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Here’s a quick look at the latest Dishonored news from around the web…
  • Trying to be the master of stealth? Both Gamespot and PC Gamer provide lessons on playing through the game without being detected or killing anyone.
  • Haven’t decided what platform to play Dishonored on? Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry joins Gamespot in breaking down how game looks across Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.
  • The always-entertaining Giant Bomb team give Dishonored a 42-minute “quick look” – courtesy of Patrick Klepek and Ryan Davis.
  • In an interview with Kotaku, Harvey Smith reveals why Dishonored doesn’t have “Boss Monsters”. For more interviews with Harvey, visit Pure Sophistry and CNN.
  • shares 10 reasons you should play Dishonored immediately.
  • IGN examines multiple paths for playing through Dishonored’s first assassination mission.
  • Raf and Harvey relax with Xbox’s Major Nelson. Listen to the latest podcast on iTunes.
After the break, check out a sampling of the game’s latest reviews.
Boston Herald (A) – Like “BioShock,” “Dishonored” is about a decaying world, a city undone from within by hubris and selfishness. The ultimate conclusion owes more to “BioShock 2,” though, with a bittersweet nod to a better future. That slight optimism is welcome after a story full of hopelessness and betrayal. Like the combat and level design, the writing and acting in “Dishonored” are uncommonly good, resulting in a game of surprising elegance.
Strategy Informer (9/10) – “… as far as I’m concerned, Irrational and Eidos Montreal really have to step up their game now Dishonored is here. Amazing.”
Push Square (9/10) – “No two playthroughs of Dishonored will ever be the same. There may be similarities in action and outcome, but the way you happen upon these solutions is so incredibly free-form that everyone will have a different experience.”
New York Post (A) – “Dishonored knows what it is. It believes in itself and it wants you to believe as well. It’s hard not to, even with the game’s misteps later on. It’s fun. It’s gorgeous. There are tons of options. The voice acting and the score are superb. The story is impressive, and at times, emotionally involving. This is gaming in top-form.”

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