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  1. Like why does it have to say PLAYSTATION, why not xbox the console you guys favor. Just rub it in our face like nothing like complete douche bags. Plus you know dishonored is going to be a complete fail for the ps3 soo thats just going to make matters worse and expect more hateful comments to be posted. And please please dont delete/disapprove my comment for i will most likely just submit it again. Now back to some BORDERLANDS 2 that runs perfectly (way better than skyrim did) on its first day of release with NO patches needed to improve it. Thus i will always support GEARBOX to my final days and beyond.

  2. Are you really including Skyrim on the cover of Playstation magazine in the picture?

    Are you sure that’s a good idea given everything that is going on and how the PS3 users are feeling about Bethesda right now?

  3. “a few of us took time to play Dishonored dress up.” Maybe a few of you should help the team who’s fixing dawnguard and hearthfire for ps3?

    • Let’s face it, Skyrim will never be fixed. Just check the Fallout threads in the forums. They left the fallout games a broken mess, they will do the same with Skyrim.

      It’s time to just face up to the fact that we spent our money on a broken Bethesda game, again, and that game will never be fixed or on a “level of parity” with the other consoles.

      We’ve been duped. They took our money for a defective product like they have for every other game made for the PS3. Hopefully, the next time they wave a flashy new game at us (the next Fallout) we will all remember how we’ve been treated in the past and avoid any further Bethesda purchases.

        • As everyone knows Beth don’t finish patching their games, leaving them a barely playable to nearly completely broke. -Cough- New Vegas -Cough- When Beth wash their hands of patching the game, the modding community will do what it has always done and fix the bugs and glitches. PC is the best choice to go with when getting Beth games for that simple reason. It is sad but true, if they had way better support with consoles and actually fixed their games i would of more than likely got it for console because it would be more convenient.

          Would also help if Beth actually talked to the PS3 community instead of brick walling them with “We are working on it”.

          • “Would also help if Beth actually talked to the PS3 community instead of brick walling them with “We are working on it”.”

            What, you mean like a reputable, honorable company would do? One that actually cares about it’s paying customers?

            I don’t think they know how.

          • That’s the current state of things. We’re working on it with Sony and hoping to make it happen for you guys.

            It’s not something that’s going to happen overnight.

          • “We’re working on it” is really vague. For example it could mean anything from there hasn’t been much progress to it’s nearly done. If it was made more clear as to what stage it is being worked at like, “Side quests are nearly done”, “Performance was improved for a certain percent of the DLC” or even “We finished fixing animations”. Small things like that is what i would say PS3 want to hear so they know progress is being made and Beth haven’t given up on it.

            Honestly the amount of times developers say “We are looking into it” or “We are working on it”. Them two phrases alone don’t put Gamers at ease because they are normally used for when something is not going to happen. I’m sure i am not the only one that has seen these phrases used like that before.

            I know if the shoe was on the other foot and PC was having these problems, i would want to hear anything so that i know Beth haven’t given up on it even if it was something trivial.

            I apologize if what i have wrote seems rude or sharp but it is the truth.

        • It’s a matter of overall performance. The content will not get released unless it’s a point where everyone will be able to enjoy it.

          We understand the frustration you have, and that’s while we’re continuing to work at it.

          • Gstaff, I know you are just the messenger, so would you mind passing this along to those in charge?

            If Bethesda suddenly cares about the overall performance of their titles on the PS3 system does that mean they will fix their other games as well?

            Oblivion is not too bad, until one gets to a high level, but Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas are still in a very broken state.

            Or, is all the “we’re working on it” crap just lip service since Skyrim’s shortcomings have been so widespread in the mainstream media?

          • Oh yes, we can tell you’re working hard. That’s why you have one employee taking a picture of seven others playing dress up. Sorry if that comes off as overly critical, but it’s hard to feel like our problems are getting attention when you post photos like this.

            We’re still not able to have everyone enjoy all the content in the base game, due to countless bugs and glitches on top of lag, freezes, and other things that mar the game’s performance. Are you going to fix all of these so it’s guaranteed that all of us can complete the Civil War and the Main Quest in the same file, (along with all the other guilds if we so choose) or are you just going to tell people to start a new game like you have in the past?

            You say this is a matter of overall performance and I agree. It’s a matter of overall performance, not only for the DLC on the PS3, but the base game as well.

            I appreciate your people working on trying to get the DLC working, but please don’t forget to fix the base game along with the DLC.

