of Skyrim behind, but you can still check out some of Duncan Harris’ greatest Skyrim screens, including the one shown above..
    • The lead author of Prima’s Game Guide for Skyrim, David Hodgson, blogs about the release of the Revised & Expanded Game Guide.
    • IGN has put together their Top 100 RPGs of All Time List. Visit the site to see where Skyrim, Morrowind, and Oblivion rated.
    • At the Gameological Society, the Elder Scrolls’ Wabbajack takes on Fallout’s Luck Bobblehead in the Best Treasure Ever tournament final. If you’re torn on which to vote for, this video might help.
    • Gamespot’s latest Skyrim Modding video highlights an ability that pays homage to Dishonored’s Blink ability. Watch it below.

Finally, be sure to check out to see amazing 360 degree time-lapse videos of the game’s world. Really cool stuff!

Reader Comments

      • Fallout 3 is not better than Fallout 1, 2, and New Vegas; it’s up there with Brotherhood of Steel.

        Oblivion is not better than Morrowind.

        While Skyrim is better than Oblivion it is not the 7th greatest RPG of all time.

        So, either IGN is incredibly ignorant or Bethesda pays them something for favorable mentions.

        • These lists are something the IGN editorial staffs work out on their own and are based on their opinions. We’re not involved, i just happened to catch the list while visiting their site.

          I’m sure they’d encourage debate of the list on their comments section.

        • Comparing with the current RPGs Bethesda has the best results in the sense of FUN. Baldur’s Gate, Ultima or Fallout 1 and 2 coming from a time with story and game mechanics much more complex, a past before the explosion of so many modern shooters and MMOs.. or the arrive of the bullshit of “nextgen console” and so on. We do not have more time and space, to create complex games, just with better visuals and size.

          But comparing with the modern action rpgs today, Bethesda has the best group.

  1. LOL I love how you guys have UTTERLY buried Elder Scrolls Online.

    Here’s hoping the massive hate-train surrounding it has made Zenimax go back to the drawing board.

    Elder Scrolls games by Bethesda Game Studios are always class, I hope BGS are going to be able to stonewall ZOS if they make a generic PoS WoW-clone (sorry, DAOC-clone).

      • Dude calm, the solution for your pain is do not play the TESO. Is a risky investment, but I prefer the multiplayer on this project. I hate the idea of TES with multiplayer, the best part is play alone. A multiplayer mode for Morrowind, Oblivion or Skyrim reduces the size of the world totally.. become extremely easy.

  2. They do not need pay for good updated comments, referring to the visuals and good reception of the game, stop talking nonsense. It is one of the few games on the market offering many hours of gameplay without a DLC since November 2011. Users need to calm down, the work for the PS3 version is being done, and have Sony guys together.

    The MMO get more ads close to the launch, with gameplay and all kinds of information. Now is Dishonored time.

  3. DREM-YOL-LOK gstaff, I did see the article on SONY™ is working with you. I must say… It was quite refreshing. I still have faith that you will do your best to get us our content. Do you have a number or email address you could give me? I have a REALLY good idea that might help you (w/ DawnGuard® DLC for PS3™)
    I know you can’t give it to the forum… Please instruct me on the steps I would have to do to release my email (that you have) to you so you can contact me. ALL JOKES ASIDE.
    I have a thought and I need to share it with you. I made a video (a week ago) and fwd it to Pete Hines. I’m sure with all the hate he’s been getting, He didn’t look at it. But he’s not involved with you. If you can’t email me, could you tell me how to contact someone who could listen to my solution.

    Coming from “THE” PS3™ PLAYER, Syrik


  4. Any Chance to get a FIX for PC danwguard constant Crashes to descktop ? Its making the buying of the expansion worthless because IS not yet working and WE need a fix!

    • Do you have some mod installed? My problem was solved, on steam, I clicked on properties/local files/verify integrity of game cache, and it fixed it self.

      But it is not an exact science.

      • I have no mods installed I deleted the whole game and folders , reinstalled everything from scratch , I have Skyrim base, the high res texture bsas and then Dawnguard , there is no change , the game crashes to desktop after some minutes of games , usually in wilderness . I have the italian localized version , thus far for me the game is unplayable and I am waiting for a fix since I bought but no words on the subject and I am really not the only one a lot of people are having the same issues and posting it on the main forum in technical help . seems al lot are having a localized version .



    Thanx: Syrik

  6. @gstaff,
    Thank you. I do hope it helps. I think it would cut progress time in half.

    You have my verbal permission to contact me by email if I am needed further.

    Regards; Syrik


  7. Its amazing that we’re pushing october and no word or real explaination as to why dawnguard is a no show on ps3. Cant you at least show us the respect as fans to tell us what the problem really is?

    Im not buying thats its hard to work on ps3, loads of other studios can deliver on time.

    Fortunately Skyrim is massive and I still find stuff i’ve never encountered before, but its only a matter of time since im on my 3rd playthrough. So please gstaff, give us some real news/answers:

    – what is the problem?

    – do you have an estimate how long it will take to fix it?

    – will hearthfire and dawnguard be released at the same time if you guys manage to fix the problems?

  8. it amazes me that almost a year on and there are still gamebreaking quests which cant be finished unless you start over….. Any news on a new patch for xbox 360 and will it fix broken quests (namely darkness returns) or do i have to scrap my 300+ hour game n start over just for 2 acheivments