Grab the Official Map App for Dishonored – Now Available on Android

Stuck trying to track down all of Dishonored’s secrets? You can now download BradyGames Official Map App — available for $2.99 for both iOS and Android devices.

This fully interactive map app reveals the game’s many collectibles. Use this app to locate all the hard-to-find items in the game. Over 30 maps complete with items and tips for finding the following:

  • Runes
  • Bone Charms
  • Books
  • Outsider Shrines
  • Sokolov Paintings

Download for iOS
Download for Android

Reader Comments

  1. Alright Dishonored is out now, so can you just confirm the end of support for the PS3 version of Skyrim? Everyone knows it, but you guys keep stringing us along with the whole “no new information at this time” thing. It’s time.

  2. Great!

    And you guys asking for Skyrim… this is NOT a suitable post to it. This is a DISHONORED news. Skrym had almost one year of updates now… Isn’t it enough?

  3. Hi, although I can find the app available on the apple appstore and buy it, on Android, I get the information that the app isn’t available on my country. I find that a little awkward because if I had and ipad I could buy the application, but having an android tablet has a country restriction. Please make it available on the other countries please, thank you.