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  1. @ gstaff,

    Ok… STOP PUTTING DISHONORED™ IN MY HEAD! I must resist purchasing it until you release DawnGuard®. LOL

    The MORE I see… The MORE I like it…. Damn you Bethesda™… LOL (j/k)
    Hey, when will a DEMO come to the PlayStation™ Nation of Domination?

    Regards: Syrik

    • They need to sell the game, ads are a powerfull weapon.
      Try not represent the exact moment in which the dignity of the consumer disappears, because he can not resist a few candy bars.

    • This Syrik again. Of course, why not waste time doing demos with the final product ready. Who is this guy? he speaks as if it were vital the gaming world. He tries to “fix” the DLC with use of a email or video, a possible help, without know anything about the code of the engine and other challenges there. This kind of user destroys any debate and appreciation for answers.

      • Fanboys and haters, they are like a virus inside all blogs and forums.

        Dishonored is pretty cool, nobody is being forced to buy the game. Same thing with Dawnguard, the only user who can really get mad are the buyer of the product because Dawnguard is very unstable. And with the PS3 situation, there is no more updates about necessary fixes for the other versions, and the game itself need more fixes.

  2. Even though I can’t play as female, (my only issue 😛 ) I’m going to give Dishonored a go because I love stealth and it looks like a game that’s going to take some real thought to do the no-kill playthrough. I wish more games had that option too. Great trailer…whose voice was that at the end saying Rated M for Mature?

  3. @caio WOW. I’m really flattered. LMBO! Before you get all jealous and hateful, You should learn to read.
    Did ANY of my comment read “@caio”?¿?¿? No. (just this comment) and the “email / video” that I offer Bethesda™ is really non of your concern. Are you trying to help in ANY WAY? No. But, You’ll be ok. XD DEMOS and finished products? WOW. Sounds like your no gamer at all. Furthermore, it sounds like your twelve. Like the old saying goes… “Don’t hate, Participate!” Ha Ha. Last retort to you ignorant comment. I (for one) don’t want to be blocked because of the haters. Grow up, and mind your own business.

    @ gstaff,
    My apologies. And thanx again! ;^)


    • Caio is moved by rage, no reason to be so aggressive.

      I’m not a PS3 user, but I understand how annoying it is not having a product available. After buy the DLC and see more problems, i try my best to believe in future updates.

  4. @ Mayhem Your right. And after awhile, I justed stopped getting mad OVER a DLC. Some people (including myself) use to think we were entitled to a DLC. Don’t get me wrong, I still want “a”” DLC… ANY DLC LMBO ;^)
    But, the more I saw (and wrote) hateful comments… The more I realized, “WHO DO I THINK I AM?” Because to be quite real, SKYRIM™ in it entirety (for ONLY $60.00) gives you hundreds of hours of gameplay. And that’s worth alot more than any DLC. People just simply loose focus of that fact. Everyone is worried about “well they got it…. I want it to” I believe Bethesda™ will get it out. If not, there is nothing I or anyone can do about it. If PS3™ doesn’t get DawnGuard®, We STILL got a GREAT RPG that (to me) is worth $1,000.00


    • You offered to help and that’s important too, shows commitment to what you believe.

      But the situation remained difficult inside blogs and forums with many users turning into violent trolls. I know that Pete Hines made ​​things worse, by saying that the DLC is not important, but looking at the insults and attacks against him on twitter.. is a shameful attitude for only 20 hours of additional game.