          • Understand the frustration. We continue to work on updates for the game, and we’re doing everything we can to bring the DLC to PS3.

            At the same time, we’re going to continue to share news, updates, fun stuff, etc. for our games, including Dishonored.

          • I bet that the next Xbox will have more memory than the next Playstation. The Sony never listens the developers, ignoring the public and critics. I´m waiting the oficial resolution from Bethesda and Sony.

            And guys, no more bad things to the gstaff.. her job is repeat the necessary, and not say the impossible.

            Let the impossible promisses for Obama and Romney.

          • You absolutely do not understand our frustration. If you do understand,then why haven’t you issued any sort of apology? I doubt any of you solely play on a PS3, because if you did, then you wouldn’t have allowed the ps3 version of Skyrim to be released when it was. You released a broken game, that is still almost unplayable for some users. I can barely play Skyrim without it freezing, as in, less than an hour of play before I have to completely shut down my system. When we try to express our frustration, or the problems we experience in game, you ignore us.

          • We’re reading all the comments you guys are posting – be it here, on our forums, Twitter or elsewhere. I assure you we’re well aware of the frustrations out there and we’re not ignoring it. Our dev team is doing everything they can to make this content available to you guys.

          • Why did you never finish patching the earlier games? Why are there still game breaking bugs in almost every ps3 game that you’ve released? Why, NOW, do you claim to actually care about patching a game? I think I know why. It’s because your faulty coding has garnered massive attention. I want to know WHY Bethesda never finished patching their earlier games.

          • Honestly, why cant Bethesda just give us an estimated time for it to take, or tell us what is wrong with it?! Even though I am really frustrated with Bethesda, I will still buy Dishonored because it looks EPIC, all those who are not buying it thinking it will suck, it wont, believe me, i have played it on PS3 and it is the best game I have played in a long time.

          • It’s not something that’s going to happen overnight.

            You realize we’re coming up on the one year anniversary of Skyrim, right? You even had an extra 30 days with the DLC to work on this. This has been an ongoing issue since the launch.

            The content will not get released unless it’s a point where everyone will be able to enjoy it.

            Man, I can only wish that was the case, it might be higher on your priority list. Lots of people are enjoying the DLC right now, just not PS3 users.

            I assure you we’re well aware of the frustrations out there and we’re not ignoring it.

            I think this might be the case, but when we get little to no information, it comes off as ignoring your customers. If you’re aware of our frustrations, do something about it – even if that’s just giving PS3 users more frequent, more detailed updates.

            And I agree with everyone else here, the person that took the dress-up photo or neglected to crop out the PS3 Skyrim poster should be taken out back and shot. Wars have been started over less.

    • I agree. Until Dawnguard is released on PS3, Bethesda employees should not have any private life and no right to have fun at the office, even if it takes only a half an hour. They’re only purpose is to serve my entitled personality.

  4. Agreed. Very disappointed in the about if time you’ve had to release Dawnguard and Hearthfire for ps3 an still nothing but excuses. I myself haven’t played in months do to this. Yet again just disappointed in you Bethesda. Shame shame.

  5. WOW just WOW!!! what a way to add insult to injury. this just reminded me not to buy dishonored! adding a poster of ps3 skyrim in the background is just way to much insult already. good bye bethesda.

  6. I look forward to the next video with Todd Howard about “to each generation a great challenge, for a new plataform without see the plataform first”. Or the id software with “the legacy lives on with Doom, is perfect”. I love the period of interviews, videos and screenshots, everything is so utopic. Like the politicians, they talk wonders in the beginning… but in practice.

  7. The next generation of consoles should become obsolete in capacity in four years. But everything gets stuck in the market these lame manufacturers. Another decade of games lost.. more Mega Drive vs Super Nes.

    But in the case here is all your fault Bethesda.

  8. For whatever reason I can’t comment on Gstaff’s post, so I’ll just put it here.

    “It’s not something that’s going to happen overnight.”

    Nobody expected you guys to fix it overnight, but we thought that professionals would have been able to either get a better grip on the situation or at least let us know more of your progress than “We’re working on it” after several months of work.

    • Further proof that they don’t want to hear what we say. They only answer the easy questions, not the ones that would make them look even worse than they already do.

      I find it odd that so many mods and fixes can be made on the pc by modders, who don’t spend a majority of their time creating them.

