Dishonored Roundup

T-minus one week until Dishonored’s release!!

In the pic above, Harvey and Raf are all smiles as they check out final copies of the game. While you wait for October 9th, here’s some Dishonored news to catch up on:

Finally, catch out this fantastic jam from the always entertaining Dan Bull.

Reader Comments

      • Skyrim should appear with news in the future, we do not see more updates for any platform. And sincerely, Dawnguard is not the most amazing thing ever made, some quests are very simple, leaving behind empty structures with nothing more to do.

        I need fresh air.

  1. This game better not win any GOTY awards, I’m sick and tired of Bethesda bribing these award shows to win awards the do not deserve.

  2. Nice to see them holding PC version :p
    Already preordered and cannot wait. Fully expecting Game of the Year right there. I just hope it sells a lot.