Dishonored – Path to Revenge

We have just released an interactive video for Dishonored. A true choose your own adventure, the trailer offers a full series of interactive videos – including a branch that allows for a non-violent playthrough.

As you make your way through the video, which was created with the help of the Twine interactive game engine, be on the lookout for hidden giveaways.

Note: The video features extended content (and minor spoilers)… you’ve been warned. We also recommend viewing the video in full screen. Enjoy!

Reader Comments

  1. That was so fun and very tense! I’m going for non-lethal and I don’t think I killed anyone and I’m not sure about everything that was happening but I will in time. What a great job making this, thank you.

  2. no Sims? maybe a Lotro MMO. show your house for your friends… trailer of the year. Whats next? naked girls and hot armors? the massive pile of useless mods for consoles too?