      Sure, it’s a completely different set up, but how can they come out so fast, and in such numbers? It’s been months since we’ve had a REAL update on dawnguard/hearthfire, and it looks like Bethesda has no clue what they’re doing.

  9. Hello Bethesda i am fan of your elder scrolls games i have been playing them ever since i touched the third elder scrolls game and still have it to this vary day lol and i have to say that some people unlike me do not understand that things that you do are not easy yes i can also understand how upset that some ps3 gamers are about not getting what they need to keep going on the quest that is skyrim or any other elder scrolls games but what you are doing takes time and hard work nothing is ever easy but nothing is that hard either if you understand what i am meaning i am not trying to pick sides with anyone or any company i am just saying that it is better to wait and see what can happen rather then jumping the gun and blaming or brick walling things and i am sorry if this post has nothing to do with this blog post you have posted here but i just wanted to say a few things that might get the understanding of you and i am hoping the PlayStation users but like i said i am not picking sides so please ps3 users don’t jusmp the gun and start yelling about what i say

    • Periods dude, periods. They are your best friend…ugh.

      I feel so bad for all you PS3 users. They could easily fix your problems. Beth is being so vague about what the actual issue is. They need to man up and say “We can’t fix it” or “Here’s what’s wrong”

      I have Skyrim for the PC. We don’t have it all good. Mods are fantastic and all, but the game is horridly broken with us too. 2/3 of the major quests are broken. Yeah, you can use console commands to progress through it, but it ruins the immersion. Plus, it’s just plain annoying. I maybe play the game an hour or two a month because of this.

      • I can’t manage to play the game for an hour before it completely freezes. Last time I tried, I barely made it past 30 minutes before it froze. What was I doing when it froze? I was jumping over a small rock. That’s it, it wasn’t while loading, or while using the crappy mounted combat that usually freezes when I try to use my bow.

        I’m a PS3 user, btw.

      • The game is NOT horribly broken on PC. 95% of the quests are working fine. I have never needed console commands to proceed. That is not say that glitches do not occur at all. The biggest factor with broken quests on PC is heavy modding. When you’re messing with the game, you’re gonna have a mess on your hands.

        • Skyrim on PC is amazing. I have the same install since November 2011, with the official package of textures and both DLCs. The new thing here is ENB, finally a fast config with good visual. Some few bugs during the last months, but nothing close to what i see here.

          I hope a good result for the PS3. They are working hard there to provide this, is no easy job for this kind of open world mechanics.

  10. Life is hard when you have to put huge high definition world into 256MB of memory…amount that was usual in 2001.

    It is amusing though that it was Bethesda’s devs who said that current generation is great and there is no necessity for new one.

    • Paul your right about that because PlayStation has always ran on a 256mb system witch soney needs to update the reason Xbox can handle it is because Microsoft made it not some non computer company sony has yet to get the thought that hey maybe we should update our ram and all that so things play better but i am not saying PlayStation suck i am just saying sony needs to think more and not use the same 256mb they have been using for the past 10 years or more give or take a few years but xbox has had it’s problems as well tht Microsoft has yet to make not happen like the overheat xbox does that alot if your on it for way to long but angain it is more advanced becasue it is a computer stuffed into a game system and this is just my opinion on things

      • @Paul and Unsafegunner89 both.

        The PS3 and the Xbox 360 aren’t really that different when all is said and done and ppl love to gloss over this fact.

        They both have 512MB total system memory for one thing. The difference here is that they utilize the memory in different ways. The Xbox 360 can utilized all 512MB for whatever purpose while the PS3 does a 50/50 split(256 for video and 256 for other functions.

        One other similarity, the main processor that the Xbox 360 uses happens to be a watered-down offshoot of the same Cell architecture employed by Sony in the PS3. It just happens to be a proprietary design developed for Microsoft on commission.

        So no, its not a matter of either console being necessarily better than the other. The issue at the core of this sorry affair is Bethesda’s lack of competence at coding for a now 6 year old machine-at best; or their lack of motivation to learn-at worst.

  11. Now Bethesda is just mocking PS3 users. Givem the state the PS3 version of Skyrim is still in (after nearly a year), Bethesda can forget about getting a sale for dishonored from me. I’ll rather buy it second hand or borrow from a friend. Hold the Line PS3 gamers!

