Now Available: Happy Launch Day for Dishonored!

If you haven’t picked it up already, Dishonored is now available across North America (and France)! In the photo above, members of the Arkane team in Austin celebrate during last night’s midnight launch party at GameStop.

For more on the game, check out the latest reviews

1Up (A+) – “expect to see Dishonored hovering at or around the top of just about everyone’s list.”

Entertainment Weekly (A-) – Smart, thrilling, and unsettling, Dishonored is the best surprise of the season.

411 Mania – (9/10) – “It’s great to see a game that gives the full freedom of killing as many or as little people as you want. Definitely check this out.”

Complex “Dishonored is the type of game that begs to be played over and over”

GameFront (9/10) – “Dishonored’s creators have obviously put a lot of passion into the project, and the result is a great experience that offers new additions to some phenomenal classic formulas. The game feels like a conversation between player and creator, and those are often the best experiences in the medium.”

Paste Magazine – But the genius of Dishonored is how subtly its fiction and mechanics work together to draw the player into its world.

Impulse Gamer (9.3) –  “Dishonored is the thinking man’s first person shooter but throw those guns away as there are so many more interesting ways to take on your enemies. With a great protagonist, interesting characters and well-written story, it’s games like Dishonored that really make you sit up and take notice.”

Xbox Addict (96%) – “One of the biggest innovations of Dishonored is how the game itself will adapt to your play style and base how the game unfolds on your Chaos rating.”

GameTrailers (8.7/10) – “It’s an interesting and often invigorous experience.”

Gaming-Age (A-) – If you’re in the mood for something fresh and unique, and legitimately fun to play, then Dishonored definitely fits that bill.

Cheat Code Central (5.0) – “Dishonored is incredible both as a game and as a work of art.”

GameRevoluttion (4.5/5) Dishonored is unquestionably Game of the Year material.

Inc Gamers (9/10) – “Despite all of its different elements, it’s a cohesive, intuitive experience. Not once do you feel as though you’re being cheated or told to do something.”

Penny Arcade Report – “Fans of the Deus Ex series are going to be very happy with Dishonored, and players will be sharing their stories and interesting moments on forums and Twitter for weeks after release.”

The Sixth Axis (9/10) – Perhaps the most striking thing about Dishonored is the way the later stages of the game change, depending on how you’ve approached earlier missions.

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ThisIsMyJoystick interview with Sebastien Mitton and Viktor Antonov

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Additionally, be sure to watch the ongoing look at the game from the always-entertaining Yogscast.

Still waiting for Dishonored to release? The game releases in Spain/Australia/New Zealand this Thursday and hits the rest of the world on Friday!

Reader Comments

  1. Now that this Game is Finally out, will Bethesda Focus on Skyrim and the DLC’s and Patches.

    Will we get another Small DLC for $5 or will you guys focus on a Big DLC that is like $15

    When can we expect Small Free DLC

    • Bethesda has many less people than the modding community does. And the team working on Hearthfire was small (3-4 people if I remember correctly). Besides that, they are no doubt working on the next DLC, on patches for Dawnguard, and fixing the PS3 issues. Yeah, they’re slow. But they have a lot on their plate because of angry PS3 players and all of the bugs that they are trying to fix while attempting to put out new content at the same time.

  2. I’m very impressed with the game, I doubted anything would take away from Skyrim, now I just don’t want to go back… Dishonored is fluid and beautiful – and the very hard mode really fits incredibly well for the role of a state hated assassin.

  3. Congratulations on releasing Dishonored.

    Now that it’s out, will it be too much longer before you come out and announce you have no intention of releasing Skyrim’s DLC on the PS3 and will be discontinuing patching the game on that platform?

    • You just HAD to let your little PS3 tears flow in an entirely unrelated thread. I swear you people are a plague. You’re not getting the DLC, get over it and get an xbox or a good PC.

      • Why don’t you back off REL’s back, he’s mad, you’d be too if you found out that your system wasn’t being supported like the others.

      • Xbot Mullins is right, Bethesda threw in the towel on the PS3 a long time ago. They just didn’t want to formally announce it before Dishonored came out. They got your money when you bought Skyrim and that’s all they’re interested in.

  4. I think after a OK with Skyrim for the ps3. They should discontinue the game, apparently the engine does not sit well for all platforms as promised. Dishonored is pretty good, is not a supernatural result, but is well made and extremely fast.

    • And I’m talking about Dishonored on my ps3, running totally ok, no lag like Skyrim and no necessity of 20 gb of bad textures like Rage.

      Unreal Engine 3 from Epic. Thank god some developers like Tim Sweeney have less time to be sold as demigod, and keep the good job.

      Thank you Arkane.

  5. Another Bethesda release that leaves 90+ million Mac gamers out in the cold. Congratulations and a well deserved pat on the back for leaving buckets of cash on the table.

    • Where did that 90+ million figure come from?

      It is not a trivial expense porting games to various platforms, and with two console releases and a PC release, it’s probably not financially viable to make the game for OS X right now. If it was, the game probably would have been ported already (they did release it for 3 platforms at once, after all).

      Just use bootcamp, it’s not that hard and you can play whatever you want.

  6. Congratulations Arkane on your explosive earth shattering catyclysmic thrilling success of your buetiful child already adored by millions DISHONORED! 😀

    Hail Arkane!

    • A bunch of reviewers aren’t millions…

      Let’s see how sales go and then we’ll be able to say if it is adored by millions or not.

      • Dishonored is good, probably a nice pile of money in the end. After all, the next game to launch here is an old shooter which offers 60 frames per second as argument of purchase for a console market almost 10 years.

        And God knows if Skyrim will survive for another dlc.

        • Of course it’s going to survive, for xbox and pc players! They’ll release some real DLC soon, as you KNOW that’s what they’re REALLY working on over there! XD It’s going to be great, run smoothly, and super-enhance the already epic gameplay. Hearthfire was kind of “meh”, and Dawnguard was a dark, tiny little sandbox full of skeletons for the most part… but hey, there WAS the aetherium crown, which is epic sauce. I really just want Elsewyer….but now we’re talking a whole new game.

  7. The game is great but poor replay qualities, your character can’t even max out, I just beat it and now that I know I can’t really do anything unless start all over it took a lot of the fun out of it,,, just really let down I was expecting it for so long to just be let down, so I’m already reselling it for something funner, protopy2 was a great game….. Wish they would of put more thought into what people expected and what people already like,,, every game should let you max out your character it always makes things funner….. My opinion is don’t buy this game you’ll regret it but it’s not a bad rent if you want to kill a Little time on a quick game……

    • It’s in Narnia, with all the other nonexistent people and things that will never be a reality and therefore hold no bearing in such. Get over it, buy an Xbox or upgrade your PC.

  8. Looking good. Sales are so so and it can’t seem to stay in the top ten played on Steam. Skyrim is still there.

    After Rage it will be a long time before I pay full price again. I expect a $20 sale fairly soon.

  9. Great job on Dishonored, the game was really well done. I can honestly say I haven’t been this drawn in to a game in years.