Dishonored voted #1 at Eurogamer Expo

While last week’s Eurogamer Expo is over, there’s still plenty of buzz coming out of the event. Today Eurogamer revealed the attendees’ top 10 list, with Dishonored coming in as the most popular game of the show. Here’s an excerpt from the article…

“Dishonored’s another smart offering, though it’s perhaps not as shy about that part of its make-up as some of its compatriots. Here’s a game that promises to reward the intelligent player, its brand of stealth being culled straight from a golden age of PC gaming. That a new IP from a pretty much unproven studio is generating so much excitement is testament to Dishonored’s power.”

 Read the full article here.

Reader Comments

  1. “from a pretty much unproven studio”

    Erm, what? Owned by Zenimax, published by Bethesda, made Arx Fatalis which is a classic, and my personal favorite game of all time, Dark Messiah: Might and Magic. They are anything but unproved. Heck, the only reason I bought it instead of just waiting for a price reduction was because I love Arkane Studios. I also find it ironic that you guys would call Arkane Studios “unproven” when you published their game and they are owned by Zenimax, just like you.