Watch IGN’s Dishonored livestream today!

Anxious for Dishonored? On Wednesday (now today), IGN will livestream part of the Kaldwin’s Bridge mission and follow up with a Q&A session featuring the game’s co-creative directors, Harvey Smith and Raphael Colantonio.

The streaming will take place Wednesday at 7:30 PM BT during IGN’s London event for the game — that’s 2:30 PM EST and 11:30 AM PST for folks stateside.

Visit IGN for full details.

Correction: The Lady Boyle mission will not be shown during the livestream.

Reader Comments

  1. Every day…Every day i’m hoping you have a solution to the problem…every day now i’m going to kindly ask you to give me my money back.

  2. I’m going to be so tempted to watch this, but I’ll try and resist. Dishonored’s atmosphere looks like something I need to experience firsthand. It won’t be long now…

  3. Yes! I’m excited for two things. One, I get to see more Dishonored. Two, someone said what I wanted to. This is Dishonored. Stop talking about Skyrim here. People who bring up Skyrim in a Dishonored topic are no better than those spam bots that go

    Hey, are you looking for designer jeans and shoes and watches and [insert other crap that has nothing to do with games]?

    Go to

    Has any Dishonored fan, at any point, gone to a Skyrim topic to say “This Skyrim news is too Skyrim for my taste. Where is my Dishonored. I’m extremely irate”. No. So knock it off.

  4. @ gstaff,

    I think us true PS3™ DRAGONBORNS would stop flooding your forums with DawnGuard® topic grievances if maybe once a week/month you put up a forum (not just a locked tread) and update us on progress. It helps to “GET IT OUT” sometimes. Just see if Talos…(Todd Howard) might consider it. I know you have the power to delete ALL NON RELATED TOPIC COMMENTS, and I (personally) see that you do let people vent non the less. (I use to be one of them) But I see the BIG PICTURE NOW. And although I am just a simple Nord Dragonborn (know throughout Tamriel© as Syrik the Dovahkiin) I am first and formost a humble gamer, No matter what platform I play on… Even my subscribers are xbox platform think it’s unfair that we (PS3™ users) do not have it. I have ALWAYS encouraged them to have faith that you will get out the DawnGuard® DLC. So all we “some” PS3™ users are asking for is a forum or “NEW” update on the progress. That would stop ALOT of these complaints. But I and alot of other gamers do thank you (Bethesda™) for not deleting our comments and letting our THU’UM ring out. Some of the others don’t get it…. That you could simply make their comments just (POOF) disappear… I get it now. 😉 so… Thank you.


    • There’s not much to update at this time. We’re still working with Sony to see what solutions we can come up with. If there’s new information to share, we’ll let you guys know.

      In terms of comments, I’m happy to allow folks to vent, but it should be in the appropriate spot (topics relating to Skyrim). Comments also get deleted when they include comments that are disrespectful to other posters (bad language, etc.) or try to start a fanboy flame war (Xbox, PS3 trash talk).

      • So Gstaff there has been absolutely ZERO progress on Dawnguard for PS3? I’ll take your “nothing new to update” as meaning ZERO progress has been made. Everyone knows you’re going to cancel Dawnguard and all DLC for PS3 Skyrim, why does Bethesda continue to delay the inevitable and just announce that you’re done with Skyrim on the PS3?

      • PS3 users understand that spamming Dishonored posts with Skyrim complaints are annoying, but we just don’t want to be ignored.

        Oblivion, Fallout 3, and Fallout: New Vegas were left broken messes and unplayable because all of Bethesda’s programmers moved on to other projects. We do not want the same thing to happen to Skyrim.

        I feel if we keep shouting, maybe we will get some attention this time.

        I apologize to the people that don’t care about Skyrim as well as the 360 and PC users, but I do not think they understand what we are going through. PS3 users feel as though they have spent hundreds of dollars on defective products, and the company that made these products refuses to fix them or take any kind of responsibility. Couple that with the fact that Bethesda outright lied about the performance of Skyrim on the PS3 before it was released and it just makes the situation worse.

        PS3 users do not have any legal course of action. All we have is our posts on the blog and forums as well as the option to refuse to buy any Bethesda products in the future. We are just doing what we can.

    • Well, look on the bright side! no one needs to pay to play the DLC that has given problems. I already stopped playing Skyrim, and have no intention to buy the Dawnguard, I saw in my friend’s house, is very boring for the price.

      you guys really do not have anything else to play? the game itself is possible to finish on all platforms, even with some bugs. After Alduin, the rest is repetition.

      You guys need more fresh air.

  5. I wish IGN would ask the hard hitting questions like: Why would you allow Bethesda to publish your game? How do you feel about the potential loss of sales due to the incompetence of Bethesda? How does the PS3 verson run and why has Arkane or Bethesda kept the PS3 version a secret? Can we see the PS3 version running before it’s released? Can we(IGN) review the PS3 version before release?

    Those are the questions I want asked and answered.

  6. Hopefully Bethesda/Arkane will release some PS3 gameplay videos before Dishonoured launches, i’ve only seen videos for the Xbox 360 version so far and one for the PC version that showed how users can change the graphics settings and so on. 🙂