  12. Can we atleast know wut the problem is so some ppl can say “O, they’re fixing tht? Tht really does need to be fixed. We’ll wait.” like r ppl spawning in walls, is the dialauge glitchy, is it freezing a lot in game? Seriously. Put ur self in our place. What if every computer, tv, and other electronic in your hq shut down and u wanted to know wuts happening “we’re working on it” sure would piss u off wouldn’t it? Just sayin.

    • Its been speculated on the official forums here by some(well two at least-myself a while ago and one other recently) that the radiant system may be the issue.

      This is the system that weaves in and out of gameplay in Skyrim and spits out randome NPCs and quests as needed. And also randomizes various bits in major quests as well. IMO its the only reasonable explanation of what the real problem is. As the more you do in game, the more your play-through interacts with this system and has to keep track of more and more data.

      However of course this is just wild supposition on my part as i truly doubt Bethesda will ever say straight out what the issue is. And since whatever the issue happens to truly be is most likely a game engine problem that i doubt they can ever solve without a full on rewrite specifically for the PS3(which isn’t gonna happen imo), we outside of their company will prolly never know.

  13. Yeah,right… a Dishonored Dress up…

    But including the cover of Playstation Official Magazine featuring Skyrim. In a time where PS3 players are more than uncomfortable with the lack of Skyrim’s DLC on their consoles.

    Seriously Beth, what were you thinking?

    • It’s obvious, they weren’t. You could have asked the same question when Skyrim was released broken, but the answer would have also been obvious. Take our money before we realized what we were buying.

  14. I already read the review on Kotaku, and this by far, is the most interesting part:

    “I also experienced a few random bugs during my playthrough: objects floating in mid-air, corpses disappearing, people moving in funky ways. Not unusual fare for a game published by Bethesda.”

    I don’t mean to be a troll, but…

    Just one playthrough and he found that many bugs. =/

  15. I’d be willing to bet that Bethesda is going to pull the plug on PS3 support not long after Dishonored is released. They stopped supporting NV before it was bug free. They stopped supporting Oblivion before it was bug free. They stopped supporting Fallout 3 before it was bug free.

    Why would Bethesda spend their time fixing Skyrim and its DLC when they loose money every day it’s not released? Why would they keep supporting Skyrim when they have a NEW game to trick consumers into buying before it’s finished?

  16. I literally burst to tears when I saw the Playstation magazine! Bethesda, how could you do this? Just pour that salt on my wounds! That is outright offensive. We PS users are entitled to our DLC, why can’t you see that? The truth is that I have gone to therapy for the last two months because of this Dawnguard debacle. It has literally brought me to the edge of a mental collapse. This is my ultimatum Bethesda: If Dawnguard does not come out on ps3 in two weeks I will take my own life in front of your DC studios! MURDERERS!

  17. Hey guys! Peter Hines changed her name on twitter to “Petroval HBomb” he’s trying to escape! he knows something!

  18. I agree with k, I’m sure it’s difficult for gstaff to take anyone seriously with such irritatingly long run on sentences.
    What did you people do to your systems? I have put several hundred hours into oblivion, fallout3, new vegas, and skyrim on both ps3 and pc. Oblivion and fallout had no issues at all for me, new vegas is a little broken and buggy but not unplayable. I finished every main quest, civil war quest and guild quest, and side quest with a single character on skyrim and the only issues I had was lag on ps3 with large game file (fixed by patch 1.4 and works fine now on my end); broken arniels endeavor quest, and blood on the ice quest, but only if you do things in the wrong order. Everything else was fixed by patches put out by bethesda. Good job bethesda, keep up the good work! Though a little more info on ps3 dlc progress (if any) would be very much appreciated.

  19. @ gstaff

    How goes the progress? Is SONY™ still working with you? I’m sure this DISHONORED™ release DOESN’T HELP with things. Myself (rolling with PS3™) have been playing ALOT of DEUS EX™ (Human Revolution), MAX PAYNE™3, and have recently acquired DARK SOULS™ (VERY COOL)
    I will DEFINITELY be downloading DAWNGUARD® (if / when released)
    My main question is “IF”… DAWNGUARD® ***CANNOT*** be released (due to unsolvable problems) will PlayStation™3 be getting “OUR OWN / EXCLUSIVE” DLC?

    Thanx and …TALOS GUIDE US…


  20. So… what i am seeing from GStaff is that Dawnguard wont be released until EVERYONE can enjoy it….. ok… So why does Xbox have it if PS3 doesn’t? They are enjoying it, and we aren’t? lol, that statement makes NO sense. Delay for all, or delay for none.