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  1. Now this is something that I love to see.

    Glad to see that Bethesda still cares SOMEHOW about the PC community , hopefully TES VI will do the same.

    • What the hell are you talking about?! We have the god damn Creation Kit! The PC version of Skyrim can have flying airships, new lands, thousands of weapons and armor, new creatures, new races, complete redesigns alsomst anything you can think of. Todd Howard once said “there is no feature you can think of that can’t be in a roleplaying game”. They might not make a totally PC version of their games, ofcourse, but they gave us the absolute best feature of almost any game ever, even the Gravity Gun, and that is the Cration Kit. Just like the G.E.C.K before it and the Construction Set before it.

      • You are right , and this is the one and the major thing that makes TES games into heaven.

        Now let’s just hope mods won’t come to Consoles.

        • Maybe I’m cynical, but I suspect Bethesda only release the CK so that the community can fix the bugs for them. They certainly have no interest in doing it themselves.

          Still, PC users shouldn’t feel hurt about the wait for DLC. Sure, Xboxers get it first, but they also get a massively inferior base game with no mods. Swings and roundabouts.

          • Yes you’re cynical. And not to be taken serious.

            For the “PC users shouldn’t feel hurt” part… I suspect PS3 users getting the same inferior base game and having to wait is ok though?

            Exclusives suck. No matter for what system, no matter what time limit.

  2. I think the next wave of crap are MMos for consoles, a lot of things in the industry shows this amazing waste of time.. is like have money to cure cancer, but they prefer improve the botox.

  3. Look lovely! I love the modding communities so much.
    But quick question for you all. I know you’ve been asked countless times about the DLC coming out for PS3, but i get the feeling it will never happen. Is there the possibility that the ps3 users can get something else in consolation? I mean, I personally would love to play Dawnguard, but since I am one of the ps3 users, I can’t.
    Can we at least get SOMETHING?

  4. Amazing what unpaid unprofessional modders can pull off. why can’t the paid “professional” developers can’t even come close to modders?

    • A mod is made using the final product, using a free way for fun. The developers start to working with the engine and tools constantly changing, your first week of work changes completely on the next week, a lot of rework happens for art and code.

      Put timelines and game directors in the equation, the mother company asking about results and so on.

    • According to Peter Parker, the next wave of updates for all platforms including the DLC for the PS3 should arrive with the TES 6. Toddnocchio made ​​it clear that the next game is about huge deserts and huge women, a new race for the lore.

  5. It would be great if Bethesda spent a little time perhaps patching the EXE; the major thing would be to allow the game to be multi-threaded on multi-core PCs.


  6. AWESOME!!!!

    Very Nice Bethesda! Thank you for keeping us up to date on community mod activity for classics like Morrowind. Downloading Morrowind Overhaul now… 😉