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  1. @ gstaff

    Ok! So I got Dishonored™ and I have to poison a street gang… GRANNY SAID SO!

    Thanx to Arkane™ and Bethesda™ for making this game PS3™ FRIENDLY!

    • Thanks to Epic Games too! I love the Unreal technology (Engine and SDK tools). Runs perfectly on my PC.

      Dishonored is amazing! a great game developed by Arkane, breathtaking.

  2. I wish this mission had more creative ways to kill the targets. To clarify, the above is creative in a “what can i do with the game powers” sense., but when i play a game like this, if im having an open shootout, ive already failed. Im talking things like poisoning her drink, loosening a chandelier to fall on her, etc. Kills that can look like an accident, or cant be pinned immediately on me. This is where Hitman excels, and are things any assassin should be able to do (This is still much better than Assassin’s creed, where you can essentially play like GTA)But i was in and out on this mission and thought “that’s it?” I knifed white boyle in the washroom, and killed both black and red in the same area by the fireplace, and had my rats eat them in the corner before anyone could see (white as well). This was cool, but on a mission like this, i want a memorable kill each time.

    Still a good game overall, 7.5- 8 in my books, only because the characters/story are fairly flat so far (Boyle mission was the last mission i did)